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    2002 V11 Scura #382 2012 V7 Racer #204 ........I can think of nothing but this machine. James Watt (1736-1819)
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  1. R.I.P. Bob 07/29/2012 to 07/07/2022 Sorry for the sad coda but Bob is worthy. He loved a good meatball.
  2. Then a friend gave me this DT 125. My life is now complete. I'm going to get my contact info to Phil so we can get his box shipped when he is ready. And I owe someone for a part I bought on here. I need to take care of that. But that's it for my participation in this thread. When parts for the V11 finally arrive and progress is made we shall return. Until then, my love goes out to my fellow Guzzisti
  3. The Speed Twins are priceless family heirlooms and will illuminate my workspace. One lights up red, the other blue. Like I said, totally classy.
  4. The mighty V11 must take a temporary back seat. Summer's here and the time is right for hanging plywood sheets, boy. My shop.
  5. Chuck: address in PMs Thank you!
  6. Bought these but have no use for them. I'll toss them in the box. Box exterior dimensions are 21.5" x 15" x 12". I'll have a weight soon.
  7. Say fellers, I'm having trouble getting the airbox back on. Any help? Lucky Phil: do you want this stuff? plenty of room in the box for more ugly weight Thx
  8. Dear Lucky Phil, Brother, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to send my airbox to you. It seems even the commies at the local recycling center don't want it. Radioactive or something, I dunno. I'm not a rich man and you are far away. You will have to pay shipping. But I can sweeten the deal! I will include the throttle bodies and a brand new air filter! That's a fair dinkum deal where I come from. Anyway, keep the shiny side up! Which would be upside down from here. I guess. Confusing. I love you man! CDR
  9. Docc, Mr. Caruso is every bit the proper, reserved English gentleman. Wonderful man who makes magic. Did you notice the gears even smell good when you get them? How does he do it. And yes, that box was as thoroughly and perfectly packed as you would expect. The build won't be done this season. It's not even money. It's just impossible to get things and/or get things done. Don't get me started...... Back to MG: So much of modern design is so ugly. By design, I would say. But working on the Guzzi always brings me joy. Somebody cared what those handle bar mounts looked like. I could have picked a Brembo brake lever or any number of beautiful items on the bike. My photography doesn't do justice to the tactile and graceful beauty of the parts. When I am too old to ride I will park it in front of the fire and look at it.
  10. Thanks Docc! Very kind of you. This was a happy day.
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