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  1. saw that bike for sale back in April, but an accident kept me from making an offer on it. so $4,000 is the going rate on a clean V11 Le Mans it seems? even saw a Tenni sell for that after a long time for sale...
  2. looking for a clean V11 Le Mans, any of the variants. just a solid bike with decent miles and a good asking price. i'm in Florida, so looking for a bike nearer to the southeast. i prefer the full fairing Le Mans models, but could go for the naked model also. liking the champagne coloured model right now, but i also like most of the colours. let me know if you have one for sale, i'm looking to buy when i find the right bike. Chris...
  3. i may be looking for one of these also. i'm looking for the entire license plate holder/mud guard etc. anybody got a stock one lying around?
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