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  1. I ended up with Michelin Road 5s, definitely pricy. 6s not available. Shop said they have customers who get 15k with them on guzzis and heavier bmws. The tune up and new tires greatly improved the performance and ride.
  2. lol ... hope so ... i will let you know how long they last ...
  3. I thought I posted this AAR but apparently not. Swapping out Relay 3 for one of my Chinadians from ebay did help with my neutral light issue.
  4. I'm getting new tires / tyres for my v11 this week, going with the Michelin road 5s or 6s. Stock sizes I believe, will have to check once I get it back from the shop. Revzilla report I saw said the rear 5s they tested were good for 18,000 miles. 6s are supposed to last 10% longer.
  5. Last year in December we paid 2.89/gallon for oil. (Massacusetts) Today we paid 4.67 that is a 47% increase in the price of oil. Additionally, last January we put in a new oil burning furnace. We were shocked to find the state no longer offers rebates for new equipment, and only wants to incentivise electric heat (furnace guy told me this). The state didn't publish their 2022 incentives in January, not until February but we were't grandfathered in to 2021 which did have oil burner incentives, just got rejected. Wrote all my state and federal reps. One responded his aid could help us get money from state if we qualified for low income heating assistance....Thank you for your response. Rather frustrating answer. How do you explain a near 50% increase in less than 1 year? It's outrageous. What are the root causes? Is anyone on Beacon Hill talking about this? Surely there are some policy decisions you are able to vote on that are in some way related. Are you able to speak to people in the state government who do have influence on oil prices or the regulations to reintroduce incentives to homeowners for buying new oil burning home heating systems and not just electric heat? Is the only option for voters accepting state funded handouts?
  6. I recently bought these. https://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=422
  7. I made myself some new spark plug wires with the red NGK racing from mgcycles. Cut to length with new connectors (marxparts) and reused old coil boots. No corrosion in the terminal. I was able to swap them out without removing the fuel tank. It's a bit of an awkward spot but doable.
  8. mikev

    Bag racks?

    I think I will modify how my bags mount to the hangers to give me some more clearance. Really want a tail box.
  9. mikev

    Bag racks?

    Do your side bags touch the exhaust pipes? I have a set, I want to use (my other ones lost a door while riding the other day so I swapped out the rack clips onto these). They physicaly touch the exhaust which gets warm but not too hot to touch.
  10. it looks like it *might* be possible to change spark plug wires without taking tank off...
  11. bike runs better with the new plugs, idles smoother, fewer sputters. old plugs looked dirty.
  12. Yeah that looks right. How does the ignition wire attach to the coil? I’ll have to look at my bike and see. I assumed there was some metal spring or something inside the boot like the other end at the spark plug. That just looks like a rubber cover.
  13. I changed spark plugs today and left boot came off wire so I jammed it back in. Right boot is torn, but wire didn’t come out. Bike started and sounded normal afterward….. so I ordered 4 new red boots from UK, red ones unavailable in us? thinking I should just buy the NGK racing wire and boot assembly from mgcycle, but they don’t come with coil boots. What kind of coil boots do v11s require?
  14. ebay uint sacrificed, resistor color bands go left to right, blue to gold - docc's look opposite. I'm no electrical engineer but that seems like a difference
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