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  1. Look what I found, they just got my $25! https://www.ebay.com/itm/173280260339
  2. so many aftermarket choices, will none of these options work for us? https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313&_nkw=12mm+petcock&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_odkw=moto+guzzi+petcock&_osacat=0
  3. Great read, I didn't locate this when I searched a few months back. I removed my tap and after the circlip was taken off, that's where it ended. I could not remove the actual knob. I wasn't sure how and didn't want to break anything. I'm still not sure if it slips off or unscrews. I figured it was only an orange replacement that was needed. As others mentioned, we don't really need to turn off the tap (w/FI), wish I could easily find replacement plumbing. As it turns out, mine isn't leaking so I'll just leave it on and monitor.
  4. I removed each injector, soaked it in cleaner for a bit, then powered each from the battery while using a syringe to force cleaner through it.
  5. yes, this is what I found, by far the most examples. However there seems to be stream style as well. Not sure what the V11 is supposed to be, but they are single hole, not multi-hole. After cleaning mine, both are single hole, with a sharp stream.
  6. it is on the right. I must have mixed this up when reconstructing everything. Just the same, I don't think it matters, and I believe the plumbing is correct. I'll check again. thank you! looking at the schematic, it does seem to be on the right.
  7. I'll double check the plumbing as suggested, I thought I had them correct. The size of the hoses, sort of dictate where they go as their sizes vary greatly. The petcock hose, from the pump is huge!
  8. Thank you for these replies. Yes, this is mounted on the left side. Are you saying it belongs on the right? I figured counterclockwise opened this, and yes I needed a wrench to fully open it, lol.
  9. After refurbishing my decade old idle bike, it won't start. If I spray starting fluid, it does. This means, it's a fuel problem. It may stem from the fact I don't know the proper operation of my petcock. The service manual, one of the worse I've ever used, doesn't even list my style, let alone how it operates. Mine does not have a solenoid style, see image. Anyone…?
  10. I cleaned my injectors, afterward they produced a strong single stream. I thought all injectors were meant to produce a spray (mist), but these injectors have only a single hole, not multiples like most others. Quick research made me believe this is correct. Can anyone confirm?
  11. Cool! I believe they bolt in place of your foot peg location. I expect they also came with a bit of adjustable linkage.
  12. Speedfrog, I agree. Also, as I explore MDI a bit further, I see there are choices. For me, trying to match my CF bikini fairing, I'd order the matte weave style.
  13. I have to pull the tank just to correct the leak. It may be as easy as tightening the hose clamp. I really think it just needs to crank a bit longer, fingers crossed. I hope to try this coming weekend, I'll report back! Thanks so much docc
  14. Just so I know what to look for, where is the clutch-switch and how might I be sure it is good?
  15. With LowRyter long-term report, I'd like to make an order for myself. I can't find it on AliExpress or Ebay so minimum order from Alibaba is two. Anyone else interested? I'll order as many as needed and ship them to each of you.
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