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  1. I have Wilburs on my 2010 V7, came with the bike. When I first got the bike, I set the sag and was amazed at how adjustable these shocks are, very sensitive. I've been happy with them. My forks have been rebuilt with Traxxion Dynamics, AK.
  2. I've got 23k on my 2010 V7, fantastic bike! Congrats to your father!
  3. I wasn't interested in purchasing this, or even messing with anything in this area (maps, etc). I haven't got my dormant V11 running yet, so I have no idea if it needs attention in this area at all. I just came across this device, thought it looked suspicious, thus my question.
  4. I actually used to live in NorCal, but it has been decades. I just wanted to visit any cool motorcycle spots while there, if possible.
  5. I am traveling to NorCal three times over the next few weeks. Wedding in the Bay Area Dual Sport off-roading in Bishop Area Camping in Yosemite Any suggestion of "Moto Guzzi" stops? I'm sure I'll drop into Munroe Motors.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/275220524702?_trkparms=amclksrc%3DITM%26aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20220405142716%26meid%3D2b1f22fcd16249e591b79064642f691d%26pid%3D101506%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D25%26sd%3D154753706283%26itm%3D275220524702%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2563228%26algv%3DSimplAMLv9PairwiseWebMskuAspectsV202110NoVariantSeedNoPLX&_trksid=p2563228.c101506.m1851&amdata=cksum%3A2752205247022b1f22fcd16249e591b79064642f691d|enc%3AAQAHAAABEAzdIKOcP6rVYsexH8mCu6bA2DY6ElM67JKComxjxAnyT9vOhsWu88eBePRdeUyezGJzQOV7Xuwj4hElfgg5l6ssunGEbeSHs%2FdNfJP3vXqMVgjO6DbHIgeA2W%2Bho8I5%2BYHZPU%2B5xZ4OXCJhpIUjzJg4618Tdvsc%2FeXFEbyAdfRq2%2FmoxARgx8iiVmZ4P%2FPxIkgxh2rJBoEWa%2FjnUZs68IsSylJnsJGJmfepcc6N53TEUz1yjpjUvjj%2BBl4r1IUZL1IkRwBIw0CrnpppipKronlt7hmqFPOk70al7JidbKQf0aUZZah8JeTsXSXm7yMhEwv3jW65W4XsrfxlmHfdXNBEIM5C9JK7L%2FYtE0%2BRYQUp|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2563228&epid=27042835775 I know about remapping and such. My 2010 V7 has a DynoJet PowerCommander, with GuzzitTech mapping. This one I fell upon this morning, with a dial, is what exactly? Same brand, but more traditional, no dial. https://www.ebay.com/itm/275220524163?_trkparms=amclksrc%3DITM%26aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20220405142716%26meid%3D2b1f22fcd16249e591b79064642f691d%26pid%3D101506%26rk%3D10%26rkt%3D25%26sd%3D154753706283%26itm%3D275220524163%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2563228%26algv%3DSimplAMLv9PairwiseWebMskuAspectsV202110NoVariantSeedNoPLX&_trksid=p2563228.c101506.m1851&amdata=cksum%3A2752205241632b1f22fcd16249e591b79064642f691d|enc%3AAQAHAAABEAzdIKOcP6rVYsexH8mCu6bA2DY6ElM67JKComxjxAnyT9vOhsWu88eBePRdeUyezGJzQOV7Xuwj4hElfgg5l6s7hG9bYz6cLHpP53k62KpjDnVs%2FPrbshS4ufcNaTpFt7Un8JvqSdQrvqQ59qywbmxUDJDzN1Ty%2F%2BSs8QnbxSV2icp7RG6Fet56LOwSRafvrTDE8tUm%2FGHbenr4fB7w5QVIIxuJiiyXdWbmwJKDdd%2Fsgpm2tFfh5A1B4WGG4itFyR4vBy1NLq2K4ApUqtBH%2BgutZJw%2B0d3qS9KTFHYs%2Fjq1jx0O%2FCG0QghHa62fQk7IJvY6L1W9dyKtoque0EiFJ7RgRE3HtC%2FlOt0EePlBtrAS|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2563228&epid=23043789470
  7. I expected it to at least start and run so my goal was to get it going before digging in too deep. I may have to do as you say though, just to be sure of its condition, "ran when parked". @scud lives very near, maybe he will swing by if he enjoys a bit of troubleshooting.
  8. I'm still so disappointed in myself, for not making arrangements to attend this once in a lifetime celebration. A close coworker's mother lives in this very village, possibly a place for me to stay. She's been giving reports to her daughter whose been relaying them to me. Basically, she says the town is chaotic to the hilt, lol! I've travelled numerous times to Italy and around the Adriatic. It just slipped by me. I will go the factory one day, and nearby Misano (#58) for a MotoGP race as well. But his celebration, is sadly missed.
  9. I so very much appreciate all of your suggestions, and general interest. The bike was stored in a cool SoCal garage/man-cave since it was purchased by the PO. After he added about 1000 miles to the 9000 that was already on the bike, he let it sit for over 10 years. I bought it, and went through it. I removed everything and ensured all was proper. Overall, it was impressively clean. Just the same, injectors, filters, hoses, plugs, etc were replaced or treated as needed. Tank, petcock, regulator was taken part and cleaned. It has good fuel and spark and I expect good timing as it was not touched by me. One note, I've kept the timing cover off while I've been trying to start it because I plan to adjust valves once it starts. That shouldn't cause it to not start, correct? It does light and run on starting fluid. I plan to attached my 10amp batter charger and crank it, crank it, crank it while a friend helps play with the throttle and clutch. Maybe it just needs more cranking time. I've not stayed on it too long when trying.
  10. docc, thanks for confirming, what I suspected.
  11. I still don't have this thing running, gonna reach out to a friend for his expertise. It has to be something simple as everything looks correct. This past weekend, I confirmed injectors are being signaled and spark plugs are firing. The injectors are getting fuel, and they are clean and squirting proper. The choke hardly moves anything, regardless if I adjust it, there is very little mechanical movement on the throttle cam. Am I correct n thinking the choke, merely gives more fuel when engaged?
  12. The seat spring and choke spring do not interchange, completely different sizes, will not fit vice versa.
  13. So exciting, thanks for sharing and congrats on your new bike! I agree with the others, that's a lot of miles in one day, x5! I know myself couldn't or wouldn't do it, on any bike. Even in a car, any more than 6 hours and I'm drained. Please bring precautions like valve cover gaskets, plugs, check tires date codes, etc. Please be careful! Post throughout the trip, so your forum brothers won't worry too much! God bless.
  14. The fact each of you are from very different and far away places is fantastic! Thank you! @PJPR01 @MartyNZ @Tomchri I appreciate your suggestions, but you misunderstand. It fires on starter fluid, and will run only as long as it is being sprayed. At no time does it continue to run after the fluid stops being sprayed. Thus, it's a fuel problem. This weekend I plan to crank it with the injectors removed, but hooked-up. I hope to see fuel being squirt from each. Then, I will pull each plug to confirm spark. This will help confirm a few details.
  15. on and off numerous times. It's off now in fact, as I had to once again remove the injectors to ensure they were cleaned proper.
  16. Thanks @docc 10k mile bike, ran when parked, stored for over a decade in a man cave in San Diego. After going through it, it starts and runs while spraying starter fluid in the air cleaner. My next steps will be to crank the bike with the injectors removed and certify fuel being delivered. Then, with plugs removed, certify spark being delivered.
  17. I must be desperate, lol! This is a reach, but both are easy to access, so I'll check it out. Thanks!
  18. thanks @guzziart The choke may very well be at fault. It doesn't stay on without my holding it which is difficult while I also pull the clutch and press the "go" button. With your emphasis, I'll double check it's linkage/cable to ensure engagement. Maybe I can adjust it so it stays on by itself as well. Admittedly living in SoCal, the importance of a choke has lost its importance compared to when I also lived in Ohio, Youngstown.
  19. I rented an injector noid test set from the auto parts store this past weekend. Each side is being signaled correct. So it has fuel, electric injector signaling, and proper injector spray. Not sure what else to inspect.
  20. Recently I took a MotoGP survey. It was insightful and interesting. They released the results today, https://trk.klclick2.com/ls/click?upn=PoVX9LpXas3zivvE6cDqXxF3NNYKpoq715alrWf7ej12fwiWmj7Qfi3ROpUxmiZ-2BETp3Wljb4H75drKL42Td4AwZozSsm41E9bexjSWBwAL9LJug9Rh2tSRHe7OKCE6IQuYg5YyrZV8tq7m1JBzFnRfLIMugL04l0rB9wY-2Bj6O1b0QEGudNTmN7aZ0-2F2c2lNUyJIB7YgaGaAXMshhvEDvMtkCt5lk1wXHXqJHDR6a60yTxVcn7s4ifAG6tBX5unJpqfz6s5cBHl2AqQOWMz6KQg9juhvaMW8dwXG5qa621fF8rJ682dhFRzRZinsgSAq4eYjwZYEjweA1INP-2BUz9oWyP3tb-2Fk6oq-2B-2FgtXY9BRPRMCvH42BZsZN8xqg5KzpFNgt0u_MTQeFU9OGQYuK17CNM-2FHMDO-2BYehk6VACOgbU2fsQLoGeM-2BTWI9pbBxfy-2BQ9SVj6OjJCX-2BIFtqaPGLkiv6smI6H-2F-2FuIOkYnie9IGzJDHAyN2ZUFt44lq-2BP7zkuToccCQG64KQWmQ9UN4AjM3nczEDUHz00jc3rIekT8SDMWTgU8W5gIRnI7AZlCEv-2FmsDdlMs2rEEbNEXZHuc-2BQSnuEq0R7em4t-2FLeKuhuPL71-2FcDc1jKcnnns-2FC4OF7Ndc6dOclTGHevNHhhf2ysVst4MBq8sQH669gOMt2HoG-2BdcJr04DikGZCK9skXtDq7YKxQ5wELwmv6ksxFKfJfxuZRBxHJU6njnZwYwJGX9NPjROyGbQppin46aZ8KMCmuRHK8YQV-2FCnVk76MnU5uY5zNR8NixPg-3D-3D
  21. I just got off the phone with https://www.mrinjector.us Super nice guy! Not only is his service thorough, it is literally the most affordable one I found, $18 each, plus $8 shipping. So here is the answer we previously could not confirm. Our injectors are meant to have a stream, with very little spray pattern when under pressure.
  22. Mine looks like #5 https://www.proflowtech.com/the-technology/
  23. Pulled the injectors this past weekend, cleaned them again. Same results, strong, single stream. As my original thread was questioning, is this correct? It seems no one knows if it should be a spray or a squirt. My plan now is to be sure the leads are receiving signals. I suspect maybe not, as I noticed the throttle bodies appear dry. Maybe they could have dried by the time I got in there, but I see no signs of dry fuel. I don't own the injector noid mentioned. Before buying a set, any other way to check? Maybe with an ohm or volt meter?
  24. "And find they're difficult to reuse once they get a little bent." You must be speaking of something else. Impossible, these cannot bend.
  25. My Vintage Red tank is such a rich beautiful color, I'll be repainting the remaining plastics as opposed to embracing the patina. With that said, I'm a traditional hot rod fan (Aces Car Club member); all about the patina.
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