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  1. I am still remapping after a rather extensive exhaust system mod, and Cliff had some updates to the ECU software that improve things. To be honest, most of what he tells me goes over my head. I wait for him to stop talking and then I ask "So, is that good?" or, "Do I want that?" Cliff is VERY patient. Frank
  2. Hi Guys, I just have to post a public THANKS!!!! to Mr. Jefferies. Cliff was in California (on a business trip from his home in Australia) and he made time to come to my house and help me tinker with my ECU that I bought 3 years ago! Now, just in time for the start of the season, my bike is running better than ever, and has all of Cliff’s updates. Really cool, and a really nice surprise. Thank you so much Cliff! Frank
  3. www.jefferies-au.org has been down for a couple of days and I've been trying to email him for a couple of weeks. I’ve been using: cliffj@jefferies-au.org This is odd, because in the past he has always been incredibly prompt in answering emails. Is he ok? Frank
  4. F344


    Hi Guys, Last year I ordered a swingarm for my Ducati from JMC at their website swingarm.com. I ordered it on the 25th of September 2005; I was billed $1100 on the 2nd of October and promised an 8 week delivery date. After 12 weeks I sent an inquiry and was told that they had an equipment failure and that my order would be delayed a few weeks. I've been getttng that same story and promise for MONTHS now. 3 weeks ago I called and asked for a firm ship date or a refund. They promised that if I gave them 3 more weeks they would either ship, or issue a refund. Of course, last Monday w
  5. You provide your own sensor and threaded collet, or "bung." He has the calibration numbers for the 02 sensor he has on his bike. I couldn't find that one so I'm in the process of calibrating mine now. It isn't too bad, but it does involve a bit of fiddling. I'm pretty close now. I think I'll have it set tomorrow. BTW: I'll be riding the V11 at the Buttonwillow Raceway this Monday for the Italian Bike Day. Is anybody else going to be there? That would be Buttonwillow, California, USA.
  6. Hi, No, I think it can be pretty much anywhere you want it. But it is only accurate when it is up to operating temperature, so i put it there. Frank
  7. I'm not really sure about the mileage yet. I added the O2 sensor today, but since I started playing with this, both tanks of gas have had a lot of sitting and idling time. My bike always got about 30-31, and that is what I’ve gotten so far, but, as I said, I've been letting it sit at idle a lot while I mess with it. I'll have a better answer in a week or so. Frank
  8. My 2003 just started this problem. Lucky for me, I ordered a set of the steel shims Martin mentioned above. Actually I ordered 2 sets so I have an extra set if anyone wants it. You could also try contacting the guy that had them made and see if he has anymore. I dont' know if he sold them all. Anyway, I put mine on yesterday, and my crossover is tight now. Frank
  9. Hi John, Go to their web site and look. Or call them, I did. Here is their fitment chart from http://www.powercommander.com/buynowbike.shtml Moto Guzzi 2004-2005 Breva 750 722-411 — — — 2000-2001 V11 Sport 706-411 — — — 2000-2001 California Special 707-411 — — — 2000-2003 Jackal / Bassa / Stone 708-411 — — — 2000-2001 Quota 1100 ES 709-411 — — — 2004-2005 Breva 1100 724-411 — — — Frank
  10. I forgot to answer Al's question. I started with Clliff's map, and that was a huge improvement. Then I started riding. I did find a little rough spot at around 5100-5600 so he walked me through making 2 additional maps. One slightly leaner in that range and one slightly richer. Tomorrow I'll plug the bike into the computer an upload one of the new maps and go for a quick ride and see if it is better or worse. BTW: Before I really didn't like the way the engine felt above 5-6000 and so I tended to keep the RPM low. Now it really feels great revving up in the 6000 area. I am findi
  11. Cliff had a map in there for me and it has been running quite well. He has some software to tune it, or you can tune it with notepad. It is a relatively small text file. The trick is you have to know what you are doing to make any improvements. I’ve never used a PowerCommander. They don’t make one for the 2003 V11. But Cliff’s ECU adjustment options are much more comprehensive. Here is the map it came with, but don’t ask me to explain it. I just call Cliff, and he tells me what to do: Static Config TDC=0x1600, CylOffs=270, PulsesPer=48, MissingPulses=3,CoilCharge0=6000,Co
  12. Hi Rob, I think it came to about $700 USD. For the ECU and the Optimiser unit. Cliff has the prices on his web site. I think he got it to me about 7 to 10 days after I sent him my dead ECU. It was REALLY quick. Thanks for asking about the hit and run I had. After about 4 months of waiting for a replacement kickstand bracket, I had a buddy of mine cut up my bent one and weld it together into a usable shape. Can you believe it, when I got home from his house there was a message on my machine from the dealer that my bracket had arrived that very day! In the meantime while I was
  13. Some of you may recall I had my cans cut down and mounted under my bike. (See attached photo) Ever since I did this I’ve been meaning to get one of Cliff Jefferies’ MyECUs. A few weeks ago I fried my stock ECU doing something stupid… never mind it is a long and embarrassing story. But this gave me a perfect excuse to send for Cliff’s programmable one. He quickly whipped one up for me and an Optimiser too, and I just had my first ride. My Bike is a 2003 and it has always had a loping uneven idle that left you feeling like you weren't really sure the engine would be there when yo
  14. Hi, I just installed one of these in my new bike (a 95 Ducati 900SS) and I like it so much I've ordered one for my V-11. http://www.scorpioalarms.com/technology.aspx#Waterproof This thing pages you if someone messes with your bike. I called the manufacturer to ask a question and the guy mentioned that they will sell them directly and will work a deal for more than one. So if you guys got together you could probably do pretty well. The best price I found was at: http://www.indysuperbike.com/customer/prod...at=27519&page=1 BTW: With the model I am describing you don't
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