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  1. Hello! anyone have a picture of were is the main ground? Thanks and best regards!
  2. thanks for the info... i check the web page: https://ricksmotorsportelectrics.com but cant find the correct r/r... do u know the right model for the v11? thanks!
  3. ok! do u have a link to the ducati regulator? thanks!
  4. Hello, were is that "secure your main ground from the battery to the back of the gearbox on the right" cant find it... any photo about it? thanks!
  5. Hello I think that the regulator is the problem... anyway will check the ground and all... THANKS!
  6. Thanks DOCC for the info! I remove one by one the relays and the idiot lights still on...
  7. hello I am thinking the same about the regulator... neutral light is not affected... only oil, petrol and battery is permanently turn on... when i return home i will move side by side the steering and check if the lights turn on / off....
  8. ok thanks! will check that for sure!
  9. the 30A fuse looks a little melted (like is fat) but is working ok... and contacts looks ok (will chekc again later) I test with other 30A fuse and same problem.... Thanks!!!
  10. good idea... will check that!
  11. Hello all! Fist I LOVE my v11... jaja today when I remove the key the oil dashboard light keep on... I test removing one by one the fuses and it goes off when I remove the 30A fuse. Everything else works ok.... anyone have experience with this problem?
  12. Hi to all! Any have experience with the MISTRAL V-TWIN BOOST MG-VTB12? How it works? More info: https://www.mistralspecialparts.it/en/product/v-twin-boost/ Best regards!
  13. nuevototem


  14. Zorro, Please can you share the link of the RAM low inertia clutch that you installed? THANKs and best regards,
  15. nuevototem

    Decent Tune-up

    Hi to all, I find that my CO TRIMM was at -31. I change it to 0 and I the motorcycle is much better. No pops when I cut the trottle. Accelerate and have better idle. Anyone use more CO TRIMM? Best regards.
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