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  1. Ballacraine


  2. I am spoilt rotten by living here, I have to admit. I just wish the weather would improve so I can get the garage roof sorted! Anyway I won't be posting much here anymore. I will be off to frequent Guzzista Joe's site. Nige.
  3. Me neither..... Well, I have slept since.... ..and I am still revving over the way this was handled! Nige.
  4. I am in favour of keeping things civil and controlled.... I just do not agree with the method recently employed!! Nige.
  5. Oh it is a beauty!! Quoted in the first post. It arrived with the title. Probation. Nige.
  6. Well said, Joe. TBH I am still too pumped about this to be so coherent..... What is the state with your site BTW? Nige.
  7. No... I am sorry... IMO Jaap is way out of line on the way he has dealt with this. Nige.
  8. Ballacraine


    I take your point, but really it is more of a 'use by' date...... Equally unacceptable though..... There are many variables, but as there are only two small patches of 'rubber' composites here....... I would err on the side of caution. Nige.
  9. Even if we disagreed, it was always a pleasure in the debate. I would miss your contributions if it came to it. Best regards anyway Nige.
  10. If emry's post is anything to go by.... I would doubt it! Nige.
  11. (Billy Idol) ...and the World stood still! Nige.
  12. Yes, in case you haven't seen the discussions on that: http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?...mp;#entry136911 http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?...mp;#entry136903 Nige.
  13. I have to say... I quite agree...... Nige.(50)
  14. Really not sure about the mile long inlet tracts TBH It is a neatly done job though, by the look. Nige.
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