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  1. Thanks everybody!! Still working on the machine: experiencing “option overload” as too many chores, projects, and essential duties keep getting in the way. :)
  2. Just wanted to say Thank You for this thread. Changing my rear tire and I figured I’d lube the driveshaft and flush out the clutch line while I was at it. The clutch bleed nipple if freaking innaccesible— looks like removing the starter motor is the way to go. Anything else I should look at while the tire is off? Thanks again.
  3. So, I guess this fell through? I need a cover for my starter, old one broke. Anyone know a good source for a replacement? Thanks.
  4. velofish

    Tank Bag?

    I have the factory strap on tank bag for my V11. I put some black electrical tape under the straps to keep them from abrading the tank. Works OK. Thanks everyone for the feedback on the tank bags. I appreciate it.
  5. Thanks for bumping this. Very handy.
  6. velofish

    Tank Bag?

    I see from the above thread that folks have had trouble mounting the ring lock type bags on tanks with the pad on them. Has anyone found a stock ring lock bag that works?
  7. velofish

    Tank Bag?

    That's great, Speedfrog. Thank you very much.
  8. velofish

    Tank Bag?

    I'm looking for one of those tank bags that mounts to a ring around the gas cap. I can't seem to find an application on the Sw-Motech website. Anyone have any idea which one would fit? Any ring mount options other than Sw-Motech? Thanks in advance.
  9. Unlike others here, I like airheads. Easy to fix, reliable, good parts supply and, god help me, I like the looks of them. I have no illusions- they handle terribly and do attract the human equivalent of undescended testicles. And those humans do tend to overvalue the bikes when they are in a shit state. $1500 is too much.
  10. Sold the Jackal today to a very nice man from Baltimore. These EVs are really bargains right now.
  11. Thanks for asking but the Eldo's not for sale at the moment. Sooner or later I'll get tired of looking at the Eldo and either complete it or sell it. But not yet.
  12. 2000 Jackal $2,000 35,000 miles Runs well with some popping on deceleration. Located in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania. Area code 15349. Comes with "six pack rack". Comes with pillion seat Does not come with windshield Newish tires and tubes-- Marathons Flaking chrome on wheels Flaking paint on valve covers Heated hand grips LED bulbs in tail light Center stand Triumph rear view mirrors Fluids recently changed PM for my phone # or with questions John
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