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  1. Unlike others here, I like airheads. Easy to fix, reliable, good parts supply and, god help me, I like the looks of them. I have no illusions- they handle terribly and do attract the human equivalent of undescended testicles. And those humans do tend to overvalue the bikes when they are in a shit state. $1500 is too much.
  2. Sold the Jackal today to a very nice man from Baltimore. These EVs are really bargains right now.
  3. Thanks for asking but the Eldo's not for sale at the moment. Sooner or later I'll get tired of looking at the Eldo and either complete it or sell it. But not yet.
  4. 2000 Jackal $2,000 35,000 miles Runs well with some popping on deceleration. Located in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania. Area code 15349. Comes with "six pack rack". Comes with pillion seat Does not come with windshield Newish tires and tubes-- Marathons Flaking chrome on wheels Flaking paint on valve covers Heated hand grips LED bulbs in tail light Center stand Triumph rear view mirrors Fluids recently changed PM for my phone # or with questions John
  5. I moved from Pennsylvania to Indiana. PA used the M endorsement to indicate a need for corrective lenses. which I need. When I went to the DMV in Indiana to switch my Pa license over, the cute girl behind the counter looked at my license with the M endorsement and said, "Oh, you have a motorcycle endorsement?" I said yes. Never took the test.
  6. Acerbis made the tanks. I don't expect Guzzi to be expert on plastics. The blame for this, if there is blame, rests on Acerbis and not on Guzzi, Ducati, MZ, Aprilia, etc I wonder if it's helpful to run a ratchet strap circumferentially. around my tank when it's stored empty in my attic to help the shinkage?
  7. Thanks Footgoose. I have the problem with the resin tank on my MZ. Draining it and leaving it empty in the garage over the winter did not help. I'm glad that the Guzzi tank "shrunk' back for you. I'll probably take it off right before it goes on the stand for the winter and put the tank in the attic to dry and shrink. Kane: pretty standard stuff for these plastic tanks of a certain age. Some of the MZ guys report paint cracking but there are no reports of the actual tank cracking as far as I know. I just don't bolt the MZ tank down anymore.
  8. I would like to take the tank off of my 2000 V11 Sport to tidy some things up and replace the plug wires but I'm wary of tank expansion and not being able to get the tank back on properly. How many folks have had problems with tank expansion and how bad was the expansion/distortion? TIA John
  9. Aye, that's the man his own self. I'll let him know that he's missed.
  10. I've sent this to our man Dave in Belfast but I doubt he'll take this bait. Man seems to be quite fond of his 1200.
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