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  1. Many more knowledgable folks on here but the only way I have found to remove "the nut" is pull the drive shaft - mount the rear wheel with the rear drive and axle....then run a 2x4 through the spokes of the wheel so that it rests on the top or bottom of the swing arm depending on loosening or tightening. I will have to look it up again, I think that nut needs to torque to like 180 nm. Whatever I did wrong, the brake was not enough to hold the wheel by myself while trying to loosen it at the same time. I think there are shims on shaft that goes in the tiny bearing at the back of the pinion .....the front being the end with the drive shaft.
  2. As Phil wrote..."drift and a hammer". From the factory the book says says torque to 90 Nm. If you are going to try and cut something up it needs to be a 60mm socket. Seems I do not have the tool for that ring nut.
  3. guzziart.... why do you want to pull the pinion assembly out? Is it leaking from there? I will check in the morn ...I think I have what you need to remove this. I would not use heat because of the 0-ring and seal that are just behind it
  4. I think a test run without the bodywork is in order. Then you you would have a reference as to what the enclosed bodywork is doing to your temps. If the temps are greatly reduced then you would know what the problem is ...sort of. If there is no significant change or ....say less than 5 or 10 degree, I would start looking at how to mount a bigger cooler. Setrab makes very good coolers and even getting a slightly larger one could make the difference. Or .....sell me the Daytona !!!!! That is one Beautiful Motorcycle !!!!
  5. I usually stay out of these discussions....oh well https://www.schaefferoil.com data sheets are on the web site
  6. You could have done a lot worse....said the man who has ridden one just a little. But then I'm a touchy feely kinda guy
  7. I don't see much LeMans in that. Looks like a swoopy Quota to me. Got a long ass swing arm/final drive....looks to have trans in the crankcase... looks like a catalytic converter just behind the side stand. Until we get some nice clear pictures or someone puts eyes on it ....well ,down here we call that "pissin in the wind " Not much of an electric fan myself. Thought it would be great for the wifey then I decided I did not want to be on call for the remaining days of my life fetching her cause she did not plug it in. In the mean time, I will burn all the petrol I can cause thats what runs everything in my garage.
  8. kinda looks like a Quota for the street
  9. Just looking at it, appears to to be just another old spine frame. Now ...everything else that is bolted to it is a work of art. drool material for sure I would be curious to know why its gone through 2 clutches.
  10. roper plate ....did you use 2 gaskets? one on top of the plate and one on the bottom ? should be sump cover-gasket-roper plate - gasket- bottom of engine
  11. If all else fails TLM and HMB have one listed....I prefer to buy local if at all possible
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