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  1. 73 V-7 Sport Amazing how tiny it feels compared to anything new Andy
  2. plus one for mounting the battery tray from the underside. mines been like that for .......long time I guess
  3. Cool garage space ! I like the look of all the wood also. Light and plenty of it. whatever your planing double it. I can see an 8' fluorescent mounted against the "front wall" and then 1 on each of the horizontal "rafters" and finally something by the door. I have a 3 car spot and have 10 8'double tubes in it. Neighbors use to rag on me that the sun went down everywhere except my garage
  4. Penske did make a rear shock for the V11. First one I had was wrong...don't remember if it was to short or to long. It would work but it did not work ....one of those weird situations. I sent them my stock shock and they built/fixed the first one. Just saying all this so one will do "do diligence " if one goes for a Penske. Andy
  5. Those forks should bolt up. You will have to change your front wheel bearings to accept that axle. thats the Ducati style hollow axle...same size bearings on both sides. There are no more new rear Ohlins. Docc got the last one of those. There are other rears available that work quite well...but then there not Ohlins. sorry I did not look at your location. if you are an eastern guy, there is a great shop in Henderson NC that does Ohlins. I would have them serviced with fresh oil, new seals, and have them set up for your weight Andy
  6. Some how I have a picture in my head of you going downstairs to fondle on her again. And all she does is roll her blinkers at you all the while thinking "Is he really going to do this again"
  7. When you have a moment Andy, could you please take a more clear close-up photo? It's difficult to see where the zerk is. Thanks. As soon as I can....she is in the back of the garage...hard to get at. I guess I will start posting a disclaimer on my "hacks". I am not responsible for what happens to you. Yes... I put another access point in the u-joint cover...and yes I know what the u-joint cover is for. oh and yes I accept responsibility for my actions. I hope it enables you to grease the u-joint and go 130,000 miles just like me.
  8. here is the cut out I made on my LeMans
  9. If you have not put everything back together you can take that front u-joint cover off and cut a bigger hole in order to get a grease gun on the zerk. If you feel like it. I did not relish the idea of that disassembly every time I put a tire on. (which used to be 3-4 times a year) Should be a thread on it somewhere in here. Andy
  10. I thought someone talked about using a Hall sensor? Chuck maybe ? and to clarify my earlier statement. In the past, many many miles traveled for work or places far from home. During those "events" I was not exactly traveling in the most legal fashion. Now days I don't travel for work on the bike so I have been "taking it easy" which puts me right in the 2.8 to 3 k range of the hiccups.
  11. That would be a negative then. I have 4 or 5 of them floating around in the draw. Some are new...some are used. They all work the same...as in they work, but did not cure the hiccup. I used to just never ride in that rpm range or rode through it so it did not bother me much. Now age has crept into the picture and I guess I'm slowing down....but its right right where I want to be when I'm out riding around the HD part is NLA I think....I could not get one the last time I tried
  12. Now that friends and neighbors is what I call PURDY !!!
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