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  1. If all else fails TLM and HMB have one listed....I prefer to buy local if at all possible
  2. All of my irons in the fire went cold. Back on the trail for an Axle/Spindle for a 97 1100i sport or Centauro This part is no longer in production. Lemme know what ya got and how much thanks andy
  3. So ....what does one need to do for a set of gears? Do I need to contact Joe personally or is someone here keeping a tally? I take one of those new plexiglass front covers so I can show them off also andy
  4. andy york


    Today HWY 49 east Griso me flared 914 west 10:30 am anyone we know?
  5. It appears to have the same part # 37633305 for the Centauro and the 1100 I. so yes that would work. Don't trouble yourself yet, I have 1 more iron in the fire.... Andy
  6. I do not know. I will look over some parts lists. The one I need is a "2 piece" axle.
  7. Looking for a left side axle for a 97 sport injected. Drive side bolt is ok. Some how the left side self welded itself to the swingarm. Had to cut the axle off just outboard of the caliper carrier. What a strange axle setup....anyway. ears are open thanks Andy
  8. I just measured the swingarm shock mounting bolt on a 1100 Sport I . 12mm Dia. by 130mm length as measured to the inside face of the cap head.
  9. I may have missed the answer to this but here goes.... looks like you already dropped the oil...so remove the adaptor from the oil pan. Take the adaptor and your new oil line to the local speed shop that sales AN fittings. They should be able to match it up.... no guarantees but pan side is probably metric, just need to figure out what size the oil line is. If Docc still has his fitting ...um....maybe he could measure it and let you know. Andy
  10. or you could go the forged mag ....Marchesini forged wheels. Front should not be a problem. Rear is where your going to have trouble because of the drive set-up.
  11. BST carbon wheels. You will have to have them custom made. They might have something that would work with an MGS-01 type of set-up. something tells me your not using a late model LeMans(2002-2005-6). Best contact them directly. A front and rear rim ......probably gonna be 2-3 times the cost of what you have in the bike. just guessing more power to ya !!!!!
  12. 73 V-7 Sport Amazing how tiny it feels compared to anything new Andy
  13. plus one for mounting the battery tray from the underside. mines been like that for .......long time I guess
  14. Cool garage space ! I like the look of all the wood also. Light and plenty of it. whatever your planing double it. I can see an 8' fluorescent mounted against the "front wall" and then 1 on each of the horizontal "rafters" and finally something by the door. I have a 3 car spot and have 10 8'double tubes in it. Neighbors use to rag on me that the sun went down everywhere except my garage
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