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  1. I don't know about your "luck" with seals but mine is not good. Having done this a few times I always have a set of seals. If it is a first time project I order 2 of every seal in there. Just seems to be the prudent thing to do.... Just in case Murphy rears his head And be sure to lift the guts out from each side at the same time
  2. Hmmmm...that sounds familiar....wasn't me ...but a rally somewhere ...lots of alcohol... I'm sure you will enlighten me
  3. Right side connector is the temp sensor located in the stock air box left side connector is fuel level gauge at least on my bike they are Andy
  4. a lot of assumptions here....If it was done at a MG shop, then there should be a record of it.There was paper work to get the replacement parts and paper work to be filed when the job was complete. Perfect world. I hope this is the case. The reality is that over the years I have actually seen these kits on eBay.. there is really no way of knowing even looking at the parts side by side. I have the special tools if needed
  5. 12.70v today .....been sitting for 4 days
  6. New pc545 ....5-13-20. 12.63v put on charge .... 5-13-20......13.2 v at 5:15 pm took charger off 5-13-20......12.9 v at 9pm 5-14-20 .....12.8 v at 9 am 5-15-20 ......12.8 v at 4 pm
  7. I would suggest playing through a good system...your computer speakers just will not do this justice
  8. yep I don't know if I can get ANOTHER 130,000 miles with me and my pods.
  9. Docc, you can be poster child for whatever....I would like you to put the latest map on mine
  10. Have a info request in at onlinecomponets. Will see what happens
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