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  1. I would suggest playing through a good system...your computer speakers just will not do this justice
  2. yep I don't know if I can get ANOTHER 130,000 miles with me and my pods.
  3. Docc, you can be poster child for whatever....I would like you to put the latest map on mine
  4. Have a info request in at onlinecomponets. Will see what happens
  5. After spending the morning searching and calling .... the hoarders and profiters are the only ones that have the OMRON relay. I did find a fellow in Michigan on eBay that has some....waiting on a response from him. It looks like this relay was used in a lot of Chrysler products ... have not searched that aspect of it yet. What ever the outcome, they will not be cheap compared to previous years. Seems like 10 bucks would get you 5 relays from PyroDan.....these are likely to be 10 bucks Each !!! And no telling what the mark-up will be if a local Jeep/Chrysler actually has some. upward and onward
  6. I don't know of anything practical on these things. I would like to know what you use a 3/8' wrench on ... many thanks
  7. I thought it was an interesting read. Roadster cycles.com. I'm toying with the idea of this unit since I found 4 old stock ones under the workbench. The part about a balanced system was good. As designed, the electrical system is balanced so that it only has to get rid of a couple of amps of unwanted power. When we start changing that we upset the "balance". All the stuff we do to reduce the the amount of energy our bikes consume upsets the balnce. LED headlights, running lights, etc...reduces the amount of power needed but increases the amount of amps that needs to be sent to ground and that in turn creates more heat. Now, I don't know what a good balance would be or even how to achieve it .....
  8. 2002 spines should have a 5.5" rear rim with a 180/55-17 size rear tire Unless a different size tire has been put on
  9. of course ....brave souls can try some of these.....and as the label says .... you should probably cut it a bit
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