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  1. Sorry for the delay..... Fast Bike Industries. They are in a real building now with several employee's. I was still in the system .....amazing!!! They will be doing my stuff again is all I can say. andy
  2. I just went through 40 pages of "stuff" and could not find anything that I might have posted. I know i talked with someone about it after I got my stuff back. Guy did the forks,rear shock, and steering damper. I will give Fastbike a call Mon. and see if thats them. I need to find out anyway cause its been to long since I had it done. I used to be able to do it myself...but all the factory tools I had are gone. later andy
  3. I can't seem to find the exact person. Fastbike is in Hendersonville and it sounds very familiar. It appears the young man I was referring to may have had to move into a real shop. In looking at the info...it doesn't give enough info for me to determine who it is. I thought I posted something on here about my experience with them....i will try searching for it andy
  4. Ohlins USA is in NC Henderson or Hendersonville 10min s of Asheville. there is also a gent a few miles west of there...factory trained...grew up on a race team...blah blah blah.. great guy. works out of a garage at his home. looks are deceiving.. I will try and get you his info tomorrow andy
  5. or you could call me and tell me what you need. everything in middle tn to get you rollin and you can't use the wrench moji anymore .....
  6. Now you've gone and done it. Now my 100k spring is gonna break. I have been carrying the original broken one around for about 10 years now as a Talisman.
  7. Past couple of days riding to and from work, I noticed i seemed to be missing shifts. More specifically, downshift to 5th and nothing on the upshift to 6th. Hmm This morning I headed out for a ride and a biscuit ....hardly on the highway and it won't go to 3rd. Not wanting to end up like Docc, I went home and got another bike. Got home and pulled the side plate off the trans.... as we say...clean as a whistle in there. On to the side plate. Once again Hmmm... don't know what would have caused that but surely it did not happen over night. Luckily I had another trans to rob peter to pay paul. All back together and ready for another 100K. andy
  8. no I wrote you mail in here but seems i saved it and not send it ....now I can't send it
  9. unless you just won the lottery ....you don't need them. you get my email?
  10. Another V7 Sport question What is involved with putting a late model starter i.e...v11 valeo, cheap off brand etc.. the original bosch starter had 8 teeth on the pinion wheel....the new one has 10 teeth. it works but....sounds like a kangaroo with a grinder in there. like i say..bike fired right up but gawd amighty it sounds like chit. andy
  11. andy york

    v7 sport

    the v7 manual calls for 0.25mm for both I & E.... 0.0098 ".. oops I see the error of my ways ....looked at my feeler and it was 0.025" thanks for the brain juggle LOL andy
  12. andy york

    v7 sport

    anyone recall what the valve lash on a 73 sport should be? factory spec seems a tad tight to me considering what we use for our v11's thanks andy
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