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  1. But it has stopped weeping . . . (for now) . . . I have one if you need it
  2. Sorry ....I don't have much of a ride report yet. Only about 75 miles right after completion to meet Docc for lunch. since then its been like 100 degrees down here for way to long. -Noise/gear whine...I can't hear that much on the road. full face helmet and ear plugs. -standing beside the bike idling... um ...I know what I'm listening for and can barely hear the gears against the rattling clutch and the Ti-cans. - the hic-cup... seems better but I can still detect a little something ...not as bad as a hic-cup ... I've always thought my bike ran rather well and would hold its own against most any other stock Guzzi. that's all for now Andy
  3. have you tried the duck dealer? mid 90's 900 SS comes to mind with 40mm marz.
  4. you need something with 52 mm od my old forks are 40mm might need to go to the hardware store and measure some PVC pipe
  5. Seeing as how you have a LeMans it could be a little more involved than any of the other V11 models. Have you ever had the fairing off ? Thats the easy part ....10 bolts and its off. I was going to write this up but decided against it. It can be a bit intimidating. If you are going to be crawling around on the floor, your gonna hate this job. If you have a lift you will just learn some new words.. I think the front triangle frame needs to come out because of the horn and voltage reg mountings might block access to the top of the cover. make sure you have a very good set of Allen sockets and make sure you have a good bite when loosening the fasteners. when you get closer to doing the job let us know. I have done this quite a few times
  6. That caliper has been seriously overheated. If you can't find new or NOS you might try the Ebay. I believe some of the Ducati's of our vintage used the same caliper. No telling how much upcharge for that name but you still might find a new one at a Duc dealer.
  7. Update....engine runs good stationary. 150 psi comp on both cylinders. It will be a bit before a ride report. fork seals have gone father south than me. shock seals seem to have gone on a trip with the forks. Clutch slave won't hold pressure. Guess I have neglected the old girl. She needs a couple of Spa days and should be good to go
  8. engine in frame. I did pull the front wheel to get the front triangle sub-frame out. I don't mind the extra work if it gives me a nice panoramic view of what I'm doing. It also allows me to get in there and clean. I am wondering what to do about the empty holes where the OE chain tensioner bolted on. Facing the motor, the bolt on the left I am thinking about leaving out. the bolt on the right actually goes through the front main bearing. I think I will put a short bolt so I can torque it back same as the other main bearing bolts. engine rotates freely over and over.
  9. no sludge in my motor not having a new set of sprockets to compare, I could see some wear....nothing worthy of you-tube. I'm very pleased with the look of everything after 130,000 miles
  10. I haven't rotated it over yet....these engines turn easy with no plugs in. TDC ....S in the flywheel hole...dots line up ....dinner .. then I will go rotate it a couple times. this is some really nice kit. I had no appreciable wear on the cam thrust bearing....the old one measured 7mm thick and the new one was 7mm thick. lock washer behind oil pump nut was broken in two.?
  11. Well well well Houston I have a conundrum. Crank and cam gears aligned upon disassembly. This is where I'm at cam sprocket is on the dowel pin...crank sprocket is on the woodruff keyway. what to do....
  12. Mine where in the mail today. Very nicely done! although I almost had to get the chainsaw out to open box. just kidding ....and a big thanks to Joe
  13. I know one thing your doing....Flatslides !!!! I will be very interested in your results. I've had them on inline 4's and "enjoyed them"
  14. Many more knowledgable folks on here but the only way I have found to remove "the nut" is pull the drive shaft - mount the rear wheel with the rear drive and axle....then run a 2x4 through the spokes of the wheel so that it rests on the top or bottom of the swing arm depending on loosening or tightening. I will have to look it up again, I think that nut needs to torque to like 180 nm. Whatever I did wrong, the brake was not enough to hold the wheel by myself while trying to loosen it at the same time. I think there are shims on shaft that goes in the tiny bearing at the back of the pinion .....the front being the end with the drive shaft.
  15. As Phil wrote..."drift and a hammer". From the factory the book says says torque to 90 Nm. If you are going to try and cut something up it needs to be a 60mm socket. Seems I do not have the tool for that ring nut.
  16. guzziart.... why do you want to pull the pinion assembly out? Is it leaking from there? I will check in the morn ...I think I have what you need to remove this. I would not use heat because of the 0-ring and seal that are just behind it
  17. I think a test run without the bodywork is in order. Then you you would have a reference as to what the enclosed bodywork is doing to your temps. If the temps are greatly reduced then you would know what the problem is ...sort of. If there is no significant change or ....say less than 5 or 10 degree, I would start looking at how to mount a bigger cooler. Setrab makes very good coolers and even getting a slightly larger one could make the difference. Or .....sell me the Daytona !!!!! That is one Beautiful Motorcycle !!!!
  18. I usually stay out of these discussions....oh well https://www.schaefferoil.com data sheets are on the web site
  19. You could have done a lot worse....said the man who has ridden one just a little. But then I'm a touchy feely kinda guy
  20. I don't see much LeMans in that. Looks like a swoopy Quota to me. Got a long ass swing arm/final drive....looks to have trans in the crankcase... looks like a catalytic converter just behind the side stand. Until we get some nice clear pictures or someone puts eyes on it ....well ,down here we call that "pissin in the wind " Not much of an electric fan myself. Thought it would be great for the wifey then I decided I did not want to be on call for the remaining days of my life fetching her cause she did not plug it in. In the mean time, I will burn all the petrol I can cause thats what runs everything in my garage.
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