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  1. it was usable. But was for another idea that never finished.
  2. I see I was wrong on the rubbers, messed up with daytona rs file.
  3. left one is 02114000 = centauro, right is from v11. Bottom to hole is 10 mm on left one 16 right. Diameter is same Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  4. At the bottom in the airbox is the partnumber embossed in. The rubbers have same partnumbers for both. Are you in a fire zone? My daughter left Australia because of it burning everywhere. She worked 3 month in Melborne preparing for a long holiday, and when they started that, the fires started. She went to Argentinia now.
  5. The two airboxes (v11 and centy )I have here, have same diameter holes in them, but one has them 3mm higher than the other. Whats against lifting the airbox a bit, the tank is higher too. The mounting rubbers in the airbox are the same for v11 and centy so the holes should be too I think. If you put the trumpets in from the inside airbox, with the rubbers, doesn't it fit, the rubbers take some play too.
  6. real daytona has complete different airbox. But daytona RS has airbox like the sport 1100i, the centy has different airbox. But that looks like the v11 sport one. In my parts list from centy en daytona RS the intake hoses have same part number, and also the part (small hose) fitting it in the airbox is the same. I just looked in my shed, and have two centy/v11 boxes, who are same size, bit not the same, one has air temp mounting top right, just under the filter. other not. I might have one more, in the garage 3 miles from home. Do not compare real daytona1000 parts thats different sure. The centy airbox was made for when engine was 10mm to the right, now it's back center, so that one is mising the 10mm alignment too. I don't know if the intake from 2v and 4v is different. But Know of a lot of 4v to 2v frame conversions, and they never mentioned it. So aren't you trying to make it to perfect? We are talking about the 10mm horizontal alignment?
  7. The centauro and v11 airbox look the same, only the centy one doesn't have the mountpoints for the sidecovers. Do you have the centauro trumpets? I did cut a centy airbox once.....
  8. I thought about one in korea that also has a scratch on the swingarm, but that is another vin. Picture of the scratch?
  9. The belts were put on wrong, so cams had different timing then it should be, lucily the valves didn't get the piston. There are more people who made this mistake. @madbunny, the v11 for 15m xdf for Tunerpro will do for the mgs01 ecu, even the map is the same. If you want to sell it,contact me. PS what are the last three VIN numbers?
  10. Paul Minnaert

    Paul Minnaert

  11. 15m.c7 is newer then c3. And will behave different, but you might not find the difference, it can be irrelevant. For tps reset, the linear tps types like pf1c use tps reset. It has nothing to do with lambda. The bellagio with 5am has pf3c and not tps reset. The v7 has pf1c and tps reset and 15rc. 15rc is used when a lambda is used, the v11 was made with 15m and 15rc at the same time, depending on country where they were made for. Same loom. This from 2003 Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  12. Just see this now. Scura, 401 A bit late to count, I had an exploding flywheel bike. Gearbox and engine were seperated, engine kept its place with front engine mount and the low mounts under the swingarm. It got a new engine and gearbox from factory, under warranty. 7100km old.
  13. did you use the workshop manual with putting timing on it?
  14. I wasn't here for long, can just tell I changed the ratio when building my daytona with v11 gearbox, just to get the same, short throw. I have a more direct linkage. A good v11 gearbox shifts super, much better then the Stelvio one.
  15. Easy you got a 5 gear clutch with 8 springs. Should be 10. And the 5 speed center cup is different. Wrong clutch and wrong center. Gutsibits should know Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9195 met Tapatalk
  16. For Co adjustment, make sure there are no errors. And look at the tps setting, if way to low at closed throttle, also a no go.
  17. From a certain version, mac os has a ftdi driver build in. I once used an official ftdi usb com cable and that worked with the driver in the OS build in. If you get no serial port to choose from, Or the wrong driver or at least one that doesn't combine with your vag cable. Stick with the lonetec cable http://lonelec.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=57_20 not the cheapest but at least they work and save time and headaches.
  18. I think I have one to sell. Only that is what you need? gearchange lever?
  19. Paul Minnaert

    1100 sport tank

    110 sport carb or injection?
  20. There is a titanium map from guzzi that was made for the racing cans they sold. With Guzzidiag you can load that map. It puts it richer on most spots.
  21. Thats one of he things that would be nice to know. But how the lambda regulation works and where the knobs are to adjust that is unclear. The lambda is used only to pass euro norm, not to make the bike run better. For that a wideband lambda is needed.
  22. It looks like a voltage drop, because the screenshot you post has data from ecu. The sequence is different,:you tell guzzidiag to connect, that tells you to turn ignition on, and guzzidiag gets ecu info. Normaly you see this behavior when people start the bike, then you have a voltage drop too, if battery isn't strong.
  23. If you are not going trough rivers no harm is done without.
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