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  2. All prices include shipping. 1) Spine frame stand in black. Great shape. $150 2) SW Motech engage sport tank bag shown in this thread starting with post # 3. http://www.v11lemans...opic=12820&st=0 Buyer will have to buy a new ring that attaches to the tank from Twisted throttle. I think it's like $30. The bag has suffered a little damage when the bike was totaled in a wreck. It's in fine shape otherwise. Includes the rain cover...can't find the shoulder straps $125
  3. But I like the one's I have on there now. Plus looking at them in the pic, I don't think they'd mesh well with the fairing like you've mentioned.
  4. Thanks! You should have no worries ordering from Rossopuro. They are very easy to deal with, and Paolo speaks excellent english. If there are any troubles, I'm certain Paolo will get them resolved. They were shipped Fed-Ex...... and they dropped the ball and initially had them shipped to Ca instead of Ky where I live. But I got ahold of FedEx and got them turned around. Shortly after leaving Europe, you can expect a call form customs or the like requiring you to fill out some sort of form. It is required, and I was able to finish the whole process via email after the initial call.
  5. I paid 1900 Euro back when the dollar was a little stronger. The license plate bracket is a fender eliminator from Rossopuro.....it is the latest version of their double cat-eye fender eliminator Single, no divorces, no kids, good job, paid the house off a few years ago.
  6. Yeah, I've got a set. I like them. I don't think they lighter or anything......but they make the bike IMO.
  7. I had Hepco-becker 30 liter bags on my 1st LeMans. I liked them......Got them from MG cycle I think. I think the new owener has 40L bags on it. A pic with the 30L bags
  8. Diesel

    03 V11 LeMans

    03 V11 LeMans Alpina tubless spoke wheels Mistral pipes & X-over PCIII Rossopuro fender eliminator Rossopuro head guards Bar-ender bar locks (not shown) Red valve covers SW-Mototech engage sport tank bag
  9. Thanks! I don't think there is any significant weight savings, if any. I had the stock crappy BT020's on the stock wheels. Mounted Diablos on the Alpinas, and the bike is transformed. Soooooooo much more flickable and lighter feeling. From what I've read, the diablos alone can do that for the V11's. I can't honestly say the wheels have done anything or performance/handling, weight savings. I bought them mainly as a cosmetic mod anyway........expensive, yes, but they just make the bike. I'm very happy with them.
  10. Thanks! Yes, the wheels fit just like the stock ones.
  11. Thanks! The head guards are from Rossopuro. They just bolt right on like all the others. http://www.rossopuroitalia.it/index.asp?Pr...rd_PrdType_ID=1
  12. The pic is deceiving.......the map pocket is on top of the gray stripe. There is no interference as the map rests on top of it.
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