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  1. Orson


  2. I also had an Aprilia. A 2000 RSV Mille. The Aprilia was like a doberman while the Guzzi is like a lovable Golden Retriever. Both nice but the Guzzi is more my style. Thanks for posting the video
  3. http://www.eclipse2017.org/2017/path_through_the_US.htm That's a Monday. I'm thinking of going to Caesars Head State Park, S.C.
  4. 10,000 miles is just getting broken in
  5. Orson

    Guzzi - Morgan

    I've wanted one ever since hearing Jay Leno say they're more fun than some of the supercars that he owns. Given the size of his garage, that's really saying something
  6. Motorcycle parking is taken seriously in Mandello Ultra Top Secret Guzzi wind tunnel All the festivities take place on the banks of Lake Como. The people of Mandello really open their arms and welcome the Guzzisti with even butcher shops and dress shops displaying Guzzi regalia From my hotel window, I can't help but take a shot of a father leading his daughter to the altar on her wedding day Group shot taken amidst of a constant rumble of Guzzis From Mandello, I make my way back to Parma, taking a day to explore the back roads of the Emilia Romagna Tabiano Castle Bardi Castle
  7. Pilgrims gather at the factory gates Guzzi assembly line While outside, Guzzis of all styles cruise the festivities Some nicely modified Guzzis were spotted An interloper Nice juxtaposition between engineering styles
  8. I approach the Swiss border with a bit of trepidation as, the last time I entered Switzerland, the Border Guard treated me as if I was some sort of undesirable. Apparently Swiss Border Guards are immune to Guzzi's charms. This time however, I approach a bored looking Border Guard who languidly waves me through. YES! After Bellinzona, the road begins to get progressively more enjoyable as it climbs towards the St. Gothard's Pass, one of the oldest passes in the Alps. After crossing the pass, I get a room and spend the night in Andermatt. The next morning I continue towards Basel via the bumpy Furka Pass followed by the more enjoyable Grimsel Pass With my friend at work, I have all day to get to Basel so, I stay off the main roads as much as possible. My friend recommends the Panoramastrasse which turns out to be a great little motorcycling route. I manage to find my friend's apartment by once again using my smart phone as a GPS. However, the phone can't make calls in Switzerland so, I'm left outside DD's apartment scratching my head wondering how to contact her when by some miracle, my friend arrives home just a few seconds later looking all continental-like on her commuter bicycle. After unpacking and doing some laundry, I enjoy a rest day in Basel as my friend play excellent host. The excellent weather streak continues as I begin my return journey. Sarner See Lake The top of the Susten Pass Descending... Looking back up towards the Susten Pass in glorious sunshine Lake Lugano After crossing back into Italy, I stop for lunch at a nice lakeside restaurant. I enjoy a fantastic meal topped off with some home made Sambuca. When in Rome and all that. It used to irk me how long it took to eat lunch in Italy when I'd rather be riding but now, I just shrug my shoulders and go with the flow The ferry landing at Menaggio is brimming with Guzzis as Guzzisti from all over the world make the pilgrimage to Mandello for the 95th anniversary of the founding of Moto Guzzi A Nico Bakker framed Guzzi arrives at the ferry landing from the Netherlands The streets of Mandello are brimming with Guzzis. It's as if I have been transported to a Bizarro World where Guzzis outnumber Hondas 10 to 1.
  9. It's interesting to watch the pre-race pageantry as teams prepare their cars on the starting line The pit crews and press then vacate the starting line in preparation for the start. Mercedes takes up the front row with the two Ferraris right behind them. Hamilton blows the start allowing Rosberg to grab the lead which he would hold until the end of the race. After the racing stops, the Tifosi are allowed the time-honored tradition of invading the circuit, led by a crew carrying a giant Ferrari flag Pandemonium erupts! And this is with the Ferrari team finishing in third place. I can only imagine what it's like when Ferrari wins. Absolutely fantastic atmosphere with Tifosi, young and old in full Ferrari regalia. F1 is truly shooting themselves in the foot if they remove the Italian GP from the schedule. The weather so far has been spectacular and with more fine weather in the forecast, an executive decision is made to cross the Alps to pay a visit to a friend in Basel, Switzerland. I head north towards the Swiss border, taking the ferry across Lake Como. Bellagio is a popular destination for day trippers from Milan and you'll never know what you will run into at the ferry landing Stopping for a leisurely lunch at Menaggio on the shores of Lake Como It takes a cold heart to turn one's back to Lake Como's beauty
  10. Jenson Button arrives in, natch, a McLaren The Carabinieri arrive in a...Lotus Evora?? Sacriledge! Alonso tries a different tact and attempts to enter the circuit incognito on a scooter however, his ruse is quickly discovered forcing him to bail and continue into the circuit on foot The F1 city is constructed like Lego blocks three-stories high I don't know who it is but, nice Ferrari. Revving the throttle elicits full-throated cheers from the Tifosi The photographer's scrum at the driver's entrance to the circuit Nice Bimmer The drivers are then paraded around the circuit on a flatbed truck
  11. After landing in Milan a quick bus ride takes me to the Milan Train Station which is a monument unto itself From there, it's about an hour and a half train ride to team orson world headquarters in Parma to be reunited with my beloved Guzzi. Along with the Daytona-winning MGS-1, there are other Guzzi machinery strewn about Moto Gurareschi. A tastily restored Le Mans A Monoshock Moto Guzzi After being reunited with the Goose, we head north to Lake Garda. The tiny specs are windsurfers From Garda, I head west thru the foothills towards Monza for that weekend's F1 Grand Premio d'Italia. I book a tour so that I can let a bus driver negotiate the labyrinth route to the circuit. Our hotel lies in the old, walled Bergamo Alta. Without a GPS, I'm forced to rely on my smart phone to get me to the hotel. Construction blocks the suggested route, leaving me to negotiate a series of backstreets to finally arrive in time for an evening cocktail. Bergamo Alta We arrive early enough to catch the drivers entering the circuit. The Tifosi are wise to the drivers' arrival at the circuit and create a pinch point at the driver's entry. Drivers must negotiate the pinch point amongst a barrage of flash bulbs as the Tifosi seek to document their every movement. A Red Bull driver arrives in an Aston Martin A Renault driver arrives in a...Renault One of the team Haas drivers
  12. I spotted this at Moto Guareschi in Parma, Italy. A Guzzi Bellagio donor bike remade as a cafe racer
  13. I saw a red V11 heading into Wales on the A44 on the August Bank Holiday weekend. Don't see too many around nowadays. I wonder if it was a forum member?
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