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  1. DeBenGuzzi


  2. 2004 Cali stone, back in the V11 fold, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it, was on a fatboy for a couple years, sold it to buy matching bikes for me and the wife. That windshield is in the bin, added hepco racks just need to find the legit windshield and a decent set of hepco bags
  3. 2004 breva, lowered seat, lowered shocks. Heated grips, bags, screen, game with original shocks and seat and some spares.
  4. Immmmmmm baaaaaaacccckkkkkkk And I brought the wife.
  5. I bet the kill switch was on
  6. also I need a lounger, I'm getting too old, or at least lower pegs on the Griso, my dorsoduro fits well but neither are good for much distance beyond the range of 1 tank.
  7. the non 2wd, which is kinda silly and I don't plan to use it in that way is only 12k new, not bad considering fuel injected now, disc brakes all around and a lot better fit and finish. I don't even get how they did it, its Russia!
  8. I sat on this bike and it was quite comfy, looked nice, weighed almost nothing, literally felt light as a feather, what wasn't so light? the PRICE almost 16K american, jesus! no thanks. I want so many other bikes for that much or less its not worth it.
  9. but he didn't unless youre on 2011 time and I don't even know how to calculate that
  10. well it says super charged for the pic title, after that I got nothing other than it looks like it'd take your fingers off
  11. I keep hoping to see my old V11 show up on here. regret she's gone, but maybe the memory is sweeter than keeping her forever.
  12. I only have the G4, no problems so far after I fixed that leaky oil sensor, just need lower pegs cause I'm too damn tall. I miss the BFG, he called me something like a wanker? for copying him
  13. I'm thinking of getting a 2014 Ural T, (who needs the 2wd anyway?) or an Indian Chief. what does it say I look to this board about a motorcycle I owned for 6 years, 6 years ago, and I come here first and foremost for advice and abuse. I miss all those people mentioned. I had it out with ratchet myself a few times, he called me a racist, it went downhill from there, ah the good ole days.
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