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  2. 2004 Cali stone, back in the V11 fold, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it, was on a fatboy for a couple years, sold it to buy matching bikes for me and the wife. That windshield is in the bin, added hepco racks just need to find the legit windshield and a decent set of hepco bags
  3. 2004 breva, lowered seat, lowered shocks. Heated grips, bags, screen, game with original shocks and seat and some spares.
  4. Immmmmmm baaaaaaacccckkkkkkk And I brought the wife.
  5. I bet the kill switch was on
  6. also I need a lounger, I'm getting too old, or at least lower pegs on the Griso, my dorsoduro fits well but neither are good for much distance beyond the range of 1 tank.
  7. the non 2wd, which is kinda silly and I don't plan to use it in that way is only 12k new, not bad considering fuel injected now, disc brakes all around and a lot better fit and finish. I don't even get how they did it, its Russia!
  8. I sat on this bike and it was quite comfy, looked nice, weighed almost nothing, literally felt light as a feather, what wasn't so light? the PRICE almost 16K american, jesus! no thanks. I want so many other bikes for that much or less its not worth it.
  9. but he didn't unless youre on 2011 time and I don't even know how to calculate that
  10. well it says super charged for the pic title, after that I got nothing other than it looks like it'd take your fingers off
  11. I keep hoping to see my old V11 show up on here. regret she's gone, but maybe the memory is sweeter than keeping her forever.
  12. I only have the G4, no problems so far after I fixed that leaky oil sensor, just need lower pegs cause I'm too damn tall. I miss the BFG, he called me something like a wanker? for copying him
  13. I'm thinking of getting a 2014 Ural T, (who needs the 2wd anyway?) or an Indian Chief. what does it say I look to this board about a motorcycle I owned for 6 years, 6 years ago, and I come here first and foremost for advice and abuse. I miss all those people mentioned. I had it out with ratchet myself a few times, he called me a racist, it went downhill from there, ah the good ole days.
  14. WHOA WHOA WHOA, who's conducting quizzes without me?
  15. problem is that a lot of HD shops don't want to touch the buells anymore so if you have a good shop cool but almost like the same boat as the guzzi. I didn't hate them, in fact I liked it but I feel it would just be under utilized around here, if I lived in the north woods or west coast I'd get more enjoyment as such I love my pavement princess DD, have you ridden one? we should go on a ride and swap for a distance
  16. my dad had one just like this with every damn option, I can't really say what it was but I didn't really like it, maybe I had such high hopes for it that it couldn't live up to my expectations. I did like the idle at lights and the exhaust note in general but overall I wasn't in love with her. I like my DD750 a lot more and so did my dad he sold the buell and while trying to find a DD he got a Tuono. Italians are contagious!
  17. I changed it out to redline the day I brought her home the best stuff on earth
  18. On your 1100 it may well be that the knocking is coming from the face cam shock absorber which on early models was in adequately sprung. Pete I did a search and saw you addressed this before, your fairly thorough explanation with pictures means I get it and it's nothing to worry about (: Mine isn't too bad just real low speeds when not really under load like you describe.
  19. I'm worried about my clutch, think its got to be the clutch, sounds like a midget in there with a hammer at low speeds when cold, doesn't seem to be there when hot so I have to wonder if it is something to do with the hydraulics and the clutch because it is setup to grab dang near the very end of the lever. also when cold shifting isn't as smooth, going into first I sometimes get a false nuetral. maybe I should have it looked over, or at least goto the local guzzi club meeting and let them kick the tires for some free advice.
  20. I stretch but after an hour it doesn't matter and the pain creeps up, don't have that on my DD so I know its the cramped leg position. I'm going to get the 1.5in lowered and probably a shaggy sheep pad from alaskanleather I am not a fan of corbin cause they're hard as boards. I've tried one before on the V11.
  21. so, do griso's have this problem at all either the need for a plate or the oil filter letting go?
  22. I had some type of big ass bee slam into my neck this spring and I don't know if it stung my like 6 times going across my neck or it kind of splatted and I had just enough razor burn to be like I got stung 5-6 times but it really sucked, I was thinking what Jaap was thinking except an open air jeep willy with an updated engine in it.
  23. Redline shock proof heavy IN EVERY guzzi tranny plus bevel, it really works. I have the same issues with my griso 1100 except the lurching, I think it's just how the clutch and tranny are I have no slipping and the rest of the gears are fine but first gear at low speeds worries me a little almost like an elf is inside there with a hammer for a second, I'm not alarmed but curious what the hell...
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