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    We've got a TENNI register going, so if any of you fellow Tenni owners read this, make contact. Anything to do with Guzzi's, in general. Overall, l love them all....even Scura's, their owners are so easy to piss off!

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  1. Van


  2. Hi'ya Jaap!..... So, a Volvo 244 eh?..... ... ​Must be an agricultural theme going on, Guzzi's are often called tractors by some of the unwashed plebs and posers (Duc and Triumph owners mostly ), but now the head guy goes and adds fuel to the fire by buying a VOLVO 244 WAGON ....a truly agricultural appliance! Cheers! and enjoy your new toy in the New Year!! Van
  3. Van


    Hi all you Tennista out there, Just wanted to wish you all a wonderfull Christmas New Year and holiday season. Ride far, ride safe, and enjoy those wonderful and rare machines! Cheers Van
  4. Van


    Hi there Tony, ...any V11 is a cool ride, it's just that Tenni's are the best ......what number is yours? Cheers Van
  5. Van


    Hi everyone.......all i can do is apologize for being so slack......this is what retiring can do to you...so busy getting caught up with things that have been waiting in the wings......I have made a (small) start at an updated list and once its done will send it to Jaap for his OK...... Cheers, Van
  6. I agree with all the positive said about Big Gord and Valley Yamaha/Guzzi. Great guys, great service! Cheers, Van
  7. Van


    Welcome to the world of "Tennista's"....enjoy your great machine! Cheers Van
  8. Van


    Hello again old friends,...yes I did drop off the face of the earth for awhile......If you'd like, I'd be glad to clean the register up and update it......might take a bit of time, but what the heck, they ARE very special bikes, Cheers, Van
  9. Yeah, nice bike,......but it's not Tenni. You ever think of converting yours and putting it on the road? Anyway, beautiful bike......maybe one day I'll get to see it at the Italian bike day at Lonsdale Quay? Cheers Van
  10. Hey Jim, I was in Vegas over the weekend and I saw a MSG. 01 Corsa at the Auto collection at the Quad (Harrah's/Imperial). (For sale at only $55K) Beautiful bike and so nice to see a classy machine there! Cheers Van
  11. Thanks! This bike is for my brother in Texas, so I'll pass it on! Cheers, Van
  12. Well what a season, and a great final race! Lorenzo did everything right but it still went to Marquez.......the kid can sure ride! Roll on 2014! Cheers Van
  13. Van

    V11 LeMans

    Looking to buy a LeMans in excellent shape. Perfect world, something as new and with as low mileage as possible, and one that's been sorted....need a bike to travel distances on......a "Sport tourer", with a fairing Thanks, Van
  14. Hello again Guzzista's My brother took a run at this bike a few days ago on e-bay .......seems it was coming out of Nebraska?.......turned out it was a scam! If this bike does exist, and is really for sale, let me know, otherwise......be careful out there Any other " good and real" V11 LeMans out there? Cheers, Van
  15. ....Ach,eye,.........Mc'ewan's.........got a taste for this in Glasgow a life time ago, ...still a favorite! CHEERS ! Van
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