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  1. Thanks for the replies
  2. Have my swing arm off for some maintenance ( s/arm bearings are good, phew 😅). When refitting do you add threadlock or just lubricate the threads and tighten the locknuts. Would hate to damage the fine thread used. Can’t find any mention in the manual. cheers Gary
  3. Just cleaned up my front brakes and changed the oil. Looking across to the clutch cylinder on the bars and the fluid looks like cold tea. I know it’s a pain to get to the bleed nipple so have sort of ignored it for a long time . Any way the battery is out of the bike, so I removed the starter motor and the rear shock cylinder thing, all the room you will ever need to get to the bleed. Job done, easy peasy
  4. grossohc


  5. grossohc

    My Special

    Nice job, love the colour.
  6. There is a V11 side stand on ebay with a modified plate fitted.
  7. Chuck, you beat me to it as i was going to post this. My bike has the same wear, I noticed because it seemed to be leaning over further than it used to. Scud has hit the nail on the head. I have always taken my bike out of the garage, put the sidestand down on a concrete drain cover and warmed it up,now there is a slight angle on my driveway so the bike can slide a few inches when rocking back and fore, obviously wearing away material off the stand every time. We need someone to engineer a solution, someone who likes a challenge and can make it look good, someone with, oh i dont know say a aviation type background.
  8. grossohc

    1/4 Scale

    Go onto the glen english models site, he has 9 pre ordered. Ten if my lottery numbers come up.
  9. grossohc

    1/4 Scale

    Wow, i want one. But at £8750 i will give it a miss
  10. Welcome to the forum. Another cafe sport in Scotland, getting affa common now.Where abouts are you based.
  11. What size do you need for the clutch??.
  12. No, had no wear on that part.
  13. Docc There was wear on the splines. So I just thought the plates are sticking on the grooves. But I also replaced the springs and now the lever pressure is slightly harder than it was. Made me think when I put it all back together that it could have been the original springs on there way out ( getting weaker) as some were slightly shorter when I compared them. But nobody is going to go to all the trouble of stripping the bike down and only replacing the springs ( or are they?). Any way just got the bike's MOT done and out for a 200 mile blast and all seems well. with just a smidgen of paranoia
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