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  1. callison


  2. Do the tune up since that's the most reasonable point to start with. My (long-gone) Sport 1100i would stall at idle and any point between that and 4000 rpm as much as 15 times in a city block. I replaced almost everything I could think of but the last thing I changed was actually the culprit - a weak/worn timing chain tensioner.
  3. Under the front left side of the fuel tank there are two bullet connectors (yellow wires) that run from the alternator to the main wiring loom. You should probably take them apart (they're AC so polarity isn't an issue), clean them, tighten the female connectors by squeezing them with pliers just a tad and then re-assembling them with dielectric grease.
  4. Size "Z"... http://thisoldtractor.com/guzzi007/smarf/1.jpg http://thisoldtractor.com/guzzi007/smarf/2.jpg http://thisoldtractor.com/guzzi007/smarf/3.jpg
  5. callison

    EICMA 1997

    Some prototype renderings: Marabese Design V10 concept. Marabese Design V11 LeMans concept. It's pretty easy to Photo Shop a fairing onto a picture of a 2000 V11 Sport green meanie - for them, I couldn't do it! These two prints were auctioned off by Marabese Design about ten years ago. I lost on the V10 but won the V11 LeMans concept print. It's less impressive in person but still something that looks good hanging on the wall in the den. Which it did before I moved. Now I don't which box it's in.
  6. Nah. It's just a piss-poor design. Had MG designed the part with a slightly larger flange and circle groove using a standard o-ring , it would've worked fine. Instead it has a serpentine design for the sealing ring guaranteed to never seal properly. Boeing used to use some stuff to seal aircraft wing tanks back in the '70's called "595" and for sure it would seal it - but you might never get the fitting off if you need to.
  7. The Sport 1100i "Bright Red Italian Bugswatter" that started an era of Guzzi circuit diagrams has been sold to a gentleman in the Denver area and will hopefully resurface someday. I'll miss it but recent surgery for SLAC wrist precludes ever riding a bike with clipons again. I retain my 2004 Stone/Ural sidecar rig and continue to look for a 7/33 gearset for the rear on that bike. If anyone has a spare lying around, please PM me.
  8. I hear ya. I bought a used 2001 V11 Sport TT at my local Ducati dealer back in the day. The PO has somehow convinced the dealer that he could take care of the assembly and paperwork himself. Not a huge problem until you use the part number on the exhaust pipe as the VIN and also pay cash for the bike. In California, where I was at the time, paying cash means an automatic investigation for drug money laundering. Add in the horribly incorrect number for the VIN and you get a vehicle that has not been registered and never will be until all of the paperwork has been corrected. I had to get a LEO v
  9. Immediately after buying a 2004 Stone sidecar rig last year (with only 4970 miles on it!) the speedometer crapped out. Gears totally trashed. I could've bought another potential failure geared Veglia unit but chose instead to buy a SpeedHut GPS based speedometer. No cable, gears etc so if I change the gearing on the rig, there's no problem with recalibrating the speedo. About the only thing I would point out for the installation of this model of Speedhut is to take ALL of the extra antenna cable - and there is a lot - and bury it under the tank where it's well shielded from electronic interfer
  10. There was a reference from the MPH folks in Houston, Texas, USA after the last dealers meeting with Piagio that there was indeed a new sport bike forthcoming. Heavy non-disclosure agreements would prevent any further information as well as photos. It makes sense to drape a cover over a bike - any bike - as a stand-in for something we haven't seen yet. I doesn't matter that the MAS race bike was borrowed for the stand-in.
  11. I've heard of the following procedure but I'd wait for Pete Roper to confirm the validity of it. If you want to pressurize the oil system prior to running the bike, remove the outer spark plugs then reconnect them to the spark plug wires and clip-lead the plug bodies to the cylinder fins so that there is a ground return path (failure to do so will likely ruin the coil). With the compression out of the picture because a plug is out, cranking the engine over won't put any undue pressure on the bearings. Run the starter long enough to pump oil to the bearings, return the plugs and wires to th
  12. Rather a lot of stuff but half of it is getting it put together by someone that knows what they're doing - which excludes me!
  13. The V11 Sport heads were different than the Sport 1100i's and so were the pistons. The V11 Sport barrel is I think, identical in all the necessary areas to swap into the Sport 1100i. I hope to heaven that the Sport 1100i I'm about to throw another $2000 worth of engine work into doesn't have deteriorating cylinder wall plating.
  14. The V11 Sport left cylinder has the newer temperature sensor mount point. Other than that, I think they should be completely compatible.
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