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  1. A great summary of Pete! I did never regret that I have sold my V11 Rosso Corsa in favour of the 8V Griso. Aside of the flat tappet story the built quality of the 8V Griso is better than the one of the V11. What I will never understand is that Piaggio dropped the CARC/8V bikes - this is such a stupid move. They should exist next to the small block models.
  2. A good friend of mine wants to sell his Walter Daytona 1000 sidecar motorcycle. An article in German: Motorradfahrer 10/1992: http://www.janguzzi.de/downloads/046_Gespann---Moto-Guzzi-Daytona-von-Walter.pdf Some low res photos Tailor-made Wilbers Suspension All mechanics are "new" which means done some years ago but only driven approx. 5000 km since then. It was overhauled by Guzzi specialist "Doc Jensen" (http://doc-jensen.de/). - "new" gearbox - "new" clutch - "new" final drive - "new" oil pump - "new" timing belt - "new" valves - "new" pistons and cylinders - "motor has new bearings - "new" fronts discs and pads - "new" tailor-made Wilbers suspension - replaced spokes on all 3 wheels Price: 12,000 Euro (negotiable)
  3. The Vespa/H-D image was a scene from the German "Tatort" (TV crime series)
  4. Here is my V85TT playlist with all relevant videos and reviews (Italian, German, English, French, Dutch, etc.):
  5. I had the idea to inform Brian Saturno about this conversion and the positive feedback here and in other forums. Here is his feedback: Maybe ... Meanwhile you can enjoy his other creations based on the V11: http://www.ghezzi-brian.com/modelli/
  6. biesel


  7. Would be nice if this mate could give us some info here.
  8. They should bring back the 8V + CARC, otherwiese ... new ownership, maybe even investors who can bring the brand to a higher level.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/HOADenDuvel/ Video: https://www.facebook.com/HOADenDuvel/videos/209992743207482/
  10. Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/house_of_art_denduvel/
  11. The original link mentions a guy called Stephan Maris and the licence plate seems to be from Belgium.
  12. Has this been posted here before? http://www.vintagebike.co.uk/pictures/moto-guzzi-le-mans-850/
  13. Even it is not my type of bike, I must say well done Guzzi. They made a good descision to design this type of bike - thers is a lot of interest. If the new engine is reliable and really has 80 HP it should replace the engine in the current V9 models. Unfortunately we are still missing new big block Guzzis and models for taller drivers.
  14. Jaap has started this thread wirth "Earthshine" from Rush - great song. The Album Vapor Trails was remixed a while ago, here is the remixed version: Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vapor_Trails Vapor Trails Remixed is a remixed version of Vapor Trails mixed by David Bottrill. The album was released by Atlantic Records and Rhino Entertainment on September 27, 2013, and entered at No. 35 on the Billboard 200 chart.[24] The band had been unhappy with the original album's overall sonic production. Influenced by the positive reaction to the remixes of "One Little Victory" and "Earthshine" featured on Retrospective III by Richard Chycki, Rush and Bottrill remixed the entire album. In an interview with Modern Guitars, Lifeson remarked that since the remixes were so good, there has been talk of doing an entire remix of the album.[25] He also stated: It was a contest, and it was mastered too high, and it crackles, and it spits, and it just crushes everything. All the dynamics get lost, especially anything that had an acoustic guitar in it. Vapor Trails Remixed is also included in the box-set of Atlantic Studio Albums called The Studio Albums 1989–2007.[26]
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