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  1. Optimize the California Vintage Parking Position The California Vintage parking position is very tilted. Maybe the reasons are the special kickstand (also a Jiffy type but the shape is different to the older ones) and the longer shocks (365 mm instead of 340 mm). Harley drivers use a special wedge for their Jiffy kickstand when they have lowered their bikes with a shorter shock. In this case the lowered bike stands too straight with the original kickstand. These adapters fits a California w/o any changes! If you mount it turned 180 degrees it will lift your California 2,5 cm! You need 4 screws (+ 4 Schnorr washers) with the following lengths: - top: M8x25 mm and M8x45 mm - bottom: M8x15 mm and M8x20 mm In Germany I bought this kind of adapter here: https://www.dock66.de/Kickstand-Adapter-Harley-Softail-Motorcycle Before: After: Before: New angle:
  2. My valves are set according to specs (because this is a "modern" Guzzi Breva 1100 engine): The valve clearance on all 1100/1000 California models (since 1994, frame numbers KC, KD, KG and KH) is: - Intake valve: 0.10 mm - Exhaust valve: 0.15 mm as described in the video on my YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/janguzzi Yes, I also know Danny from the Wilguzzi forum. I also have his final Mistral H-Pipe map (DannyP-Mod12.bin - made by beetle) on my notebook. He wrote me that he did a lot of testing (cold and hot weather together with beetle via email). But experiences from CalVin or California owners in the German Guzzi Forum cleary show that a H-Pipe is just louder and therefore you think your Guzzi has more power. You will loose some midrange torque with a H-Pipe. TPS settings also according to specs: 150 mV => turning the stop screw to get 536 mV (+/- 20 mV) = 3.6° My DÄS Mototec mapping with an open airbox (no snorkles) normally requires a higher CO-trim (approx. 30) but I set it back to 0 because I am using the closed stock airbox. My headers are not getting blue anymore, just a bit yellow when the engine is running longer while not driving.
  3. Hi Allan, thanks for this feedback! I got "CalVin_15RC_special-5.bin" directly fom beetle . I will report to beard that "Don_VolkeroSpecial_05" worked and "Cali1100DZ_06.bin" not. What does "fuel economy 45+" mean? What ambient temperatures did you have?
  4. Hi Allan, no - not you. All the maps called "Don_Volkero... .bin" didn´t work better on another Vintage (bike was still popping), no idea why - I was infomed by the owner via email but I have never seen his CalVin. "Cali1100DZ_06.bin" was not tested by him as far as I know.
  5. Yes ... I have added this to my content above .
  6. @docc: The most common types of gasoline in Germany: With Ethanol: Super 95 (up to 5 % Ethanol, 95 ROZ Octane) Super E10 (up to 10 % Ethanol, 95 ROZ Octane) Super Plus (up to 5 % Ethanol, 98 ROZ Octane) Without Ethanol: Premium gasoline (ROZ ≥ 100 Octane), e.g. Aral Ultimate, Shell V-Power Super Plus (or better) is preferred for Guzzis. Europe (Germany) ROZ/RON => „Research Oktanzahl/Researched Octane Number" according to DIN EN ISO 5164
  7. Would be great if you/he can test this one too.
  8. Hi Alan, when I sent you the map "Cali1100DZ_06.bin" in 2019 I wrote: Attached you will find a radical updated mapping. I had problems with pinging at high ambient temperatures with all versions of Bernd (Beard)´s mapping (DonVolkero_01.bin to DonVolkero_05.bin). Bernd decided to use a complete different ignition table then, he fixed some bugs, and the map is a bit enriched at 2500-4000 rpm when opening the throttle. It seems that Guzzi used the wrong ignition table on the last Californias with dual plugs (Vintage, Classic, Aquila Nera)! On a ride yesterday at 31°C ambient I had no pinging at all and the bike pulls stronger! In the the US it could be different because we have better gasoline in Europe (98-102 octane). Could you give it a test?
  9. You can see this mapping on the diagram above. My CalVin should now perform similar to the red curve. Blue: New mapping + 1133 ccm, combustion chambers treatment, Mistral silencers, open airbox (no snorkles), BMC filter Red: New mapping + open airbox (no snorkles), BMC filter Green: Stock
  10. Hi Alan, did to use the "Cali1100DZ_06.bin" then?
  11. There is only one at the rear. On the front you have the u-joint which also should be greased of course. On my Vintage the u-joint had a bit grease, the spline had none.
  12. There is no specific workshop manual for the Vintage, but these will work: Workshop Manuals http://www.thisoldtractor.com/mg_manuals/workshop_manual_california_en_de_ne.pdf http://www.thisoldtractor.com/mg_manuals/workshop_manual_california_update_en_de_ne.pdf http://www.guzzitek.org/gb/ma_us_uk/1100/Moteur1100_102005_Atelier(USA).pdf ... the CalVin has the Breva engine with a different alternator, gearbox, etc. Owner´s Manuals & Wiring Diagrams http://www.thisoldtractor.com/mg_manuals/owners_manual_california-vintage_2006-01_it-en-fr-de.pdf http://www.thisoldtractor.com/mg_manuals/owners_manual_california-vintage-aquila-nera_2009-09_it-en-fr-de.pdf http://www.thisoldtractor.com/mg_manuals/owners_manual_california-vintage-wiring-diagram_2006-01_it-en-fr-de.pdf http://www.thisoldtractor.com/guzzi007/schematics/2008_California_Vintage.gif Parts Lists http://www.guzzitek.org/parts_list/gb/1100/CaliforniaVintage_2006-2007_112007_PL(GB).pdf http://www.guzzitek.org/parts_list/gb/1100/CaliforniaVintage_2006-2008_082011_PL(GB).pdf http://www.guzzitek.org/parts_list/gb/1100/CaliforniaVintage_2006-2011_052012_PL(F).pdf https://www.stein-dinse.biz/download/GU079.pdf http://www.motoguzzicalifornia.com/ ... and maybe some of my videos might be useful too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjpaIdMLrRU&list=PL3U2TKTfHX8amjJuLr8yBtUxXUeO6duTT
  13. Check the cardan universal joint assembly (e.g. watch the video I made) on the next occasion. My sliding sleeve had absolutely no grease at all! This enclosed system system normally does not require a lot of maintenance, unfortunately Luigi was an idiot especially when the early Vintage where mounted and forgot the grease. I hate this guy
  14. Hi Tinus, I can send you the ones from Beetle and Beard (I have asked for this) for the 15RC ECUs. Those maps were made for the original exhaust system. Remember to save the orignal one and set the CO-trim to "0 %" as soon as you use a mapping with the lambda probe switched off. First steps: - Check if the spark plugs are really connected corretly (double ingnition) - mine were not! - Clean the throttle bodies and the air bleed screws and their ducts - TPS check, setting + throttle bodies sync In general: Luigi did not make a good job when mounting mine. Grease was missing everywhere and it seems that the previous owner trusted his dealer.
  15. TPS setting, etc. is similar to the V11s. These Instructions are very helpful: http://bradthebikeboy.blogspot.com/2012/10/throttle-position-sensor-setting_21.html I have used Guzzidag for this too. Unfortunately the Vintage is running very lean. The Cali is popping and stuttering as soon as the ambient temperatures are high e.g. 28- 30°C. I have tested various maps (one from Beetle - very rich and also useable for gasoline of bad quality I guess). I also worked together with Beard (Guzzidiag) and got one which is better than stock (but also lean) but this one did not work so well in another Vintage. All those maps switch off the lambda probe, so you have to set the CO-trim (possible with Guzzidiag). I ended up with a fine tuned mapping from DÄS Mototec (Germany) on a 15M ECU which solves all the problems (lean running, torque dip). This mapping was made for an airbox w/o snorkels and a BMC air filter but I have decided to keep the snorkles otherwise it is much too loud for the driver. The bike still delivers more torque than stock . If I remember it correctly Roland Däs proposes 3% CO-trim w/o snorkles and 0% with snorkles. I was lucky to get an used 15M ECU (from a Ducati) for approx 100 Euro, the mapping costs around 200 Euro. Roland Däs develops all his maps on a dyno test bench for individually for your motorcycle (which is more expensive I guess) but I have never visited his shop. I have just sent him the ECU which is good enough for me.
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