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  1. Which GB kit is that? Mike
  2. Thank you! The surprise to me was how small it is. It's not that much different is engine size than the V11 LeMans. But it feels diminutive compared to either of the other bikes. If you look at the pic, it could hide behind the V11 LeMans or Sport 1100. Someday I want to sit on my 1200 Sport and a Tonti naked. Perhaps a Mille and see how they compare. Mike
  3. Good eye Tim. Your old LeMans is alive and well. It serves as my GT bike. There is nothing in Moto Guzzi's current line that is comparable. I had a Scura/1200 Sport shootout in my garage to see which would be my "naked" bike. As you can see the Sport nudged out the Scura. No knock on the Scura. The refinement of the Sport trumped the sportiness of the Scura for me. The LeMans 3 is eye candy. Mostly it goes to breakfast. Mike
  4. I've struggled with this one. I've been tempted to add a red frame next to my LeMans. But decided to have 3 very different bikes and added a Carc and a Tonti instead. Mike
  5. The part number are: N0520.1AD and N0521.1AD. Check Amazon and maybe St Paul Harley Davidson. They are available. MIke
  6. It fit my 2002 Scura pretty well. Short wheelbase colors on a long wheelbase bike. Mike
  7. The pegs are tight. Neither lever is encumbered. I might adjust the shift lever down just a bit to compensate for the lower peg. Mike
  8. After a trip to the White Mtns. last month I decided to lower my V11 LeMans foot pegs for a bit more comfort. My mechanic and I found a way to lower the stock foot pegs using existing mounting holes. It lowers them about an inch. I can gain another inch if I switch to Buell pegs. But for now, these are significantly more comfortable. Attached are before and after pics of both sides. The left side is a simple swap. The right side needs a different bolt. (Still lovin' the bike Tim! It's my go to GT bike.) Mike
  9. If I wanted to lower my V11 LM I might look at a shorter shock and have a local seat maker whip me up something. But I do agree that width is an issue. I friend has a lowering link on his Norge as well as the low seat. It's probably lower than v11. i
  10. Brian, Sorry I missed Datil this year. Who was at the Largo? JJ was camping, Andy and Nolan didn't come. I'm was just back from a 5 day, 1500 ride thru the upper midwest to Colorado. My butt just wasn't ready for another 3 days. Let me know if you are thinking about Lake Henshaw. Mike
  11. Forgot this one. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/mcy/d/queen-creek-sportbike-aprilia-sl-1000/6901262942.html
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