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  1. I don't know if I posted these before, but I have high rez scans of Marabese design proposal to Guzzi for the V11 LeMans. Mike
  2. LED Headlight. Bought on Ebay. M
  3. milar


  4. Turn your V11 Sport (or V11 LeMans) in to a "Greenie" for less than the cost of a paint job. Small crack in the paint on the tank, but does not effect usability. I had these on my Scura before I sold it. $395 for both. Mike
  5. Nice event again this year. Thanks to Bill and others for putting it together. Mike
  6. 3 or 4 of us are riding in from Phoenix. Should be there Friday afternoon. Mike
  7. I've got a black 1200 Sport and a red 2003 LeMans. To your question: > Is a V11 a very different animal from the 1200 Sport in terms of the riding position, handling and overall character?? Riding position: I have bar risers on the V11 and Mana Bars on the Sport. My Sport is more upright with more legroom. It feels larger and roomier. If you played basketball in college you might prefer the Sport. If you are smaller in stature you might like the V11. Handling: Both handle well. Character: The Sport is a more refined machine. More of an all arounder. A V11 is sportier and a bit more raw. I could be happy with either. Mike
  8. milar

    Givi tanklock

    I'll take the locking ring. Mike
  9. >Mike, is this your list then? Sorry, I misunderstood the question. No it is not my listing. I sold the bike to a guy in Georgia in May. It's his listing. Mike
  10. That's my old Scura. I did swap out the cans. I put the carbon cans on my LeMans because I prefer the sound. Just a bit of history. I bought it 6 or 7 years ago in Wisconsin. A divorce I think, and the wife was selling it. Before buying it I ran a VIN check and it was clean. I found the previous owner and called him. He said it was a good bike. So I knew much of the history before buying. I rode it back to Arizona from Wisc. I spent 5 or 6 years polishing the jewel. The list you posted is partial. I pretty much went thru most of the bike. I loved the bike and selling it was very, very hard for me. But I never rode it the last 6 months. So made the decision to pass it along for someone else to enjoy. Hopefully to someone who will love it and take care of it. Here's another pic or the right side of the bike. Mike
  11. Yeah, that's my old Scura. It got bumped out of the garage by my 1200 Sport. It was in great shape when it left my place. I saw it on Ebay a few days ago. I wouldn't have any hesitation about buying it back. It should make someone a nice bike. Mike
  12. milar

    Scuds old V11 LeMans

    >Did I tell you I added some green to the gills as a tribute the silver and green Benellis? Doing something with the vents is a good idea. I considered having them carbon dipped using hydrographics. Mostly all that ls left for the LeMans is "polishing the jewel." Replace the front fender, carbon hugger, 3M Scotchguard clear bra for the fairing. maybe powrder coat the exhaust headers black. Do you know if Bill is going to do the San Diego rally this year? I haven't heard anything. Mike
  13. milar

    Scuds old V11 LeMans

    Hey Tim, The tires must be working great, I never even think about them. I had a set on the Scura and always enjoyed them. Mike
  14. As a way of introduction, I’m the guy who got Tim’s LeMans that was the subject of a thread here. He and I worked a deal around my ST3 and his LeMans. It worked well for both of us. He loves the sporty nature of the ST3 and I love the long legs of the LeMans. I don’t post much to forums, but thought you might enjoy an update and perhaps a couple of the changes I made might work for other V11 owners. I swapped the titanium exhaust for a carbon one because I prefer the deeper resonance of a carbon can to the metallic sound of a metal one. I had my FI guy put the bike on an exhaust gas analyzer. He richened the mixture and got rid of any hiccups by loosening up the valve settings. (When the engine gets hot, the metal expands. It causes the valve to stay open longer. It then backfires thru the valve causing the “hiccup” or even killing the motor.) Now the fueling is flawless. Even at 108 here in Phoenix. I liked the bars on the ST3 and looked for ways to replicate them on the LeMans. I solved the problem by using the stock bars and adding a 2” riser. I bought some nice, CNC machined, black risers from AliExpress for $28. (Go to Aliexpress and search for 2” handlebar risers.) The stock lines worked, but had to be rerouted. The front brake master cylinder contacted the riser and had to be trimmed. (That one took awhile.) The stock base and bars were painted black. The additional comfort means longer days in the saddle before fatigue sets in. I decided to try one of the $19 clip on windshield spoilers. Again from Aliexpress. (Search for “adjustable motorcycle windscreen deflector”). I like the adjustability and easy on/easy off for summer days. It’s moved the wind blast from my chin to the top of my helmet. Lastly some soft bags from CycleCase (www.cyclecase.com) and a backpack for luggage. Plenty of room for a 3-5 day extended weekend. My V11 Sports were great day trippers. But lacked the continent piercing ability of a big motor GT bike. A well sorted LeMans will cover ground molto veloce. Long legged indeed. I hope to see many of you in Datil in August. Mike
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