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  1. I would really like a copy of that gel seat, what did you do... send him the seat base or the dimensions? Would you mind if I contacted him, and if not can your forward his details? best regards David McMillan
  2. guzzirider, brilliant effort, now this cadwell outing in the spring..................
  3. Thanks to all who took an interest in this machine, it has now been sold.
  4. Hi Paul, thanks for this info, KA11791 is no 9 of 20 so from KA11782 to KA11802 may be the sequence although I don't know for certain. As I stated before there is someone who kept the register and had the frame numbers which mine checked with as no.9. What is slightly odd is that your single seater list goes up to 1996 but mine was first registered in 1995 even though the 791 seems to be at the very end of the number run and it wouldn't be the first time the UK importer though up a ruse to sell bikes at the end of a production run. Think black and gold Le Mans II. I have been able to find a
  5. Hi Paul, yes I remember that article and have a copy winging its way to me from the person who kept a register of the 20 owners originally. There is a french Daytona website that has a copy of a letter of authenticity from the importer and a brief article from MCN suggesting it has gas flowed heads and high compression pistons (anybody confirm the latter?) along with a remapped ecu and foam air filters but it also says its 100bhp which is quite frankly baloney as it feels about the same as my 992cc V7 Sport classic racer and its got 75bhp at the back wheel. The brakes are as per the cooking
  6. Do any of you know the specifications of the rare 1995 Dr John Daytona of which only twenty were built for the UK market? I know they come with a B kit, Carrillo rods and full Termignoni exhaust but beyond that not much is written on these all black bikes. I have one for sale on the ads on this website.
  7. For sale rare 1995 Dr John Daytona 1 of 20 built in world, "B" kit with Carrillo rods, full Termignoni exhaust, all black bike with Dr John's signature on seat, stored last seven years, 25k, Scotland, UK £4750 david.mcmillanv7@btopenworld.com for photos, bike no.9 of 20.
  8. thanks baldini I have received quite a number of constructive comments on how to improve my £8000 motorcyle and have no problem trying out these solutions as all are within my mechanical capabilities and I am fortunate to be able to afford the recommended modifications suggested by enthusiastic members on this very helpful website. I dont have a problem, no sir. David
  9. Belfast Guzzi, I dont know why the others have taken such a critical path, perhaps its self projection on how they see things. The value for me in your question is that if your 497 scura was built at virtually the same time as mine then it may be closest in spec and therefore useful in comparison, hence the reason I submitted the number. It came from ON YER BIKE, in England. Does yours display the appalling lack of quality of mine? regards David
  10. Thanks everbody for taking the time to reply, if I can't sell the Scura in the next few weeks (and all the signs indicate that this is so given the deathly silence on my phone) then you have given me food for thought and a ray of hope. David (who actually likes Guzzis and has enjoyed them continuously since the mid seventies).
  11. Thanks JRT, Wherever the falt (not a spelling mistake) spot is I have heard conflicting reports on the stucchi crossover, that the crossover does nothing it is simply the cans that do the business, in fact the stucchi crossover diminishes power according to the published dyno graphs, I think on the Guzzitech website, and the the PC111 is also perceived by many to be an unecessary expense. Did you fit everything at once or incrementally to check what each bit did? However I am new to the world of fuel injection and am willing to be convinced. I am worried about downloading maps from the inte
  12. Thanks Guy, I will try to persevere, but it is so difficult not to stray, I have had impure thoughts about 50 gallon drums of Avgas and a 1976 Ducati 900ss. ohlins pohlins: the rear shock (apt name) has been replaced under warranty and my current perception is that Scuras are fitted with Basement Billy's budjet squibs. My WP twin emulsion shocks and Marzocchi M1R forks fitted to my V7 Sport are supple and sophisticated by comparison but maybe I am just not capable to set Ohlins stuff up properly and thats why I am on here to look for settings people have actually tried. Regards David
  13. Thanks BigJ I am reluctant to spend hundreds of pounds on cans, PC111 and drill holes in the airbox as I am worried about the resale value (I hope the irony of that comment is not lost) but does your recommendation mean that the bike cant be made to work as standard? If I have the bike when the next set of tyres need replacing I will try the Pirellis on your recommendation. I was born in Lanark and they only received civilisation 35 minutes ago. regards David
  14. Thanks Dan, What you say about the Ohlins being set up for a specific rider weight would suggest rightly that I need to explore (expensively) spring rates to cope with my specific needs. However I find this ludicrous that this should be necessary unless the factory have got it completely wrong in the first place. No other manufacturer I am aware of expects the customer to do this and usually designs the optimum range of performance to cope with both single and pillion use (which must be fairly widely encompassing). However I am willing to be led to water, where can I buy alternative springs
  15. Thanks Al, I'll try to be a bit more specific: the vibration is as if the crank needs to be dynamically balanced with the rods/pistons ie constant roughness. I have had this done to my 992cc V7 Sport (you can see an article on this if you can be bothered at www.s3750motoguzzi.co.uk under David McMillan's V7 Sport racer in the features section) the Scura has now done 7250 miles and the vibration has fractured the headlamp bulb reflector arm off the housing. It tingles the bars at at high freqency when revving past 5000rpm and reverberates through the bars at low revs when below that, at no tim
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