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  1. Just changed the cover out for a carbon fiber one from Italy. The little Metal loop is to keep the wire from swinging around. Previous owner had the wire zip-tied to the bolt. The loop will probably work fine.
  2. The Nero corsa is gorgeous! They are all beautiful but that one is spectacular.
  3. Looks great. Are you able to post a sound clip? I’m thinking of changing to something similar.
  4. MG really hit a home run with the V11 series. Gorgeous bike from every angle. Wish they would make it again with even more power.
  5. Out for a ride after having the dual plate clutch installed.
  6. Looking for a good condition complete assembly v11 sidestand. I would take one from a 1100 sport as well. Thanks text if you have one: (805)550-1148
  7. By any chance do you have a v11 kickstand complete assembly for this bike? Thanks.
  8. Hi Steve, Yes the shipping and import tax is quite expensive at almost 50% cost of the bag, but oh well. It’s near impossible to find this bag anymore so I’ve accepted the expense. I will change my verified address in PayPal next week once all the paperwork for our move is complete and will send you a PM with the new address. Thank you!
  9. Hi Troutman......Thanks for posting a link here. I just bought it. I might need you to send it to a different address because I am in the process of moving. Please let me know how we can address that issue. If I receive it before March 6th send it to the PayPal verified address. If I am going to receive it after that date I will need it sent to my new address.
  10. Scura #600 - new to me today. Just sold my old Scura w/ Coppa paint job couple months ago and the garage just didn’t feel complete anymore. This one was apparently on and off the market a couple times and popped up again yesterday.......brought it home today. Will need a little TLC, but I’m excited nonetheless.
  11. My first MG. Should have never sold it!
  12. Is the S fairing still available?
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