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  1. Is the S fairing still available?
  2. Sorry...not sure why the picture is coming out sideways..... but here’s my v11 parked out back at night in the low light.
  3. Great looking bike. I'd prefer the stock color for the wheels but love that exhaust. Never seen that exhaust on a V11 before. My garage is full otherwise I'd be very tempted.
  4. Ok so this is not a song, but the sound is pure hypnotic motorcycle bliss. Turn up the volume!
  5. Went for a ride to work today on the Scura. Bike was hesitating a little while cruising at highway speeds. Felt like I was running out of gas. Stopped at a gas station to fill and was able to get 6gallons of fuel in it... does that mean I was cruising on fumes or is my gas station rigging the fuel pump counter? My low fuel light never turned on. I thought capacity was 5.5gallons total? After filling continued my commute and rode at speeds I haven’t hit since I was young and stupid. I know it’s wrong but felt amazing!
  6. plexiform

    Riding gear

    I’m 5’8” with weight always fluctuating between 165-185# (tending to stay on the higher end lately) so I keep the equivalent of large and medium sized gear in jacket and pants so I always have something that fits right. Jacket: Rukka Merlin (50), Rukka Armas (48) Pants: BMW City 2 pants are a great fit for me and adequately padded for daily commuting. Not too heavy weight yet warm enough for a California coastal winter. I keep these in a Large and Medium. Boots: Daytona Road Star GTX Helmet: Shoei RF 1200 (Daijiro Kato replica because it looks cool and I like the hi-viz graphics). Gloves: Daniese 4 stroke evo. Currently looking to upgrade to something a little warmer.
  7. Thank you. Yes this is definitely coughing on my leg. Where is the vacuum tap plug?
  8. Wondering if anyone has encountered this before. I did a search for puff of air and did not find anything matching the issue I encountered yesterday and today. Commuting to work on the highway at 70-80mph the bike was running smooth but as I got off the exit and slowed down to a stop at a light I felt sudden puff of air on my left leg right at the level of this picture. It was just one puff today and one puff yesterday. No smoke, cannot tell if their was a sound associated with it. Wondering if the cracks in these rubber parts are creating a leak? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. This place is absolutely stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately as others mentioned not a lot of cool bikes to see unless you want to see a ton of Vespa scooters and the occasional BMW GS Adventure. The bus drivers on these tiny coastal winding cliff side roads are darn good drivers. Literally coming within inches of each other without even flinching. We visited mainly Positano and stayed right in the main square (Mulini Square down by the beach). We went to Capri, Rovello, Praiano, Nochelle, Montepurtuso, Amalfi, Pompeii. I would have to say the most memorable thing from this vacation was to see a level of service and pride in ones work that I have not seen in the states for a long time. Every single person provided 5 star service whether it was a baggage porter, server at a restaurant, boatman taking us into seaside caves, driver in a cab, or private driver to tour us around Pompeii and Amalfi. No one expects to be paid tips there (but the drivers do appreciate them). Servers in restaurants were confused when you try to leave them tips and encouraged us not to do so. Every meal at a family restaurant came with free wine included....and it was very good wine. It seems like a lot of the tourism businesses are family run so each family member had a vested interest in simply providing an excellent service without motivation by extra money. From what I was told the majority of businesses on the coast are owned and operated by families who have been living there for generations so their goal is not to get rich but to maintain the lives they've always known. And living on the coast does not look easy. In fact it seems that everything is physically difficult. The second most memorable thing was the pizza. Best pizza in the world and they bring it to you fresh in less than 10 minutes from ordering. Third most memorable....the cannolis. I've never had such good cannolis in my life. The food is so rich and tasty I was shocked that the average person is bone thin and very few morbidly obese people. Seems like life on the Amalfi coast is very active. Lots of walking and literally thousands of stairs (steep steps) all day long. We walked literally 2000 steps to get down from the Path Of The Gods from the city of Nochelle to Praiano and my legs are still in pain from it. And this was no escalator. These steps looked like they were built by the gods 2k years ago. Spent one night in Milan before flying back to LA and Milan felt very different and a world apart from the coast. It was beautiful to see the snow capped foothills of the Swiss Alps in the horizon from our hotel in Milan. Overall loved the trip but can't say I would want to ride a motorcycle there. At least not on the coastal roads. The congestion on the tiny roads made LA seem not so congested. And even if the roads were not congested, you could barely get past 30mph because the twisties are so tight and has blind hairpin turns every couple hundred feet with unprotected cliffs (100's to 1000s of feet in height) out of nowhere. Lastly the most impressive thing that comes to mind is that despite a constant barrage of tourists, they keep this place spotless. At least Positano, and some of the other smaller towns are literally without a single piece of trash on the ground. Amalfi was surprisingly not this way. It seems they have garbage trucks running daily (recycling one day, paper one day, plastic the next day....and so on). I have a new level of respect for the Italian people in this region because they have turned what at first seems like total chaos in to a very smoothly run operation. I would recommend visiting the Amalfi Coast to anyone thinking of traveling through Italy. But don't ride a motorcycle, just take a cab or bus. It would be great to hear from some Italian members on the forum to see if my experience is typical or did I just luck out and meet all the nicest people on the coast? Positano, Italy (view from the ferry ride to the island of Capri)
  10. Thanks. We will be staying in Positano mostly. And hoping to do a day trip to hike Mt. Vesuvius.
  11. Anyone know of any nice places to visit on the Amalfi coast (Naples, Positano, Amalfi, Pompeii)? Spending the next week there with family for vacation. Hoping to see some nice exotic Italian bikes and cars on the roads.
  12. They feel very different but equally exhilarating. V11 feels heavy like its moving along with the inertia of a freight train. The Norton feels very light and nimble. When at speed and wanting to punch it, the V11 has more ‘umpf’. Riding position on the Norton is superb. More upright, foot pegs are wider set and sitting feels very natural and no stress points even after a long ride. I highly recommend a modern Norton although it seems to have even more quirks than the V11. But a very solid online community exists for Norton owners which is something I was worried about when I got the bike because I had become used to having this forum so ready to help when issues came up. I think owning any specialty motorcycle these days without good online community support would be very difficult.
  13. I've been switiching back and forth between the V11 and Norton lately. Both make the commute to work a blast.
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