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  1. What I found restored the one on my 02 v 11 sport was to rub in a dollop of silicone dielectric grease, let it stay overnight then buff with a microfiber towel, made the dried out ,dull rubber look like new for the year I owned the bike, Rick.
  2. Hello all, no one here made me an offer on all my miscellaneous bits I listed here a few days ago so off to "Flea-Bay' they went.....Auction starts at $25. check out item # 280263033790 Thanks, Rick.
  3. Hello all , I was cleaning out the garage, and found a box full of parts from my 02 v 11 sport, to include, the fine threaded pins/ bushings that hold the swingarm to the pork chops, both axles with nuts, spacers, etc, front wheel bearings, and spacer tube, alloy clamps that hold the clip ons to the forks, right side exhaust hanger with passenger peg, all bolts that hold on footpegs,and bracket, shifter linkage and bracket special bolt/ bushing for rear brake pedal, a pair of Guzzitech head protectors, one perfect, one has some road rash( a one side replacement can be purchased from guzzitech)
  4. Hello Guys! I have some parts from my V 11 sport naked 2002 that someone here may need.... I have both upper clamps that hold the bars( clip-ons), both front and rear axles. complete with spacers and nuts, etc. right side passenger peg with mounting bracket/exhaust hanger, one drivers footpeg bracket, either left or right side, all the special bolts that hold the footpeg brackets/ rear brake pedal( not the pedal itself) front wheel bearings, and front axle spacer that goes between the bearings,some miscellaneous bolts, etc. make me an offer if you need anything specifically, or take everythin
  5. Both front and rear axles from 2002 v 11 sport, also top clamps that hold the clip ons,. Just make me an offer! bigbikerrick@hotmail.com.
  7. I have one front brake disc, and the lower rear subframe that supports the transmission from my 2002 v 11 sport, its the one that has the additional brace going up to the engine case to stiffen the chassis and prevent transmission case breakage, you can use this to upgrade your older bike. Just make me an offer on these items, and they are yours! bigbikerrick@hotmail.com
  8. I have the original sales brochure from my 01 rosso mandello for sale, it has some writing on the outside back cover, otherwise in nice shape, the color pictures are real pretty( of course) , also original handlebar grips, in perfect shape. best offer! bigbikerrick@hotmal.com
  9. I have a pair of stock black exhaust cans, a front brake disc, and a rear lower transmission mount subframe for sale. from an 02 v11 sport. bigbikerrick@hotmail.com
  10. From a 2003 v 11 Sport naked. Both front and rear axles with all spacers and nuts, both left and right clamps that holds the clip ons to the tops of the fork tubes, stock crossover, front axle bearings and spacer, left side short( high mount) exhaust hanger for MG Ti racing exhaust system, complete with passenger peg. will take any reasonable offer. email bigbikerrick@hotmail.com
  11. I have a front brake disc, the stock crossover, and rear lower transmission mount subframe, and both front wheel bearings ,and spacer for sale. all from a 2003 v 11 sport naked with 7400 miles on it. Just make me an offer on the parts. email bigbikerrick@hotmail.com or call 520-364-4291
  12. I have a size 54 top quality, thick, black cowhide leather jacket for sale. It is the "traditional" style leather motorcycle jacket like police officers wear. this is not a cheap imported jacket, but an extra thick ,but supple jacket with a zip out thinsulate liner, adjustable for width at each side, it has top quality YKK zippers throughout, and a multitude of zippered pockets, including a special pocket in front for a cell phone , made by "American Leather Wear" My wife purchased it for me at the local Honda dealer and paid around $325. for it. I have only worn it a couple of times ,so its l
  13. I have both front wheel bearings and the spacer tube from my 02 v 11 for sale, perfect condition, bearings are smooth rolling and intact, with only 7400 miles of use. Asking $45. email bigbikerrick@hotmail.com or call 520-364-4291 Thanks! Rick Duarte.
  14. I am offering all the bolts, nuts washers, specialized fasteners etc from my dismantled V 11 sport naked for sale as a bulk package. some are very special such as the swingarm to porkchop pins and some are pretty large or long bolts, many different sized special hex head bolts,etc etc. Great selection to have on hand as replacements etc. will deffinitely come in handy in the garage at one time or another. I am offering all the fasteners I have in a bucket as a whole for $100. including shipping! ( they are pretty heavy) . I can lay them all out on a piece of cardboard on the floor and shoot a
  15. I have left from my 2002 V 11 sport with 7400 miles on it: 1 front brake disc, bitubo steering damper with mount, threaded pins for pork chops/ swingarm mounting, complete swingarm, stock crossover, 6 speed transmission, complete with clutch slave cylinder,and pushrod, complete rear drive assembly, both axles, both triple clamps, lower rear sub frame( tranny mount), new style with added side bracing to engine block,left side ti exhaust can with hanger and passenger peg,many miscellaneous bolts, nuts washers, etc.. that you have left when you dissasemble a complete v 11 sport. I will accept R
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