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  1. wow... excellent milage, whats been done recently does it use oil, mates got 130k on a griso puffs a wee bit but nothing done to it
  2. That's a good job ya done on the uni... What's the milage on it? Iv not done a lot of riding but still have the Nero corsa ya got me wondering if I should pull it out, only ever have once in 80k
  3. Haha... Hey there docc been a while, how's life your ways
  4. a more up to date pic of mine... yeah got bord with it after 12 years and changed a few tings, it can go back to factory easy as... and I re tuned it to... best its ever ran...
  5. dangerous


    shit Marty... you have given my bike so many lifes... next tyre change ill take you up on it... be right after the MG rally... you going?
  6. dangerous


    Shit docc... True, memory ain't what it used to be.. Just been hassling with it again, now I'm bloody sure I could get a 45* angle grease nose in there with wheel out, but I can't find one to save myself, surely one exists
  7. dangerous


    80,000km and I still havent worked out how the hell to grease that front bloody uni on the shaft... what do you guys do or ues?
  8. LOL... no but torque wheelies work
  9. dangerous


  10. ohh a you have a Buell corner too... I use the same stand on all bikes, the Guzzi is narrower tho and just watch were ya put it
  11. Go open 3 beers - I think you can get through 7 pages per beer. opps... just cracked a Barverian 8.6 probely be all over after a 2nd...
  12. 2004 (a spare tranny from a parted Nero Corsa that mysteriously arrived at my house one day) - this preselector was the same as the 2003, but added the "banana" reinforcement plate. I installed this one on the LeMans, which is off enjoying Arizona with her new owner. yooooo... scud do tell more what happened to this nero?
  13. wow... shit missed this thread by ohhhh 21 pages... ill try and catch up soon, but in the mean time did we figger out why its only the last of the V11's that break springs??? seems ya beg about 30k to a spring im on my 3rd now... why not just use a spring from an early 6spd ???
  14. bit slow seeing the thread... hey look thos for and against have good reasons for there choice. Ok, its not a good idea to remove the air box its design is the best thing for the engine.. however if you spend the time there is a chance you can get the bike running beter than it ever has. With the help from Marty my bike runs incredibly beter than it did out of the create, and I rode it for 65000k befor doing the mods, this includes remapping and re positing the air temp censor a must to keep... now a reason it all worked so well is due to like kiwi roy did the factory velocity stacks. se
  15. looks lovely n clean man, my 1100 sport had an access hole but not the V11... you doing the clutch slave seal? been there done that
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