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  1. Agree, and get what ya saying, I like my air pump very much...
  2. LOL... Think Pete is forgetting my bike isn't stock, and with out tickling the ecu up to suit, it honestly wouldn't run.
  3. or maybe its the mk4 belly pan that's made the differance...
  4. fark me guys... what a grumpy bunch ya turned into... get a dose a covid in ya... look, all im saying is my bike runs the best it ever has, and by the seat a dyno hauls beter than it ever has... from new it had a big dead spot at 3k NOW it dosent, it pulls harder than I remember it and iv put 80k on the shitter. You cant beat the tune x factory they know best, BUT fucking BUT... they have to abide by emission controls... lean and leaner. Now while a lean mix can give more power with petrol (the opposite with diesel) thers a limit, im a builder not a machanic so dont know shit, but..
  5. I agree with you, HP may not have been raised but the way it delivers has, it has a big hit at 5 and bigger at 6... It reminds me of a Daytona 4v Again this might be cos I lost a hole shit load down low, so it feels like more. Basicly it runs richer and timing is ulteted, it's a tune sent to me from a German guy here Yes Ron in NZ if 100 is about your 91... I'd hate to think what our 91 is in us.
  6. Shit guys... This thread was started over 14 years ago, things have changed. NZ now has 100oct unleaded at the pump, compared to a jap bike the Guzzi is higher compression and does benifit from higher Oct here, our 91oct is very shitty, I get a bit of engine pinking on it specially on hot days, 100 stops this. However since the thread started my bike had a completely different tune, exhaust is more open, filters are pods and the ecu is reprogrammed from an earler v11... Its never run so well.
  7. wow... excellent milage, whats been done recently does it use oil, mates got 130k on a griso puffs a wee bit but nothing done to it
  8. That's a good job ya done on the uni... What's the milage on it? Iv not done a lot of riding but still have the Nero corsa ya got me wondering if I should pull it out, only ever have once in 80k
  9. Haha... Hey there docc been a while, how's life your ways
  10. a more up to date pic of mine... yeah got bord with it after 12 years and changed a few tings, it can go back to factory easy as... and I re tuned it to... best its ever ran...
  11. dangerous


    shit Marty... you have given my bike so many lifes... next tyre change ill take you up on it... be right after the MG rally... you going?
  12. dangerous


    Shit docc... True, memory ain't what it used to be.. Just been hassling with it again, now I'm bloody sure I could get a 45* angle grease nose in there with wheel out, but I can't find one to save myself, surely one exists
  13. dangerous


    80,000km and I still havent worked out how the hell to grease that front bloody uni on the shaft... what do you guys do or ues?
  14. LOL... no but torque wheelies work
  15. dangerous


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