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    Wanted OHLINS

    I am looking for a straight pair of 40mm Ohlins for 2002 V-11. 'Rebuild required' is ok.
  3. Greetings all, After a sh port summer of sweet riding my 2002 Le Mans has created a 'honey do list' for me to deal with. The eternal speedo replacement (done), heat soaking (wrapped and isolated), broken kick stand (replaced and reinforced), indicator lites out, da duh da duh. I have 2 open issues that I need help on. After determining I had 3 burnt bulbs (blackened out ?) the lites now all work except the lo fuel lite. Connections all look ok. Any ideas? Issue two the bike has developed a weird condition at start up. Key on, ignition button pressed, lites on NO CRANK. If I wiggle the bars mo
  4. HI All, I think this one has been discussed but I am fresh back from a long ride and need some wisdom on this malady. I just returned from a 5 day 2200 km trip thru Montana and the Kootney Mountains. During the ride it was hot out (85 plus) during which I had severe fuel boiling issues (vapour lock type) after a decent run. The bike would not restart after a hot drive unless I refilled the tank completely. Very little burp when the tank was opened at any time. However, while stranded nowhere near a gas pump I determined that if I undid the fuel return line (it runs from the fuel filtre pa
  5. Hi Dan, Great advice. I went to local jobber and bought a small suction type pump and bleed the system with zero difficulty. I guess you were right about the line length possibly holding a bubble. I appreciate the help to all. By the way the MPH bar backs are quite a clever solution to the low bar woes. Very adjustable and just waht the chiropractor ordered. Many thanks and have a great riding year ......
  6. Thanks for the thoughts Ryan, I put the ball back into the slave as I was pretty sure that was were it came from. I was just concerned that there mught have been a small spring in the slave holding the ball shut like most check valves. Very strange condition. I can remove the bleeder from the slave and when I work the clutch lever I can push brake fluid thru the system. At that point I am thinking I have pretty much purged the air thru the new line. I re-install the bleeder, tighten it and pump the cluthch lever to try and build pressure. It doesn't, so I pull the lever in, and try and bleed
  7. Hi All, I have just installed the MPH bar/back riser kit on my 2002 Le mans and for reasons I cannot fathom I now cannot bleed the clutch and get any lever presuure. Worked fine at project start this morning prior to my diddling. Two questions as the MPH kit instructions are 'light'. One: does it matter which way you install the supplied clutch line? And two: I removed the bleed valve from the slave to purge the original line before replacing it. In the acitivity I noticed a small ball bearing on the floor below the bike that I guessed was a check ball from the bleeder orifice. As I
  8. Absolutely no offence intended and thanks for the tip BUT, they are kinda ugly. Are they purtier in person ??
  9. Hi all, Sorry if this has been covered but after much searching and some follow up I have been unsuccessful in locating a reliable option for moving my bars back and up. I have a 2002 Le mans and I want to move the bars up 1-2 inches and back 2-3 inches. I did see an article about the Two Brothers system which intially looked promising and then (according to the article) seemed to go sideways when one of the components failed with Two Brothers not being very helpful. I downloaded the Two Brothers product catalogue but could not locate the item featured. Any suggestions will be greatly app
  10. Nicholr


    After a year of trying to find a 'pre-owned' set of Staintunes for my 2002 Le Mans I suspect it's time for a 'retail experience'. The gravel is coming off the road and I feel the need to ride. I have been trying (with little success) to locate a Staintune dealer in my area (Alberta/B.C. Canada) who I am comfortable dealing with for this product. For the most part I get shrugged shoulders or heavily surcharged prices. While I always try to give the local boys first right of opportunity this request keeps coming up cold. Therefore I need to ask the group if they have any recommendations. I
  11. I am looking for new or used Staintunes for my 2002 V-11 Le Mans. I wanna hear her bark !!!! Calgary Canada
  12. Hi yall, From my wanderings thru the various forum inputs I suspect that mine is probably not a new subject but as I am new to Guzzi it is a topic that I am really disappointed about. I am working at putting my new 2002 V-11 Le Mans back on the road. I bought the little darling with crash damage included. Thru several club members and Reboot I have happily been able to get some of the small parts I needed. On the down side I have been trying since last year to get parts from the factory (USA). Although my dealer is a box store representative of the marque I honestly believe that the fault
  13. Can anyone suggest the best route to proceed to procure English workshop, owners and parts manuals for my 2002 V11 Le Mans? I ordered a disc from E-bay but it is at best interesting. Ron Nichols
  14. Thanks for the thoughts guys. Here's a little more info that comes to mind. The tank is full, all fuses are ok and I have pulled and resecured all the relays, This bike is a new 2002 with 885 kms on the clock. When the crash ended it was running and was shut off by the key. The choke button was lost in the tumble. If I use an aul to physically advance the choke cable it trys and eventually starts. No adverse engine noise. However, the slightest attempt to add throttle, even feathering it with choke on and the motor stalls. It somehow feels fuel related. Once it starts if I do nothing it r
  15. Hi all, It's the 'new guy' again. I have a 2002 V11 that high sided sustaining very minor 'ancilliary' damage. Faring inner structure, faring, marker lites etc. Happily the frame, wheels, forks are all true and unscathed. My broken brother, the previous owner states that after the 'event' he shut the bike off ... read it was running. Now that I have her home and am beginning the rebuild I find that she will start and run but any application of throttle causes her to quit. The bike high sided and tumbled twice. I have been reading in the forum seeing that the petcock wiring can be problama
  16. Nicholr

    Tekno Bags

    Can anyone demistify the Tekno luggage phenomenon? I need a left bag and mount and cannot track it down anywhere. It is like Tekno never made it? I have acquired a Canadian 2002 Le mans. Seemingly these bikes had a problem with the engine paint peeling. The factory offered to repaint the engine or give the owner Tekno soft luggage and a tank bag. My previous owner opted for the luggage, high sided the bike and sold it to me. In the roll over the left bag and mount were wrecked. Seemingly a simple fix ... buy a new bag and mount. In my search I find no reference for this item at Guzzi, Tekno or
  17. Nicholr


    Greetings all, I am fumbling my way thru this very cool site trying to get orientated and scrounge bits to get my newly acquired 2002 V11 Le Mans up and running. So far I have been met by some very helpful and encougaging folks. Many thanks. I am an old fart rider with much twin history mostly BMW but currently have a Jota in the family, a pair of Suzuki Re5 rotaries and a GT 750 Le mans waterbuffalo suitably and shamelessly modified to frieghten newbie GSXr, squeeky leather Freddie Spencer wannabes. Chambers, porting, swingarms, fat tyres ...whatever excesses I felt appropriate. I DI H
  18. I have acquired a beautiful crashed 2002 V11 Le Mans from my brother. 880 kms! I need windscreen, inner faring structure, faring, left signal lites, lower triple clamp, choke control, front fender, damper. Any help appreciated to get this sweetie back on the road to recovery. I am new to the site so please forgive any etiquette faux pas' Ron Nichols
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