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  1. sorry terry - I tried, but couldn't get it to post!
  2. Yes - it is one of the known, common faults - the OEM speedo was crap. If it is still "working" (not totally f'd) then there is a fix - search for it, I think Greg Field posted about it. I blew up mine on a long trip a few years ago at about 10,000 miles, but luckily I had scheduled a service at my next stop - MPH in Houston. Todd had a new speddo there, and Mike put it in and did the other things I needed, and off I went. no problems since then.
  3. Hi Sean, If you only need rear wheel bearings there are lots of places to get them quicker and for a lot less money than from Moto Guzzi. Lots of guys get them at auto parts stores or a local bearing supplier. I posted the info on where I got mine in this thread: http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15756&st=0&p=170387&hl=Mcmaster&fromsearch=1entry170387 The original poster said he ordered his from MG Cycle. If your shop won't source some locally thay could always go that route. PS I've used the Pit Posse bearing tool that I mentioned in that thread
  4. Having not heard anything from the dealer who has my Coppa, I just called them. The good news is - they ordered the parts the day I dropped off the bike (May 31). The bad news is - they have no idea when the parts will arrive, and they say no tracking number is given to the dealer for tracking purposes. Is this SOP? If so, what is the "usual" travel time from Mandello (or wherever they'd order bearings, axles and brackets), to the US?
  5. I had an almost identical failure 2 weeks ago coming home from a Rally. My bike ('04 Coppa) has about 18,000 miles on it. EDIT: oh yeah, I bought the center stand from Moto International a couple years ago. it was very simple to install, it bolts right on.
  6. Fraser- I've got the same bike, with the same equipment (and a few other mods), but even when I had it set up identically to yours, it didn't exhibit the symptoms (lack of smoothness and popping) you describe. That said, I'll echo what everyone else has said here - these engines weren't made to lug at 2200-3200 RPM. They are happiest in the 3800-6000 range. I rarely ride mine at fewer revs than 3500.
  7. At the risk of losing this thread to another site - I present to you: Battle of the Racks! Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like - you vote for your preferred rack in hooter to hooter competition. http://battleracks.com/
  8. If I didn't already have the V11, I might entertain the thought. As it is now, however, the Norton would be too similar to what I've already got in the Coppa Italia.
  9. broken pipes are bad, hmmkay? good thing this guy's garage was AAA Approved, right?
  10. well, crap. I can't seem to get it to work. Sorry about that fellas. I guess kodak gallery changed their settings, and I haven't been on their site in a long time, so I don't know how to remedy it.
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