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  1. waspp


  2. The bike is officially sold. Thanks for all the interest, she's going to a good home.
  3. The adjustable bar risers were made by a guy here on this forum, but I can't remember the details and haven't located any paperwork yet.
  4. I am now in East Tennessee near Knoxville. I moved here about 5 years ago and didn't update my profile.
  5. As much as hate to do this I am selling my 2003 V11 Rosso Corsa. First the bad ..this bike has a rebuilt NY title. I bought the bike years ago at auction with I think 3900 miles on the odo. My original plan was to part the bike out but after getting it home I just couldn't do it! Everything was repaired and the bike became one of my riders. It looks and runs great and I have had many trouble free miles of riding. The price reflects the extras I installed on the bike later, mainly the Titanium exhaust and ecu, a set of nearly new Tekno expandable soft luggage, a Moto Guzzi tank bag and a set of
  6. Lots of good riding all around here, 68 and 315 right out of Tellico is always nice. I haven't been on Wayah road this year it was a bit rough a couple years ago and they resurfaced 360 and did a horrible job, still fun but it has annoying grooves in the pavement for some reason. 28 to Highland is good and you could loop up to the BRP and Newfound gap if you want to extend your ride. there will be some traffic especially in the Smoky Mtn park areas.
  7. When I got my Titanium kit the ecu was from a different model but had a yellow mark applied across the label. When researching this I was told they just re flashed other ecu 's with the Titanium map. It certainly worked much better than stock.
  8. The TAT used to start in Jellico but now begins on Witt road in Telco Plains. After Mike closed Tellico Outfitters a place down on 168 by the Museum took on some of the gear business. The Farmhouse is Just a B&B, good people nice place.
  9. In case Walt gets filled up there is the Farmhouse Inn just down the road in downtown Telco Plains. They are good people and cater to motorcyclists beginning there journey on the TAT. http://www.tellicofarmhouseinn.com
  10. I have used a couple guys from the uship site all with a good experience.
  11. I recently purchased a lithium ion battery at my local advanced auto parts (interstate i think) and installed it in my old T3 cafe bike and have been very pleased. I just matched up the cca and they had one on the shelf. It was about half the size of the one that came out and of coarse light as a feather. Also you can charge it with a battery tender.
  12. Take the cover to a good auto paint supply store and have them scan it for the correct color. Multi layer applications can be difficult but you should be able to get a very close match. Someone who sells PPG, Spies Heker, or Nason lines should be able to help.
  13. I'm running Avons right now and like them a lot. If you want go to Raymertown garage on rt 7 just north of Troy and Tommy Grant will fix you up. Old school rider who knows his stuff and sells a ton of Avon tires.
  14. The brake light functions just fine you don't need anything to make it work. Not sure what the led is but it has a brake light built in.
  15. Stock wiring just relocated a bit
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