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  1. Stano, I have a few new and used options, write me direct email; Info @ GuzziTech.com
  2. Google Alerts landing me back on this Forum on that topic. I check in time to time, but don't post as I have had my own Forum since 2005.

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    2. docc


      Ok, so I studied up a bit on "change detection." Very interesting. I would like to say that I had no problem with your posting a reply to state your case, while I found the other fellow's frank disrespect unfortunate, to say the least. Of course, these things quickly degrade into derision and profanity, so it all had to go, and without delay. Not sure how you handle these things on your Forum. Some forums thrive on it.

      Be well and enjoy your Holidays . . .

      Best, docc

    3. RacerX


      You can set topic alerts within Google if you have or use a gmail account. They will email you either as it happens, or a daily digest which I do.

      I've had it with the Roper and Beetle bash-fest towards me. It's all completely unfounded, rude and flat out slander. I do not tolerate any of it on my Forum, but in this case I did copy/paste Roper's words to my Forum to respond.

      Hope your Holidays were good, and Happy New Year to you and yours.

    4. docc


      Thanks, man, for getting back to me. I do hope I handled that as well as it may have gone. I thought it totally off the edge from the start, but wanted everyone to get the chance to read and reply before taking it down. V11Lemans generally has had very little of this sort of thing, but the Forum Admin has strict rules and I guess I'm the guy to set them in action.

      Happy New Year!

      docc in Tennessee, USA


  3. RacerX


  4. I have a reflashed Guzzitech ECU. Best bang for the buck. I also have a V11 with a PCIII. The Guzzitech reflash is lightyears better. In fact I'm waiting for Todd to free up some time so I can get the other reflashed. If you want a PCIII cheap in a few months let me know. Thanks guys Right alongside of tires, this is a decade and a half old argument between the proclaimed "knowledgable" here and elsewhere you'll read online. "Flashing" of the ECU is an overwrite of the flash memory on the ECU itself. Yours is a Marelli 1.5M. While there are many "tools" to give you access to the ECU these days, building a map for *your* bike based on mods wear and tear, service history, etc is paramount. This is done via Air/Fuel data. As a broad brush recap, see; http://www.guzzitech.com/forums/resources/power-commanders-black-box-magic.205/ Nowadays, it's done with automotive style Bosch wide band sensors, and can be done via a Power Commander and AutoTune device which changes things in real time as you ride. Using a generic map from downloaded from the internet is largely a waste of time and highly risky based on all of those I've seen and dyno/AFR tested. The V11S Ti (kit) ECU is one of the worst offenders for poor running. Assuming your bike doesn't have a lambda/02-sensor stock, disregard the info posted above, which is completely incorrect anyway. I use real science and data provided to me by Dynojet devices (Dyno and AutoTune), by a 100 million $ company who has been at fueling revisions for a very long time. If you want to risk a downloaded map, up to you. Otherwise, feel free to contact me direct email for more info; Todd at GuzziTech.com - I've been at Guzzi Injection corrections for 15+ years. Last post here on the subject.
  5. '02 V11 Scura up for grabs, or will part out. ~21k miles, well ridden, not a show bike. If I don't get any decent offers on it in the next week or so, I'll part it out. Details on it HERE. It has a newly freshened (and never ridden) re-valved/re-sprung Ohlins rear shock with preload adjuster (total bill was ~$750), and the forks were done in the same fashion (total bill was over $1k). I also just put a new lightened Cali steel flywheel in it, never run. Ping me direct email with any questions; Todd at GuzziTech.com
  6. Guys, I have a 3X,XXX mile Scura I'm nearly giving away. It's far from perfect, but a super solid runner with a new lightened steel flywheel and clutch, and it has a never ridden reworked Ohlins shock, and forks. It has a Power Commander and custom fitted Two bros mufflers. Looking to move it quick, and priced accordingly/fairly. It can be bought here; http://www.guzzitech.com/auction/?ult_auc_id=3389 Thanks for looking/any interest.
  7. Here go; http://www.guzzitech.com/store/category/exhaust/v11s/ Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the post Guzzisti. Google landed me here since I just started reproducing the headers again for anyone interested; http://www.guzzitech.com/store/category/exhaust/v11s/ - thanks for the interest/sorry for the spam. Long time since I've checked in here. Good to see all of the familiar names.
  9. In my experience with Shorai... Click on the AG vs/ Shorai compare link >HERE
  10. I'm looking for a very clean '02 LM V11 Tenni. Have one or know of one for sale? Contact me here via PM or direct e-mail Todd at GuzziTech.com
  11. Guys, I'm building a rear brake solution for V11S variants, that won't be rendered useless after a few corners in the tight, twisty stuff. See this thread ->HERE I'm trying to see how much interest there is in CNC'ing a rear caliper stay bracket to accept the new 4-piston caliper... this will also finally resolve the early rear bearing failure issue as well. I'd appreciate a reply in the thread above, or direct e-mail; Todd at GuzziTech.com
  12. That would be the MG-Griso.com Forum HERE. As for ECUs, I am able to flash/program *any* 5AM ECU to work on the newer Guzzis. If anyone is in a bind, or wants revisions made, feel free to contact me direct e-mail; Todd at GuzziTech.com - specializing in performance tuning/products.
  13. Thanks David, happy to price match for anyone mentioning this site for any V11S product. p.s. Check in on the GuzziTech.com Southwest Forum, Jim is asking on who's riding this weekend down your way.
  14. I have a set of brand new fork seals and dust caps for '03+ V11 Sport variables with 43mm Marzocchi forks. Brand new in the bag. Sell for $50 shipped for everything. Also, I am able to source any ('00+) newer Marzocchi fork part. Ship worldwide. Reach me on GuzziTech or direct; Todd at GuzziTech.com
  15. Mandello Meteor pilot Bill R's word's BLOGGED HERE.
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