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  1. Meh... I prefer the original and consider that sacrilegious. I mean use a T3 or something for a build like that. i do like the offset headlight in the fairing tho.
  2. I got a Real nice 32mm deep socket from Grainger..
  3. I have a Centauro frame you could have but don’t know how I’d ship it to you.
  4. Maybe I'm dense but I do need an explanation. If there's a pic there I can't see it.
  5. Can also get good relays from DPGuzzi.com. PYRO Dan
  6. The headlights are.. Meh.. I like that they have a front fender.
  7. That size limit bothers me too. One thing you can do is host the pics somewhere else ( I use smugmug but there's a fee) and then link the photo to this site with the Embed code.
  8. I wonder if Luigi was all out of C fork tubes on the day he built your bike? Something seems really wrong about that and I'd be bothered until I took them apart to find out what's inside. No Compression settings and two rebound seems all wrong to me.
  9. Ok good luck, you might try one from an EV 1100, I think they used the same thing on them after 2000 or so.. ask over at wildguzzi.com
  10. I'll get a pic, stand by I'll be back in an hour with it.
  11. I have a used one from a Centauro, if you can determine it's the same (probably is) I'll send to you for the cost of shipping.
  12. Why would you idle for 7-8 minutes, I bet the reg was not the only thing that got really hot.
  13. I would not. In all my years of owning oddesey batteries I don't remember using any kind of charger. I have a heated garage so over the winter the battery lasted just fine and fired them up no problem after maybe 3 months.
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