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  1. Ok, $900 cash if it's a greenie maybe a little more😎
  2. Got pics? How about a video so we can hear the knocking? Maybe it's just a rattle? Normally a Guzzi big twin goes a lot more miles than yours without problems. Was it run with no oil or something?
  3. Other way around for me, the tank looks fine but the motor too puny to look fast.. 🙂 your project is looking good, you will be adding shocks to the rear, right?
  4. As too relays, the factory stock Siemens relay were notoriously bad. If still in there replace them all. A good source in the states is dpguzzi.com. (Pyro Dan)
  5. fotoguzzi

    New Tenni

    Looks real nice.. but gotta wonder what the designer was thinking with the red pork chops.. with out a red frame they look out of place.. I have a pair from a Centauro that look like polished aluminum, they would match the tank nicely... I'll make you a good deal on them if interested but shipping from the States will probably be around $60-80US dollars. Just a thought.
  6. fotoguzzi

    New Tenni

    The pic looks like almost a thumbnail, can you post more bigger images?
  7. Very sad. Could he have gotten a flat tire? Blow out? That happened to me a few weeks ago going 40mph on my trail 90.. up at the lake where I grew up not wearing any gear so I wasn't this time. Coulda been a lot worse.
  8. Two different color wheels? Meh.. maybe the whole bike would be good looking if one solid color like black.
  9. Fox, I'm glad you spelled that with a lower case "a" .. as they say, Art is in the eye of the beholder.. looking at that monstrosity I get nothing but tears.
  10. Looks like an Aprilia RSV4
  11. My friend Jack had one of those TT's, I couldn't afford it when he sold, I had that Lemans to the right.. I wonder if that's the one you have? there was not anything special about it other than the paint job, right?
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