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  1. fotoguzzi

    Another V11

    Yes it has one Different thing, the ugly fairing gene.
  2. It's a Metalasaur or a Steel Stallion or Pangolovel.
  3. I built this, showing you guys first look, I hope the link opens. I'm not allowed to post on YouTube, content infringement but I'm calling fair use to make art.
  4. It's the kind of democracy that would elect Donald Trump.
  5. I give up, what is it?
  6. Looks out of balance with the single pipe.
  7. fotoguzzi

    M Unit V11

    Gotta ask, Why? Why do all that work on a near 20 year old bike and is that price in Rubles or something?
  8. I'd kind of like to buy that even tho it's not a greenie.. but I'd have to find a buyer for my Ducati first.
  9. Chuck's building an aeroplane to keep himself busy. What are the rest of you lot doing? im. Building a monster for the Art car parade..
  10. You'd be putting an 18" wheel on the front? That would look really bad. And then there's performance loss..
  11. The early version turns in a little quicker due to shorter frame and/or steering head angle, it's not much but noticeable. The engine and drive train is the same through out the range.
  12. Bungee the fluorescent tubes to the rear tire a couple inches off the ground so they fit tight to the front and rear face of the tire on each side then measure the distance between the two as far out in front of the front tire as they go compared to the measurement just in front of the rear wheel, I had 8 foot bulbs.
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