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  1. Stew, your SO wrong but to each his own, my Uly was way more bike than any of the dozen Guzzis in my past. ps, bike shown is an XB9
  2. Putting an 18" wheel on front would be a really dumb idea. Any good sport bike wears 17" rims.
  3. The regulator gets a ground through a captured nut, dodgy at best. Run a wire from the regulator case to engine block so you have a solid ground connection.
  4. A couple HD emblems would look right at home on the orange, just add a little black. Is that green the same as what you can see on some VW bugs from the same era?
  5. Just me personally but I think pod filters will be a mistake.
  6. fotoguzzi


    We host pics somewhere else on the web and use the IMG code to insert here.
  7. fotoguzzi


    I don't think you'll find an outside filter set up...they are made for the big twin in the Tonti frames but not for the V11. The sump is quite different with the oil cooler plumbing . here's what the hose clamp stop looks like in one of those Tonti big twins, it will be different in your bike but you get the picture..
  8. The Power Commander is mounted in the wrong location . Your bike can reach better tune if you relocate it to under your work bench.
  9. The fact that it has a wheelbase 8" shorter than a v11 and probably all the carc bikes too. And 400#. Traction control and ABS
  10. Scurra [url=https://fotoguzzi.smugmug.com/Foto/i-65rrPW3/A][/url]
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