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  1. The early version turns in a little quicker due to shorter frame and/or steering head angle, it's not much but noticeable. The engine and drive train is the same through out the range.
  2. Bungee the fluorescent tubes to the rear tire a couple inches off the ground so they fit tight to the front and rear face of the tire on each side then measure the distance between the two as far out in front of the front tire as they go compared to the measurement just in front of the rear wheel, I had 8 foot bulbs.
  3. Iron or wood for a straight edge not reliable. A sidecarist trick is to use long fluorescent light bulb tubes, they are perfectly straight.
  4. fotoguzzi

    V11 Tenni

    Correct, the FW is below but you can't see it.. I still have the parts if you need to see something else.
  5. fotoguzzi

    V11 Tenni

    Here's the other side
  6. I'm reading a lot of good books on Cloud library and Libby, free if you have a library card! and building Art in my garage now that my welding class is postponed. Can't show it yet but it's pretty ambitious after my first found object art project. First project was a weathervane shown here not yet finished,
  7. fotoguzzi

    V11 Tenni

    Here's what my friends Scurra FW looked like after,
  8. If the steering stop busted I'd look real careful at the lower bearing race where the steering stem goes thru the neck. The steering head can become out of round, ovalized, BTDT on a Tonti frame.
  9. But the best White fish and Lake Trout are in Lake Superior.. get the good stuff at Grand Marias Minnesota, not to too far off your trail, bring warm clothes that time of year.
  10. That is also a Tonti frame motor so wont have the mounting boss for your V11..Have you tried a dealer to see if the part is available new? the crack you have fairly common on a crashed V11, see another broken one here, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Le-Mans-2-03-Front-Timing-Cover-Case-Casing/382870305420?hash=item5924d93a8c:g:WpMAAOSwZjpcnevJ
  11. What about the two bullet connectors under the tank along the left hand side of the spine?
  12. A 2000 V11 sport does not have a crank sensor, it does have a camshaft sensor, top of block just above where the timing chain runs. It has a 90* bend in the wire right off the sensor itself, that can fail when engine gets hot. have you checked the valve lash?
  13. Digging deep? The post is almost two years old.
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