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  1. Is that the 100 year anniversary surprise? I don't see a headlight but looks like it has rear turn signals and a plate. Can it hold much fuel?
  2. I like the rustic wood look and if you don't need insulation I'd leave it. Just get good lighting.
  3. Picasso, FYI, there's a google group for Convert riders.. it be even harder to join.
  4. Those gold rocker covers look good on that bike! where is the hole exactly?
  5. They look similar but a wire hair pointing Griffon is not the same as a GWP. I hope he's a fearless retriever but I'll have to wait and see, he does point at the chickens next door. I've done a lot of shooting with him nearby and it doesn't bother him a bit, my passed Lab was gun shy.
  6. My new puppy is 5 mo old now. He's a Griffon.
  7. Nice, Irish I lived closer, I'd probably have it in my garage all ready.
  8. You could host the pics somewhere else like google images or smugmug then link them here. We'd all like to see the pics.
  9. I'd like that black one with the Staintune pipes.. it's really a rich dark root beer color.
  10. Converted to handlebars..I think.
  11. In a word, Roadcrafter! I have crash experience and it saved me from serious road rash and maybe worse. I believe they have the best armor, TF something..it's soft until impact then indestructible. but yeah, an airbag vest would be even better.
  12. I used some extensions like these, sorry tho I think they were hand made by a friend.
  13. A hose clamp can secure the filter from unscrewing. Seen here in a flat sump but the principle can be applied to your hanging oil filter.
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