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  1. fotoguzzi

    2000 Sport

    For reference, this bike not sold yet.
  2. Perhaps the offender will pay you out of pocket to keep his record with insurance company clean?
  3. I did that once, they paid $5500 for the bike, I bought back for $1400. Plus they bought me some new gear. Then they forgot to report it as totaled to the state so I had a clean title too.
  4. I don't know where these came from but I used them instead of changing hydraulic lines, didn't have any problems with throttle cables.
  5. I disagree my last Oddesey battery lasted more that 7 years and I've heard a few stories of them being even older and still working fine. In fact I'm still using it in my lawn tractor and it's probably 12 years old .
  6. It's probably the best V11 I will ever find but I'm still hesitant.. I could maybe get the price down some but the cost of new tires a battery and likely exhaust then sorting out something with old gas in the tank and who knows what shape the tank is in.. no Roper plate etc. I did tell the guy I'd trailer it home if he'd let go for $4k.. hopefully he's still pondering that. I've been riding for 50 years but don't really have the urge anymore. My wife and dogs always want to go with, then there's the safety factor, I had a get off on my Honda trail 90 last summer going full bore (about 45
  7. Weegie, the pic not showing up for me, I'd really like to see one.
  8. I guess they don't want your money, must be nice having a business that can afford to turn away work. You were buying the tires from them right? maybe you should talk to the owner and tell him how while waiting for the service on your bike you were going to buy a new helmet, top of the line riding jacket and boots and some accessories but now you'll spend money somewhere else.
  9. Would you pay $6,000 USD for a red frame with only 4,200 miles? Still has original tires. Probably needs a new battery and the tank drained of some old fuel. the other bike is a V7 replica built from a 850t, now with T3 swing arm and brake. $8500.
  10. Will the carbon fiber prevent swelling? Looks cool..
  11. I agree with Chuck. That sensor wire makes a sharp angle when mounted sometimes and can break or stress the wiring inside, can get worse when engine is hot as the wire shielding can get soft.
  12. Here's a few spine frames done right..
  13. Yes some drones can link up and follow your phone.
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