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  1. That black one is "the BOMB" might as well put the covers on the rest of them.
  2. For reference, here is the Scurra FW
  3. I. Pretty sure it will but I'm not an expert on that.
  4. I have a complete clutch and flywheel from a Centauro if anyone is interested. full clutch with FW 8 pounds w/ring gear 11# pretty sure it would work in any big twin accept the 95-1998 California's with the flywheel sensor.
  5. Just a reminder, the front zerk fitting on the drive shaft is tricky to get at. But don't ignore it. get a Roper plate right away if it doesn't have one yet. im 5'10" had 2" bar risers and it fit me perfect. Sadly I traded it for a Miata in a weak moment. But I got the better deal, later sold the Miata for a bigger profit that should have been illegal. then got a Buell, torq monster and it had a similar character to the Guzzi. I'm waiting for the perfect V11 at the perfect price to get back on someday. notice the chrome, None! Oh wait the rim around the tack and speedo was chrome I think. Oh, I added those beautiful chrome mufflers to shine it up just right.
  6. They could call it the Rhoad Island.
  7. If you both have the same bank like Wells Fargo you can just do a transfer. If not the same bank I'm pretty sure you can send money with your bank via something called Zelle or Venmo. there is also wire transfer from Western union. Escrow.com will hold the money until your agreed upon terms are met and delivery takes place, then you ok the payment.
  8. Are you sure? Scrap around with a screw driver or punch. Sometimes they are hard to see.
  9. fotoguzzi

    2000 Sport

    Why not just get an after market disc?
  10. I think I said the price was $6k. It's in Minnesota and the V7 in background is an 850t tarted up as a V7 Sport. he wanted something like $8k for that, I thought way too high. Ive kind of lost track of the bikes and guy, maybe can find out did they ever sell if your really interested at $6,000 send me a pm
  11. Disagree, my V11 Bassa was a real nice bike for a cruiser, true not a sport bike but beautiful in its own way. I had two in white as well..
  12. Fasteners on a Guzzi are nothing, try doing a belt change on a Buell.. I seem to remember at least 13 different tools to do the job.
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