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  1. fotoguzzi

    EICMA 2021

    That protuberance hanging off the tail spoils the look.
  2. fotoguzzi


    Negative Nellie here, the round fin rocker covers don't work for me on a square fin motor. Otherwise really nice bike.
  3. Sound like your extra careful. Good on you.
  4. From Mark. It was low on gear lube. If you use the side drain hole to find the level and if you use a funnel to fill which drains toward that side of the rear drive it can flow down the threads and pour out the side hole before it's really up to that level. always fill with measured amount and don't even take the side plug out.
  5. Email him at, Still have it. witttom@yahoo.com (three T's in w-i-t-t-t-o-m)
  6. I have, I'll see if I can reach him again and get you some contact info.
  7. Would a top triple clamp from a Centauro be the same? I have one you can have if it fits.
  8. Sellers name is Tom Witt.. I sent a message so wait and see if I get a reply. I can't buy it unless he can deliver from Ohio to Mpls.
  9. Fork legs look stock to me. Price about right for the mileage.
  10. Bubbling engine paint. Shift return spring.
  11. Thankyou Roy for confirming my belief in Vaseline! And for explaining how once I had battery terminal that "looked" perfectly fine but didn't conduct, probably was that nasty oxide.
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