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  1. But the best White fish and Lake Trout are in Lake Superior.. get the good stuff at Grand Marias Minnesota, not to too far off your trail, bring warm clothes that time of year.
  2. That is also a Tonti frame motor so wont have the mounting boss for your V11..Have you tried a dealer to see if the part is available new? the crack you have fairly common on a crashed V11, see another broken one here, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Le-Mans-2-03-Front-Timing-Cover-Case-Casing/382870305420?hash=item5924d93a8c:g:WpMAAOSwZjpcnevJ
  3. What about the two bullet connectors under the tank along the left hand side of the spine?
  4. A 2000 V11 sport does not have a crank sensor, it does have a camshaft sensor, top of block just above where the timing chain runs. It has a 90* bend in the wire right off the sensor itself, that can fail when engine gets hot. have you checked the valve lash?
  5. Digging deep? The post is almost two years old.
  6. Can you back that up with any statistics? One or two sales for $6-8,000 does not mean the value is on the rise.. I believe the 02ish Plain Jane Lemans still around $3500 in value.. ( in the US) and it will be a long time if ever that they go up in value.
  7. I think the myecu is really expensive?. And there's a learning curve but if your into that probably a good solution.. I wonder if there's a chance of borrowing another cpu to test before going that route. There's gotta be a few 98ev's somewhere around your location? Have you asked this question over at Wildguzzi?
  8. My 2002 did not have a 02 sensor. I’m betting it will work just fine. Guzzi is known for using the same parts on as many bikes as possible.
  9. A 98 EV can give fault codes, get the factory FI supplement manual for the codes ( on thisoldtractor.com ) there a red LED under the left side cover that blinks the codes, start or attempt to start it then turn off key but not all the way off to start the code flasher. The codes don’t cover everything but the crank, cam and temp sensors are included. what does it do? Start and idle or not start at all and what does it do if not starting? there is a fuel trim dial on the computer box, covered with a plug, if that were messed with it can cause a lot of bad behavior of the motor if you decide to tweak it only go half turn at a time and give it a 10 minute ride to let cpu adjust itself to the change.
  10. Bent or not I could never live with it the way it looks from the rear.. it's cockeyed.. I'd try bending or making a new bracket to bring the right side in to match as close as possible. but. NOw that I look my Lemans was that way too even with Mistral mufflers.
  11. But also, Mark Etheridge at Moto Guzzi Classics is a classic himself.. a real genuine guy.
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