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  1. Here's a few spine frames done right..
  2. Yes some drones can link up and follow your phone.
  3. I thought they were completely closed until you set the stop screw.? Wouldn’t that be baseline zero for tps fully closed?
  4. I know a person who had an almost brand new Subaru.. mice ate up the wiring harness, that was an expensive fix.. get a cat or some traps. these work great! http://fivegallonideas.com/bucket-mouse-trap/
  5. There sure is, shop around you can get about 3 compatible batteries for $500.. what's your mechanics Mark up? oddesey 545 comes to mind. take the old battery to batteries plus or someplace like that and compare.
  6. could you compare V11 part numbers or would they differ by finish? These are Centauro parts.
  7. I have a pair of those pork chops from a Centauro, are they the same? Mine look like nice polished aluminum, not painted. If they fit you can buy them off me. Can get pics if needed.
  8. I know what your saying, it's maddening. I use a host site, Smugmug so can link pics from there.
  9. Those top four bolts go to the frame. Can you access the nuts on the back side of them?
  10. Mikko, I have some pretty nice rocker covers if your interested . Also have this unknown crossover that was on a Centauro, I'd throw that in free if you can use it.
  11. I really like the maroon Sport.. not as much as a greenie but it's unusual so I like it..
  12. Nice, but no Stelvio in your space?
  13. Scud, that looks sweet! What exhaust is that?
  14. By ignition sensor you refer to the camshaft sensor right? better try a new TPS.
  15. Maybe if the price was super right .. but I've just got this new convertible and getting rid of the Miata. Wife will do some trips in it not like the Miata or motorcycles. Last bike trip she was on was 2010.
  16. ^^ Fordson, had to look that up, looks pretty tough, I'd like to have one.
  17. If you host it somewhere like smugmug or another photo site you can link it here. Please don't use Photobucket. That way you can use the full resolution without reducing it to fit in here.
  18. Wow, that looks like it's going 100 while standing still.. Sweet! Drooling over the Quat D exhaust too. I would want to know if it has the possible exploding clutch issue before buying.
  19. I had those reverse cone mufflers and the sound was kind of raspy, not completely bad but gave it a sort of nascar sound. They look the best tho.. cant tell if the Sport has pod filters? That would be a negative for me. the Lemans looks nice I don't like the can muffler look but not much choice available. And you can go wrong with a black motorcycle for color.
  20. Nero has Ohlins and a checkered paint scheme on the tank. Top choice for those in the know. not sure what year but some Scurra had the exploding clutch, I'd stay away from that. Price way too high. if the Sport is a Greenie they are the best looking (of all Guzzi's?) Black "might" be the rarest color.
  21. Oh duh, shows what I know, I was thinking from center stem to center tube. Always ready to learn from you guys, thanks!
  22. Wouldn't that be more like 105mm ? anyway it's 54vs 58 so not the same.
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