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  1. #1, have you checked valve clearance since you got it? #2, shift with intent.
  2. That's where the dirty oil is.
  3. I used these to extend hoses not cables but sorry I don't know where they came from.. maybe home made by my friend who gave me the risers
  4. I have a rear from a Centauro, any chance that would fit?
  5. If you were within a few hundred miles I'd be on the way. Could you deliver to Minnesota?
  6. offered and had no takers so now on eBay. From a 1997 Centauro with 37k.Including a NICE 10 spring clutch package, LIGHT WEIGHT 12# for the entire clutch basket in real nice condition. Will fit any big twin without a crank sensor.Find the other parts from this one auction.More parts to come next week.Prices listed might be high and if no bidders I will lower once auction ends if no bids.https://www.ebay.com/itm/293661854102?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  7. fotoguzzi


    Lucky Phil would know. Hopefully he'll be along soon.
  8. fotoguzzi


    I have a WP shock off a Centauro with 37k if anyone interested.
  9. Thanks for that pic antman.. I'll be checking over your list this week. Vic, I will look thru my stuff and see what I have for you.. are they different from the V11.. I just glanced at the levers and thought they looked the same. ill get into the garage again this week.
  10. 1997 Centauro not perfect cosmetically but mechanical parts all look pretty good. 37k not giving parts away but will have fair pricing, a few parts spoken for but what do you need? This bike was not crashed, it was taken apart to address the oil pump issue and then the PO lost interest. I can shoot pics. assume this is a stock EPROM chip?
  11. I don't have any problem getting on WG maybe refresh your browser or clear cookies and cache?
  12. She's done. I'm going on my first art car cruise this weekend, and yes she can breathe fire!
  13. fotoguzzi

    Another V11

    Yes it has one Different thing, the ugly fairing gene.
  14. It's a Metalasaur or a Steel Stallion or Pangolovel.
  15. I built this, showing you guys first look, I hope the link opens. I'm not allowed to post on YouTube, content infringement but I'm calling fair use to make art.
  16. It's the kind of democracy that would elect Donald Trump.
  17. I give up, what is it?
  18. Looks out of balance with the single pipe.
  19. fotoguzzi

    M Unit V11

    Gotta ask, Why? Why do all that work on a near 20 year old bike and is that price in Rubles or something?
  20. I'd kind of like to buy that even tho it's not a greenie.. but I'd have to find a buyer for my Ducati first.
  21. Chuck's building an aeroplane to keep himself busy. What are the rest of you lot doing? im. Building a monster for the Art car parade..
  22. You'd be putting an 18" wheel on the front? That would look really bad. And then there's performance loss..
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