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  1. Zorro


  2. Zorro

    Nero Corsa Sold

    Congrats Gary!! She’s a beauty. Happy it’s going to a great home. Cheers Francesco
  3. Hi everyone Thank yo for all the interest in the Nero Corsa. It sold yesterday
  4. 2004 Nero Corsa for sale. Fully serviced including recent tires and fluids. Synthetic used throughout five train including Motul 300V in the motor. Beautiful bike that is turn key. Please mail for photos. Cheers Francesco
  5. I will confirm that the clutch lever pull is indeed a one finger operation with the RAM. I've ridden about 3000 KMS on the RAM system on my Nero Corsa and I truly love it. The handling from left to right transitions in particular is awesome because of the less inertia affecting the chassis. Cheers
  6. Hi again Unfortunately I received the RAM for my V11 from a guy who bought it a couple of years ago and never installed it in his own bike for some reason. I wasn't aware they were no longer available. Guzzibits out of England might have them still. I know my particular unit was a dedicated 6 speed unit and came assembled. I hope they haven't been discontinued as I want to install one on my 2000 V11 Sport. MG Cycle no longer offers them. I checked today............ Cheers
  7. Hi guys, Just picked up my 04' V11 Nero Corsa after installing a RAM low inertia clutch from my dear friend and trusted mechanic Kenny Austin here in Calgary. All I can say is I'm blown away at the improvement in the way the bike shifts, accelerates, and tips from side to side into the corners due to less rotating mass. I will definitely have one installed on my 2000 V11 Sport this winter, or sooner! Absolutely no downsides to speak of. The bike feels like it's gained a few horsepower because of the way the engine is able to rev now. Still has all the character of a Guzzi but somehow feels thoroughly modern at the same time. Clutch pull effort has somehow also been reduced. I highly recommend installing one. Cheers, Francesco
  8. Well here is the list of things in the last week. -Installed Ram clutch -All fluids -New Michellin Road Pilot 4's -Fork oil -Set valves and head torque -Lube shaft - Set air/Fuel -Motul fuel system clean treatment Ready for summer!!!!
  9. I have the latest generation Oxford grips on my V11 Sport and have had them on other bikes as well. Great product, no issues. Nice to have them " On hand" when needed. Cheers
  10. Hello again Doug took the 10:30am train today. He spent last night surrounded by his family and even singing Cat Stevens songs. Sadly, this morning he took a turn for the worse and left us. Spent time with Doug's family today. Great people. God bless and God speed. RIP brother ❤️
  11. Hi All As of this writing I can say that Doug is in a hospice and as per usual in great spirits.......considering. I have been visiting him almost daily just to hang out and chat. Doug is one of the true first class gentleman our sport has known. A true ambassador and enthusiast that represents all of us as motorcyclists in the very best light. We met when he purchased my 2000 V11 Sport from Blackfoot Motorsports in Calgary some 10 years ago (Bought the V11 back 5 years ago lol). Sometimes you meet someone and just realize immediately that you're going to be friends with this person for life. Doug is the kind of guy who made a hand shake his bond....Old school all the way. We bought and sold many things to and from each other with nothing but hand shakes and just regular old cheques (No certified cheques or bank drafts or lawyers needed)That is the case with Doug and I. In the end I feel the true magic of these motorcycles and sport that we love is that they bring like minded people together that might not have otherwise ever met. I feel truly privileged to have met Doug and his family and share some great experiences. Sadly, when the time comes he will be greatly missed. His dedication to his wife and her illness as well as to his whole family while dealing with his own illness has been a life changing inspiration to me. A new benchmark in selflessness has been set. Anyways......... I just wanted to touch base on the forum and give an up to the minute update on Doug. One of the truly GOOD GUYS........... Best wishes Francesco
  12. 2004 Nero Corsa for sale. Mileage is 26000 (Approx 16000 miles). Immaculate condition with mistral carbon pipes and stuchi crossover. Original pipes included. Located in Calgary at the moment. Serious inquiries only. Regards, Francesco Bike has sold. Thank you for the interest
  13. Zorro

    Roper Plate Group Buy

    Hello, I'm in for one if it will fit my 97'1100i Sport. I already have one on my V11. Cheers, Francesco
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