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  1. Thank you. Owned it since new and haven’t seen or ridden anything that gets under my skin like it does. Cheers!
  2. I’ll take some shots this spring when I bring her out!
  3. Hello At the end of last season I thought I had developed a main seal leak on my 2000 V11 Sport. Further diagnosed a week ago that in fact that the rear fuel filter line clamp was loose. Therefore allowing some fuel to come out and run down the engine along with some grease and minor oil sweat residue. Resulting in a minor dripping on the ground by the left rear of the engine. Probably because the bike leans this way on the stand. Anyways. Tightened the clamp and all is good again. Just FYI.
  4. Fantastic looking bike. Up here in Canada the Scura wasn’t available so i added all the Scura parts including Ohlins forks and rear shocks to my 2000 V11 Sport. It’s now kind of like Scura, but with glossy black paint and carbon fiber front rotor. Good luck with the sale! If you took instalments I’d buy it in a heartbeat.. Regards, Francesco
  5. 2000 V11 Sport. 45000KMS. Hoping to break 60,000KMS this year. Located in Calgary Alberta Canada. Cheers
  6. Zorro


    2007 Moto Guzzi California Vintage Speedometer. As new condition but with 6825 miles registered on the odometer. Face numbers are in MPH. Black face and chrome bezel are perfect and dial is red with no sun fading. Price includes shipping to anywhere in USA or Canada. $100.00 USA
  7. Zorro

    Tank bag

    2007 Moto Guzzi California Vintage tank bag. Brand new in the box never used. Price includes shipping anywhere in Canada or the USA. $150.00 USA
  8. Zorro


    Sold!!!! Thank you!
  9. Zorro


    Hello Yes. It’s an ITI and in KMS. thank you my my cell is 4038614491 cheers Francesco
  10. Hello Would that carbon rear fender fit my 2000 V11 Sport. cheers
  11. Cool. Yes. Shorai works great with our V11’s. Some say the computer also benefits from the quicker power characteristics on tap from the Shorai. i use a CTek lithium charger and it works great too
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