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  1. I think I can help you.
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  3. Is that the large sized alloy tank? Who is the guy in the photo with all ink?
  4. I have both a Lemans and a Centauro. The Centauro has a lot more mid range and top end pull then my Lemans. My Centauro is stock with no mods at all. Yet! The Lemans has titanium pipes with no other mods. You will have no regrets with centauro.
  5. Here is the link http://www.geocities.com/MGNOC_mass/. Tom Halchuk is the Mass rep. I think he is trying to put together a March ride. His e mail along with other good information is on the site.
  6. Count me in as a regular. Worcester works for me as I live a 1/2 hour northeast of Boston. The Mass Guzzi riders are also starting to plan the March ride.
  7. I have been up that way on snowmobiles. We took a ferry across from Matane. Head Northeast it is very beautiful. I am planning a trip like that myself.
  8. I would be on board for any type of Mass get together. I know the Maine Eagle squadron is also planning there 8 th get ralleye this summer. Todd
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