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  2. Maybe the hose is broken so often because they are wrongly put on? This is my third hose in 15 years! The second was becoming very soft and even thicker than original! Like the hose is put on now there should be a natural reflow when I stop the bike! Ok or not?
  3. Oops! So I will have to put it on the other way around! And it is not fun to put that thing between everything else!
  4. Thank you guys for the advice!! It was a very oily experience on the highway!! Unbelievable! As if I was driving a steam train!
  5. My breather hose is broken! So I pulled it of and ordered a new one. What is the correct way to put him on? Should the piece with the long neck be on the engine side or otherwise? Both ways seem to work. Ciao pille
  6. Once I did 800km in 1 day with a girlfriend on the v11 that was NOT a lightweight!! I do not know who was more tired, she or me??? After this ride she never wanted to go riding again....................
  7. I have a v11 sport, 72000km and 100% original!!! I love it!
  8. I have now 70000km. every 2 years I grease the joints and it still feels ok! I wil replace it at 100000km when evertything stays ok!
  9. there is no need for C3 bearings! I have put regular bearings in and they have run 25000km's now and they are still in good condition!!
  10. pille


    Your bike is a G&B? You live in Scotland? you lucky devil! at least you can use your bike!! where I live its always "stop and go".
  11. pille

    how many v11?

    just wondering, how many v11 have been made? they started in 1998(?) and stopped in? how many with a red frame, how many scura's, tenni's, coppa italia, lemans,.......... I am really curious what the numbers are. pille
  12. pille


    its a model that never has been in production! was it 1995 or 96? I think it was a 750cc engine with a single shock on the rear. I think they used the engine for airplanes. the name was IPPOGRIFFO, not ippoROgriffo. I still can see it right in front of me!
  13. I still don't understand it how you guy's do it??????????? is there someone in belgium or holland who wants to help me with this shit-job? I am willing to ride a lot of km's to get the job done! HELP
  14. pictures please!!!! I love daytona's
  15. dlaing, the neutral switch, where can I find it on the bike? I have the same problem with my bike. relays , battery, microswich on the clutch are ok. is it an easy fix, the neutral thing? sometimes it just won't start. pille
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