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  2. Speedo reset button around back. I hadn't thought about that. I need to read through the manual again to what exactly it controls other than the trip reset. On the gauges the button sets the limit for the light to come on.
  3. So the gauges came in. I had initially ordered them with all with no front buttons but they called me after they left the art department and were headed to the assembly department that only the speedo and tacos could be had without buttons. If I had known this I would have not ordered them as such. It was too late to bach up. Now I'm stuck with the ugly cheap switch they provided and I' currently looking for another switch. I had to open up the holes for the speedo and oil gauges but everything fits now. I now need to order my LED warning indicators. I'm going with APEM 6mm panel mount LEDs. I
  4. Thanks for the compliment! I've ordered the new gauges with no front buttons. I also plan on switching the gauge lights so they aren't on all the time. Using the park light as a feed is a good idea. For idiot light lights I'll only need neutral and fuel. I'm also adding another light for the Clearwater driving lights which will be triggered by the high beam.
  5. SOLD I'm selling a brand new Speedhut GPS Speedo and Tach. Spec are listed below. I bought these last August but never got them installed. I'm asking $250.00 with shipping via Priority Mail included. GR338-GPS-01 3-3/8" GPS Speedometer 120mph Colors: Day - Black dial // White font Night - Numbers Blue Glow Font Style: Eurostile Tick Style: Triangle Graphic: - Logo: Silver Moto Guzzi Custom Text: - Pointer: Standard Racer Red (Glows Red) Bezel: Legacy Black Production Notes: 14,142 for mileage set G338-TACH-01 3-3/8" Speedhut Tachometer 8K RPM Colors: Day - Black dial
  6. So I've just ordered my gauges from Speedhut. Actually this is my second order. I decided to be different. It sure was nice that they are having a sale through today. Anyway here is my template of my idea for the perfect gauge cluster. Now I have to find a buyer for my first set.
  7. Thanks for the assist! I ordered both parts through Amazon and should have them early next week. I still have plenty of other stuff to work on until they arrive. To everyone else. I will try to gather some photos of the install.
  8. I've decided to try one of these JW Speaker light assemblies. Did you also buy or need any other parts for the install? Where did you buy yours?
  9. I think this qualifies as a dream bike since it isn't even released yet. I'm not a cruiser guy but when I first saw this it just grabbed me. I've already started saving.
  10. I have a set of Convertibars on my V11. They were easy to install and offer many positions. https://convertibars.3dcartstores.com/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Lemans-Bike-Specific-Kit_p_200.html
  11. Here are a pair of links for a LED twilight and headlight conversions from Harper. The tail light is suppose to be a direct bolt in replacement. I'm not sure about the headlight. I've got the tail light on order. http://www.harpermoto.com/led-taillight-conversion-for-v11-sport-and-lemans-1999-2004.html http://www.harpermoto.com/l.e.d-headlight-retrofit-kit-481102.html
  12. Last year or maybe the year before I bought the Motratech kit for my 04 LeMans. At that point I was going to turn it into a serious long distance bike with bags and even an aux fuel cell. Well things change and I bought a Can Am Spyder for my long distance machine and now the Guzzi is going back to it original form so I don't need my Motratech kit. It has never been installed. I've been planning forever to put it up for sale but just never got around to it. Bottom line is it's for sale for $350.00 and that includes shipping via Priority Mail. PM me and let me know. Now I'm going to go list it
  13. 11:00 AM - 2nd Saturday of every month. Elk Restaurant on the square in Elkhorn, WI Anything special this Saturday? Last time I went up there was a pre-ride meet from Kenosha I believe. Anybody planning on going?
  14. I went to this a couple of years back and a grand old time. In fact my avatar pic is from that event. They serve up a steak dinner on Saturday night that is great! I'm planning on taking the Tuono this year as the LeMans still isn't back together.
  15. I also have a set of brand new stock pipes. These are off of my 04 LeMans. They have less than 100 miles on them. PM me!
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