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  1. Being in the automotive trade (now retired) I used Snap-On tools 80 % of the time, MAC and Matco the remainder of the time. Reason for buying off the truck that comes to the shop every week is to replace all the tools you break or wear out (mainly sockets) or lose. I used Craftsman tools before getting into the trade but bringing in a big box of broken tools each week was just too much time wasted.
  2. It's easy to remove the broken bolts to the rotors if you have a mig welder, just place a 8mm washer or nut over the broken bolt and weld a bead to fill the hole (try not to over heat it). The heat usually is enough to release the locktite and can be removed easily unless it was cross threaded. I have done a few over the years this way.
  3. Hum, $4250., Hey, I could use the wheels, anybody want to buy the rest of it for $4000?
  4. I was having the charge light glowing at me in the lower RPMs, seemed to clear up after the bike warmed up. I also checked the battery voltage with the bike running and it was very close to 16 volts above 4k rpm. I checked the AC voltages and they were great, 22 volts at 1000 rpm, 53 volts at 2500 rpm and 90 volts at 5k rpm. So I placed an order with Electro Sport for the ESR515 regulator, the good news was it only took 1 day to arrive and was free shipping, the bad news is that it wasn't really a plug and play repair. Think Heath Kit for "you as old as me" most likely remember, soldering iron, crimps and solder not included. I have read that the bullet connectors fit loose, mainly on the yellow wire connectors. Well, all of them fit loose cause they use the same bullet connectors. The only one that is tight is the connector that has the male and female ends side by side. The female connector has hard plastic around it which does not allow it to expand so the connector on the harness side will not push in, no matter how hard you try. Yes, I could force something in it to open it up, but the plastic would likely break (It's that hard). So I ended up cutting all the connector ends off the old regulator and splicing them into the new ESR515 regulator. I could of just spliced the new regulator right to the harness but I think it would be a problem on the road if the regulator went out and I had to do a road side repair. The Guzzi connectors are soo much better than the ones on the Electro Sport unit. Their bullet connectors are very thin, easy to spread apart which means easy to compress. There is no way to make a tight fitting connections with these. The Guzzi connectors also push up to one another, with the ESR515, there are gaps showing the bullet connectors slightly, not good! The last thing I'm not thrilled about with the ESR515 is the wire thickness (gauge) on the yellow and white wires, on the Guzzi regulator, they are at least the next wire size up, time will tell if this is a problem, hopefully guzzi was just over kill on their wire size. The good news is that the charging light goes right out when the bike starts and it now charges at 14 volts above idle.
  5. Just wanted to give a shout out Thank you for this post, needed it to check my charging system on my newly 03 EV with a glowing charge light. I had great AC voltages through the RPMs, so its regulator time. Placed an order through Electro Sport and it's on it's way!
  6. Looks like an early 97ish Sport chassis, exhaust, transmission and most likely the engine with 2002 Lemans body work and forks. Found Waldo!
  7. Wow Docc, you are good! I noticed the 5 speed gear box and thought that had to be much work to make the conversion, then realized it was an older Sport running gear.... Wonder what the frame VIN plate shows?
  8. Marketplace - 2002 Moto Guzzi Lemans | Facebook
  9. Thanks Docc! I do drop by time to time just to kick the tires, many of the log on names do bring back great memories. If my knees, wrist and shoulders were good, I'd still be on a Spine Framed Guzzi! Oh and I finally cleaned out my message box, all 20 years worth... Mike
  10. Hepco Becker bag mounts with luggage rack, used on and off for a few years, in good condition. I no longer have the Rosso Corsa, so these need a good home. You will need to bring in your rear turn signals to clear the bags, Hepco Becker made a funky bracket to relocate the turn signals but I cut off the mounts and then didn't end up using that piece anyway (Whoa). These are just under $500. U.S. dollars if you can find one, sell for $150. plus what ever shipping cost now a days!
  11. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart

  12. I think I found the answer, it is in the EEPROM!
  13. So I have a question on the CO trim, I had downloaded the titanium map to my 03 Rosso and just noticed that the CO trim was at -15. Does that mean that the CO trim was in the map I downloaded or is it another part of the computer that stays no matter what map you have?
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