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  1. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart

  2. I think I found the answer, it is in the EEPROM!
  3. So I have a question on the CO trim, I had downloaded the titanium map to my 03 Rosso and just noticed that the CO trim was at -15. Does that mean that the CO trim was in the map I downloaded or is it another part of the computer that stays no matter what map you have?
  4. Well, I never thought this day would come, but my body has not been able to ride the Rosso Corsa like it used to. 2003 Rosso Corsa, original owner, 14500 miles on the working ITI gauges, New battery, Stucchi crossover, Mistral carbon oval mufflers, Guzzi factory carbon fiber side covers, Dymag wheels (last set for a Guzzi in the US), have additional taller windscreen (not installed). Has never been down. This bike won the Best Sport Spine Frame show winner at the 2005 Socal Moto Guzzi Rally The bike has been sitting for almost 3 years, all the fluids were changed at that time and the valves and throttle bodies were balanced. I also downloaded the Titanium map to the ECU. Fast forward to now, I finally got around to replacing the battery, airing up the tires and yes, it fired up on the first crank !!! Took it for a 25 mile ride (did I say my wrists still hurt riding ) and it runs great even with the old fuel! Now living in San Diego, California $7500.
  5. Valve adjustment and a good throttle body sync. Also use looser valve adjustment specs. than what Guzzi say's to use.
  6. Hi Joe, When did you move to Southern California? Mike
  7. A picture tells the truth!
  8. I have had 3 bmw's, a 89 BMW K75S, a 94 R1100RSL then a 97 F650. I thought when I purchased the 94 R1100RSL that this would be the last bike I ever owned. During the years I had it, no one, no one ever told me "nice bike". The bike did everything pretty well but you could never get a nice sounding exhaust note from this machine. Anyway, in 2001, I was at the BMW shop and noticed a new green 2000 V11 Sport in the show room. I left and went home and told my wife I wanted it. She asked, did you ride it? Well, no, it wasn't preped yet. Anyway, the next day I went down and bought it, rode it home and OH man, now this is what a bike should sound like. Stopped at a gas station to fuel up and a guy comes over stating that he just saw the same Guzzi at the motorcycle show in town. (come to find out that the bike at the show was the one I purchased) Day after day I rode the Guzzi, the BMW sat, two months later, I sold the BMW and have not looked at another one since. Mike
  9. well, if the V11 Sport cylinders are the same, I have a set of cylinders from a 2000 Jackal with low miles (12,000) on ebay right now. http://www.ebay.com/itm/290882278098?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 These are the lowest priced V11 cylinders on ebay (US). Way cheeper than having your cylinders rechromed. I also have a set of FBF high compression pistons for sale on ebay, don't know if they fit your bike though. Mike
  10. If you are fighting a ping with the FBF pistons, I don't think a dyno tune will fix the issure unless they can back off the ignition timing. I fought this issue on one of my bikes and ended up going with Mike Rich's pistons. Problem solved. Mike
  11. Hi Jason, The Jackal project died when the economy took the big dive 3.5 years ago. Being unemployed at the time and having big time delays on finding parts and having parts machined took it's toll on the project. I ended up parting the bike out, I still have the frame just incase I feel that urge again (I am feeling it already). I purchased a used 2002 EV last year and put dirt bike bars on it, moved the footpegs rearward 6", changed the exhaust and tuned it with a power commander, this bike runs great, is fun to ride (motard like but has more weight) and is easy on my body. For now, this is the bike that works well for me. I even wonder if my 03 Rosso will fit the bill any more. The good news is if I sell the Ghezzi Brian, I could pay down a little of our kids student loans! (our son went to NYU (ouch). Moral of the story, save up a lot for your daughter's schooling! Mike
  12. I have owned the 2002 Ghezzi Brian Folgore since mid 2005, I had a track school accident in late 2005 (different bike) and have not ridden much since then. I broke my shoulder over a year ago (mountain biking) and, I just cant ride the low riding position anymore. So, I am thinking of selling the bike, question is, how much is it worth now? No blue book in the States has a listing, do I put it on Ebay to see where the price go's or? By the way, the bike has 7906 km (4912 miles) on it, has Mike Rich ported heads and pistons, powercommander and runs fantastic. What do you guys think?
  13. Hello, It would be best if you could clean off the top of the engine and then run the bike in the garage so you can maybe see if it is the braided line or just the crush washers at the center fiting. Also check the large breather hoses coming off of the frame as the V11 uses the frame for collecting the crank case fumes in that area. I have heard of oil leaks in this area which turned out to be a damaged piston causing big time blow by, hopefully this is not the case. Good luck, Mike
  14. Hello, When in doubt, replace the tps sensor! My 03 Rosso has a cough just when the tempertures get into the 90's at 3000 rpm, my 02 EV ran very bad above idle when the engine warmed up, replaced the tps and she runs excellent. I used the Harley Davidson tps, much cheaper that the Guzzi and is the same manufacture. They are different part numbers, but I doubt if you can feel the difference between the two when riding. Just a thought, Mike
  15. Beautiful bike Roy, when stranded you have to pay what it takes to get home. Mike Yes, but my Italian girlfriend said "Buy me a new battery and I'll show you a good time" What else could I do?
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