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  1. So I had about a 12 hr day of airline travel after a a couple hours of sleep after a long work day the night before...Have dinner and a couple beers and on the way back to the hotel I spot a beautiful example of a 93 V1000S...A minute after I look her over the owner shows up ready to get on and I ask what year it is,89 ?,and in a perturbed tone says "you're way off....Well I was tired and sleepy,...I say I have a Guzzi and apologize I didn't know the year(what a tool),...and say I have a V11S,...He says "what,what are you talking about?...,you mean a Lemans?!!....".,...Oh fer chriss sake man,semantics...I say a V11S,a V11 Sport,..a Scura....."oh you mean a Lemans,I have one I know..." ...oh boy,I'm gettin' no where with this guy...So other than this pompous ass' opinion what do you call your ride,regardless of sub-model,I have always said V11S and whenever I say that Guzzi owners knew what I meant,..you?
  2. That's what I said I checked and suspected in the first post Gooz....But the load concept is interesting,...When I can get back to it,I'll post what I found,or not,....
  3. The only thing that would deter me from suspecting the linkage as a sure fire cause is the fact as soon as I engage clutch rev go to redline,release it and back to 5K which steers me to A/F issue by a confused ECU getting bad data or a combination of mechanical-bad digital messages...
  4. Thanks Chuck,I'll take a look,I'm leaning to an A/F-TPS-ECU issue as when I pulled the clutch in it immediately shot up in revs where I had to shut down so as not to blow the motor,it did happen right after I gave it the juice making a quick pass on a back road so I'm not dismissing a mechanical linkage possibility....
  5. Haven't been on the form for a while,busy with life,but getting the Scura prepped for the season and on a shake down test ride coming in to a turn,shut throttle off and the revs stayed at 5K,pulling in the clutch only has has the revs shoot to red line! Shut her down,looked for an obvious air leak roadside and found nothing.Re-started and rode home fine.I've had similar symptoms years ago and found a TB boot loose,don't remember the revs going up when pulling in the clutch.But all looked OK roadside. I'll check, Throttle assembly for sticking Air leaks anywhere Anything else from symptoms?....
  6. Hi sp838,Just seeing this as I haven't been around for a while,PM me as I am still in NY and have done this conversion,albeit the opposite way,S-D plates,and have the proper Guzzi tools for the clutch assembly... Michael
  7. mznyc

    Hi Everybody!

    I hope your'e taking care of my Scura Chuck,ya know,when you get tired of it... ...
  8. mznyc

    Hi Everybody!

    Haven't checked in in a while been distracted with life but glad we're all still here!
  9. That's pretty cool,never noticed that,I'll check it out....But sure the TPS/Co reset will do wonders for her,shame as she is humming everywhere else in the rev range...
  10. I believe that is the Air-Fuel mixture,which I would also do with the software....
  11. Bike is running sweet,I do my own tuning and with MG Ti cans been very happy with her for years,except,on very small throttle openings,rolling off and on for turns,like a light switch sometimes.Have never re-set the TPS with the software,only with a meter and have had a Mistral mid pipe I've been wanting to install for a while so when season ends for me in 4-6 weeks think I'm gonna take a stab at GuzziDiag and TPS re-set,A/F and a FI balance.Just feels like the TPS doesn't know where 0 is...Anybody else experience this?
  12. Chuck what is that damp spot by the relays?....
  13. Yes,mine died a few years ago and got one at a local NAPA store....Couple bucks.Just bring yours in and they should have a replacement.
  14. I've been working on this bike for 10 years and always learning....Better to be lucky than good....
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