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  1. mznyc

    Decent Tune-up

    OK,Got a Casper BO cable and ya,much easier to get a reading and from memory the last time I did the TPS never felt confident in the back probe reading,Caspers was a rock solid.Setting was way off 203ish,assuming last set was way off,moved over time or combination of both,but small throttle openings were always an issue since last TU,so assuming it was a bad setting by me at that time.I'll do a test ride and check it again and then do TB balance.Thanks !
  2. ,..and get some screening for your snorkles....
  3. I Didn't see anything,will give it a thorough once over when I do service but my guess is the A/F is out of whack,just like when I had cracked TB boot,same symptoms.New filter and back to normal...
  4. BTW,this was a compromised air filter by a mouse eating in to it.Snorkles now have screens on them so no more vermin!..New filter and a Mistral X pipe that has been sitting on the shelf for a couple years and she running sweet on an initial test around the block.Next a full service and down the road a map that will match the Ti's and X-Pipe!
  5. Thanks guys,I'm gonna buy another cheap new PC as I run one program for work that is easier to run on a PC than Mac, so I should be able to write it off for work as the POC I am using running Windows 8 was 5-6 years old anyway and big so I can justify the relatively small purchase.I also plan to use this on my Ducati ST for TPS re-set and CO set so I can use for all....I'll let you know how it turns out....
  6. This is where I get confused when the instructions say, "Install FTDI Driver",beyond downloading it and opening packet,does anything need to be done to "install"?
  7. I never felt confident with a good connection back probing in there,this would solve that problem and getting reading from the ECU and allow me to do Co. Yes,too advanced OS,thinking of buying a cheap Macbook as I had no problem getting it to talk on my old mac Pro,but dropped that computer and replaced with an Air which is running 10.1.4 won't work on that,just got busy with life last couple years and never got around to trying to run GD until now that I'm laid off...
  8. Thanks Docc,I had tried all that. Thanks Kelly. Do I need the reader and writer to get Diag to connect? I just want Diag at this point,check TPS volt and set Co. I am running Windows 8 I have blue light on interface when connected to battery Tried several other interface cables I had bought a few years ago.No luck. All previous instructions in various places said to download drivers.My question is ,do you have to manually install into HD or do they automatically get recognized by the system as there are so many in the DL packet.? I'll try to post screenshots...
  9. Having a problem connecting to bike. Have Lonelec cables. Using Windows 8 (I'm a Mac guy,so a bit fuzzy on a PC) Downloaded what I believe to be correct drivers . Ports match from PC to App Once the drivers are DL'd and the packet is opened is there anything else I need to do with them as there's lots of files in that packet and not sure what they all do. Thanks
  10. mznyc

    Decent Tune-up

    The CA site specifically say not for any other MG models...
  11. mznyc

    Decent Tune-up

    Great thanks,I'll try to take a screen shot or video when I get to it next week,hopefully won't have to go to a GDiag thread to get it up and running...
  12. mznyc

    Decent Tune-up

    OK,So just like the old method of reading the TPS postion? What reading would make me suspicions of the unit? Thanks
  13. mznyc

    Decent Tune-up

    Thanks Docc,glad to be back!... Been dealing with family issues,other bikes,work,major house renovation and subsequent sale, for the better part of 2 years,so distracted by that,but a wonky running ride last fall and attempt this year ,found a mouse hole in the air filter(hopefully no further damage...!)..has me going back down the Guzzi rabbit hole,have had a Mistral X-Over sitting on the shelf for several years and a PCIII(bought pre GDiag) but if I can get proficient with GDiag I will attempt to do a map load or even a write! Where am I checking resistance on the TPS unit itself? Thank You Meinoff
  14. mznyc

    Decent Tune-up

    Last time I did a tune up,(pre-guzzidiag) so a little rusty and haven't been on the forum much last couple years so a quick question.I got guzzidaig a couple years ago and and was able to get connection confirmed but hadn't gone any further,as the bike wasn't in need of a tune up at the time and busy with "life"... My question is,to re-set the TPS do you still have to turn the unit(I remember how delicate it was to get right) or can that be done in diag,or does the software just read and display it(replacing the voltmeter) and you still get have to "dial" the TPS unit to get the baseline number? Bike has been running well but always felt that when getting off throttle,that last few millimeters of throttle opening(rolling throttle off coming in to a turn) was like a cliff,once you hit it,the bike's power would abruptly shut off like a switch.I always assumed this was an incorrectly set TPS baseline.... Thoughts?
  15. So I had about a 12 hr day of airline travel after a a couple hours of sleep after a long work day the night before...Have dinner and a couple beers and on the way back to the hotel I spot a beautiful example of a 93 V1000S...A minute after I look her over the owner shows up ready to get on and I ask what year it is,89 ?,and in a perturbed tone says "you're way off....Well I was tired and sleepy,...I say I have a Guzzi and apologize I didn't know the year(what a tool),...and say I have a V11S,...He says "what,what are you talking about?...,you mean a Lemans?!!....".,...Oh fer chriss sake man,semantics...I say a V11S,a V11 Sport,..a Scura....."oh you mean a Lemans,I have one I know..." ...oh boy,I'm gettin' no where with this guy...So other than this pompous ass' opinion what do you call your ride,regardless of sub-model,I have always said V11S and whenever I say that Guzzi owners knew what I meant,..you?
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