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    2002 Scura 22K MG Ti Pipes,Moto-Bits,MPH Bars,MG CF Fairing,Rich Maud Seat,Coming Soon!PCIII and Mistral X-Over
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  1. Oh your trying to go the other way,never mind...
  2. My '02 Scura forks had the seals redone under a recall by PO because of leaky seals.While in the shop he had them re-sprung and valved.Also the shock....Best handling bike I've ever owned.Set up for stiff for smooth roads or track and on those it's quite good...The easiest and cheapest thing to do was buy an Ohlins equipped model and have them sprung and set up for you...
  3. mznyc

    900ss vs V11

    I've always heard the late 80's,early 90's 2v motors are the smoothest delivery ,wide powerband rolling off/on throttle,when they went to the 4v they needed to be revved a bit higher as those bikes were essentially their Superbike engne design(I have a 9964v ST4S) and that continued on to the Monster 2v,many look at the Monster SR1000 as the best example of that in the later bikes...Big,buttery,smooth power but FI and more updated brakes and suspension...Would love one!
  4. No,clutch has to be pulled in to override the switch
  5. I've been trying with side stand down not even thinking about possibility it could affect connection but planning on trying,but as I mentioned before,for everyone who has had success they are doing it on a shop stand,centerstand or on a lift with sidestand up?...I find that unlikely.....yes bike in neutral
  6. No Chuck.a a semantic clarification.I say Kill switch "off" means engine can run. Phil says kill switch 'off" means bike can't run....I'm not starting the bike,just noting what I call it.Neither is right or wrong,just clarifying definition...
  7. Thanks Phil,made notes to yo suggestions....
  8. MPH if someone is selling,I've used Conveter-Bars on other bikes and liked them,just don't look as nice as MPH's....
  9. I will try,but what are the odds that all people who have had success connecting had it on a unicorn center-stand or a lift with the side stand up?
  10. Tried everything you mentioned but the side stand switch,always leave it down in case of a tip over on the lift...
  11. Thanks Kelly, I DL'd and opened Reader and Writer,and the Golden Rules, I may not have tried "8-9" times but maybe 4-5,...I'll try 10,what the hell. Still leaning to driver,when I can figure out how to post my correctly sized screenshots of Driver Vr I will...
  12. Doesn't work on the current OS I am running...
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