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  1. Best wishes for quick recovery Paul!!
  2. Not nervous at all. I'm keeping mine
  3. And the owner is turning in his grave!!
  4. Nick


  5. Thanks Tim. Just PM'd you back. Regards, Nick
  6. Hello Scud, do yo have any springs left? Would like to order 1. Thanks, Nick
  7. With the Corbin and the luggage capacity, this one may be a little better, for this trip host image
  8. I may take a ride to see you guys. I will be tent camping at a nearby campground. I will not be on my V11 CI, but on my other V11..... the EV It's a little more comfortable for this ride.
  9. Agree. Why not use the total cost for the two runs to calculate the final "retail" for the spring? Hell, we are getting free labor anyway
  10. Just read all 23 pages......amazing job gentlemen! Chuck, thanks for taking us thru it, great work! Hell, I want one...just because
  11. Like docc says, there are no organized rides, but this was a very nice one in 2016.....
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