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  2. That line should run to the banjo fitting on the frame in front of the gas tank, behind the triple clamps.
  3. Those are roller skates!!! I think we have a rollergirl here. I don't see those making for a very easy upshift.
  4. Thanks for the info docc. Definitely going in the "Don't Get Ripped of By Guzzi" folder.
  5. My Monster has the same reservoir caps as my Scura. It's a 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS. And they both look like crap. I've purchased other parts from these guys before and was going to get a set of these for both of my bikes. I like the plain look. http://www.corsair-industries.com/parts/Ducati%20Billet%20Parts/Ducati%20Bolt%20on%20Brake%20Cover/
  6. That sounds exactly like my experiences. The Scura's previous owner told me that he set them loose and loud, because that's the way he liked it. So, I set out to try every setting I had ever read about. I tried Euro specs, U.S. specs, and Raceco Specs. The Raceco, I believe is the loosest, which is where it was before, and just so happens to be where it is now. Running the closer tolerances definitely keeps the valvetrain quiet, but at the cost of driveability issues. A lot of spitting, sputtering, and the occasionally backfire. It even stalled a couple of times. So I tried looser and looser settings until I ended up where it is now. Runs like a sowing machine, a loud one, luckily the clutch drowns it out.
  7. From what I've researched, used hubs and sending them to Buchanan's to get them re-laced with the right width rim, with Buchanan's supplying the rim, can get to be almost as expensive as Alpina's.
  8. I experienced battery over charging from a bad regulator rectifier. It would spike the charging system to about 19 volts, ruin a new battery, and cause it to turn over very slowly, if at all. So, that's something to look for. If you need any charging parts. These guys are life savers. http://www.euromotoelectrics.com/category_s/27.htm
  9. It's been off the road for too long. Mercedes pulled out in front of me a couple of years ago, and I need some pieces. She's a 2002 V11 Sport Scura. Needs: Both clip on bars (just the tubes) Left foot peg Left header Wants: Left Cylinder (Mercedes broke some heat sinks) Scura Carbon Front fender That's all I can think of for now. PM me with what you've got. Thanks to everyone in advance for any help I can get.
  10. yup, face the nipple up. Probably a good idea to place something in between the pads as well.
  11. Every week. I'm on the Red S4RS Monster until I get the old Scura repaired. Wait a minute. Did you scoop this thing off of craigslist a couple of months ago for dirt cheap? I was losing sleep on whether or not I should go pick that one up. I was honestly glad it wasn't available anymore. Even though I would've probably had everything to repair mine with by now. I'm sure everyone here can sell me what little bits I need when I have the money.
  12. Make sure the throttle bodies are balanced. Mine ended up out of adjustment while removing the engine to get rid of the fuzzy guzziness. Making sure the valves are set wouldn't be a bad idea either.
  13. Generally, in the case of an accident, if the vehicle is repaired without a claim going threw the insurance company, the accident will not show up on Carfax. At least that's how it worked a couple of years ago. Service departments and body shops may have jumped on board with reporting to Carfax now. They should anyway.
  14. It's extremely lengthy, but this is extremely if not overly informative about brake fluid. At least skim threw it. http://www.stoptech.com/tech_info/wp_brakefluid_1a.shtml
  15. Funny, I'm in the market for an S4RS after totaling my Scura. I kept my Scura to build later. I'm going to replace/upgrade as I go along while obtaining the S4RS to ride in the time being. I can't help you much on the maintenance items other than to tell you that www.mgcycle.com is the best. And while doing my routine search for potential Guzzi purchases on Ebay. I found a carbon seat cowl, since mine was damaged in accident. Of course, It's not there now since I'm trying to point it out to someone, but that's the way it works with these bikes. You can find everything ever made for a V11 on the internet in about an hour, and you can spend a lifetime finding new things for a Monster. Welcome to the club. Read the site and have patience. These bikes are even better when you work all the bugs out. I'll be getting rid of some undamaged stock pieces. So let me know if you need some parts
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