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  1. Definitely interested in Daytona RS parts. can you please email me more info to vladpmisc at motoworldonline.com
  2. I don't think so. But the buyer is from California. Once I get a full payment I will direct the new owner back here. This is one of the best and intelligent forums
  3. FalcoLion


  4. As the title states I have an OEM Carbon Fiber Front Fender for non-Ohlins Forks (GU01434340). This fender fits all V11 with Non-Ohlins forks. I also think it might fit Ohlins forks but not 100% certain This fender has been discontinued and is no longer available from anywhere. Just checked the price and TLM lists it at $290. I would like to get $250 with FREE shipping anywhere in the USA This is a take of from my 2004 V11 Ballabio and its in great shape. https://www.ebay.com/itm/362402234785
  5. Is the original question the same, or similar, to the final question in the *other* cam thread? "Now, the question remains: Why not cam a V11? My take is that the V11 (1064 Sport) cam is very well optimized for the bike, but surely there are those here who have changed the cam. If so, to what?" Docc, the reason why not V11 cam is because I want to leave spare engine intact. Also since my engine is opened and the heads are already off I might as well get a bit of extra performance. If 620x9 would not require any additional mods but offers same or just a bit of extra performan
  6. Orangem2, thanks for a response. I spoke to Mike Rich last time about a year ago or so and he also told me that x10 is the largest cam. But Mike didn’t have cams then. Also main question was if Megacycle cams and Mike Rich’s cams are one and the same. I know Mike is a great authority in Guzzi world but if he wouldn’t have cams it would be of no help. That is why I was also asking about German and Ghezzi-Brian cams. I would appreciate if people who actually have different cams post here. So, as of now I got confirmation of Mike’s x10 cam and some German Schlick valves are the once t
  7. I had my previous Ballabio for around 5 years and NEVER had Ropper plate installed. I rode it relatively hard and only had oil light flicker few times. I doubt my camshaft failure has anything to do with Ropper plate and as docc said it’s a good idea. But it’s 1000% would not be a cause of the problem. I hope no one thinks that factory engineers are any less experienced than mr. Ropper. Chuck, thanks for at least confirming that you have Megacycle in your bike. I will keep trying to get in touch with Mike Rich by phone and/or emails. @gelos, thanks for the offer. I am trying to stay close t
  8. Yeah. I am still hoping he is going to respond back to me
  9. Nothing else besides crankshaft and new valves. I don’t really need to post pics since I don’t need to prove anything. I am making phones calls. Tomorrow will call Germany and see what they will say. Also will be sending email to Ghezzi-Brian If I get more concrete answers, I will post them here
  10. Docc, not really. I did thru the whole thread but no definite answers. People are just guessing and suggesting but nothing concrete
  11. swooshdave, camshaft is bad. I know it because my mechanic took the bike apart. He is very good mechanic and knows what he is doing. I do not doubt him. All I am looking for if someone actually has answers to my questions And yes I know Ropper plate has nothing to do with it. I had a Ballabio for 5-6 years without the plate and it worked beautifully Thanks Vlad
  12. Footlgoose, no idea why it happened. Bike has barely over 4K and oil had been changed just prior. I wasn’ riding aggressively and bike didn’t have Ropper plate. I bought the plate afterwards and will be installing once camshaft problem is fixed.
  13. Not looking for a lot more and it’s not my main concern. But since the bad cam is out, I might as well put in a little hotter one. That’s why I am asking. If Mike Rich would have gotten back I wouldn’t even bother with a question. But unfortunately he didn’t and that is why I am looking for an alternative. From what I understand, a hotter cam adds around 5hp and if I get pistons then maybe another 5hp. I would be pretty happy with that
  14. Is there anyone on this forum that actually installed Megacycle cams or Dynotec or Ghezzi-Brian cams? Come on guys chime in.
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