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  1. Dear all, KG hit the problem on the head. The friction plate side with raised lip has to face rearwards, and not forward. With hindsight, it is clear that the raised lip (raised about 5mm) would contact the pressure plate and has the effect of reducing the reach of the push rod correspondingly. Having gone through the exercise, I must say that I have learnt a lot from you guys, and I wish to thank all of your for the help. Will post a pic of the running bike when I have time to put it together. Thank you. Andy
  2. You mean the raised portion points to the front of the bike? if so that is what I did. Andy Your friction plate(s) in photo post #8 is backwards. Turn raised side pointing to gearbox like my photo in post #20 -KG- KG, You are right, the raised surface of the friction plate I have been installing frontwards. I will try facing backwards and see what happens. Andy
  3. To complete the picture, here's a pic of the hub removed from the Scura's single plate system: This is a pic of the twin disc hub from the internet (which I have mounted into the gearbox): Compared the thickness with the twin plate hub now mounted in my gear box; extra thickness necessary cos of the 2-plate system:
  4. Hi, footgoose, The pic of the pushrod inserted into the bowl / cup is : Seems to be no issue with the fit.
  5. Dear Docc, Yes, the intended replacement is from a single plate clutch system (left) to a twin disc system (right). The parts (actual) can be compared: The pushrod is from the Scura, the hub is from Gutsibits. This is the hub with pushrod installed: This is the bowl or cup that Gutsibits also supplied: The Scura system has a pushrod recess built into the pressure plate. Rather elegant. Reverse of the cup, if that is material.
  6. Dear Docc In that link, the context of that discussion was on the installation of a RAM "5-speed unit in a V11 if they have the correct transmission input hub." Thanks for the input (no pun intended .. LOL). The mystery thickens. I may well remove the flywheel and start all over again. Sigh. Andy
  7. Hi, Docc, I saw that. It did not make sense to me cos the V11Rosso is a twin-plater in the first place? This from the parts catalogue: In any case,it seemed that in that post, the owner reduced the length of the rod than lengthened it. Andy
  8. Hi, I am using this now ... https://www.gutsibits.co.uk/pr/TheShop/index.php?f=e&Shnew=1&Model=1&ModelName=1100%20Sport%20V11&Cat=CLA&CatName=Clutch&spPage=1#topbar You are right, the Scura's stock hub is lower (in thickness) than this hub cos it need only engage one friction disc than twin. How does the engagement of the push rod differ? Andy
  9. You mean the raised portion points to the front of the bike? if so that is what I did. Andy
  10. Dear all, I am really at my wits' end here. Removed the gearbox and the springs all seemed to be properly seated. I even replaced the friction plates with the "thinner" 7.5mm ones from MG Cycles, no luck. There is no complete neutral when the clutch lever is pulled in, such that I can rotate the rear wheel freely. Some pics are attached. Can anyone tell if the flywheel is from a 5-speed or 6-speed? Does it even matter? Took out the pushrod to make sure that I am not missing any washers etc. What I will do now is to measure the length of the pushrod actuate
  11. Thanks for all the views. I just learnt that the donor bike for the clutch was a 99 V11 (in green). I guess I have to tear down and reseat the springs. Is there any sense in alternating the springs? To get that intermediate feel of hard/softness in the clutch pull? andy
  12. Dear Tinus Thank you for chipping in. Yes, the receiver cup is installed; it was omitted from the pic, as were the hubs. I reckon that without the receiver cup, the clutch lever will not even have any tension since the pushrod will not be pushing against it (and the pressure plate/springs)? The unseated spring theory sounds plausible. Something I have to bear in mind but I am really trying to exhaust all options before re-opening the transmission again. I glued all of the springs to the flywheel and then attached the pressure plate. Arguably it could be a dislodgement there.
  13. Yes, I used the hub for a twin. I definitely did not use the single plater hub which is shallower. Twin with hub installed. The single plater and the twin comparison The pushrod is the same as the single plater I think. This was covered in another post. In any case, I have tension when I pull the clutch lever, indicating the pushrod is pushing on the clutch pressure plate that in turn is pushing on the pressure plate.
  14. Dear docc, I used the correct hub, i think. I will post some pics. How the heck do i post pics without paying photobucket? cheers
  15. Hi, docc, Thanks for the input (no pun intended). There is no disengagement on mine, period. Nonetheless, it is something to think about. Will see what else comes in before I tear down the clutch (again!).
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