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  2. Hey, what an idea! I definitely will.
  3. Nobleswood - We can share my room if you haven't already found a spot. I have a king + pullout sofa reserved, but I'll check to see if there are other combinations still available. A few friends were supposed to come along, but they've all backed out. What can I say, they ride BMWs and can't be trusted! Last night I was forced to face two facts: 1- I'm not going to have the V11 ready for the trip 2- I am a huge, procrastinating loser! So I will be riding down from Philadelphia on the Stelvio again. Can't say my wrists or legs are upset about that, just my ego. Next year I'
  4. *This topic has been covered in a few threads, but I was hoping to get some input from other members about the actual amount of radial play they have at the pinion shaft* I'm going through the V11 in preparation for this years Southern Spine Raid and I'm thinking that my pinion shaft is a little looser that I remember. It has had some radial play for as long as I can remember, but this time I actually put a dial indicator on it to measure it. With the rear u-joint positioned so that one of the bearing caps for the rear coupling is at 12:00 I have 0.025" of play. Photos attached to show
  5. Wow, that's a scary failure. I'd sure like to not experience that one! Glad it seems to have gone pretty uneventfully for what it was. I have needed to re torque my u joint couplings a couple of times in the past (and I only have a third of the miles that Docc does). I'm not sure how I noticed it the first time, but now I use a small prybar to try to slide the couplings fore and aft whenever I'm doing any work around the rear wheel. I'm busy getting my newly resurrected V11 ready for the SSR, so last night I pulled the rear coupling off of the final drive to look for cracks. It looks
  6. I replaced the brushes on mine a few years back with a kit from Euromotoelectrics: http://www.euromotoelectrics.com/category-s/1670.htm One of the brush springs was rusted through and barely keeping it in contact. The result was weak cranking which felt a lot like a sick battery. While I was in there was able to clean the surface and scrape the grooves of the commutation. Looks like they have replacement housings with magnets too. Seems hard to justify this effort if you can get a replacement for
  7. I've been absent from the forum for a while, but thanks to a welcome reminder text from Blueboarhound I just reserved a room at Tellico for this years festivities! If I understand Doccs earlier post it's now called "The one and only official v11lemans.com southeastern USA chapter official annual rally". This really should be a can't miss event! I finally made it down to the SSR in 2016 after many years on the forum and had a great time hanging out, riding some great roads and putting faces to names from the forum. Looking back, I'm especially glad that I was able to meet Wayne and Vicky
  8. Thanks for the comments everybody. I'm sold on the lift now...unfortunately I didn't make it back in town from Thanksgiving in time to pick one up! I'll keep watching for another sale.
  9. I see these are on sale for $279 for Black Friday (and through the weekend). I've been thinking about building a fixed height work stand out of lumber and using a ramp, but doing that by myself seems tough with the V11 and impossible with the Stelvio. A lift would be really nice, but I'm not likely to spend $1000 or more on one. Does anyone own one of these lifts or have any practical experience with them? Specially any experience with a tall heavy bike like a Stelvio. I've read the comments about the wheel chock already. It does seem clear that needs to be swapped out for something
  10. Hey Docc, Do you have an on board voltmeter or other means of monitoring your charging while riding? My original regulator would overcharge intermittently. I didn't have a voltmeter installed, but I would notice the headlight and instrument lights being much brighter for a few seconds. I went through all the connections, checked the voltage reference and added a regulator to engine case ground, but the problem continued and eventually it began doing this for longer periods of time, swapped it out for an Electrosport one. I wonder if you may have a similar situation going on with your r
  11. While it's hardly an original sentiment at this point, I wanted to chime in and say that It was really great to meet all the members that made the trip to "The Spine Frame Lodge At Tellico" this year. What an awesome group of people we have here on the forum! I am so glad I finally decided to come down to the SSR. My only regret is that I didn't make the trip on the V11. I ended up spending a little too much time exploring on Sunday and Monday, which forced me to make up about 500 miles on rte 81 and 95 to get home late Tuesday night. The total distance ended up around 1950 miles from
  12. Securely locked even! Why else do you think I bought this thing? I've been using a website/app called Rever as a free GPS alternative. It has a nice route planning interface (with really good topo) on the site, then you follow the route using your phone on the bike. It just displays the route on a map (no turn by turn or eta estimate) but it will never recalculate and send you on a "better" route. Might be worth checking out: https://rever.co/ I was busier than expected over the weekend. I'll be in touch about your travel plans down to Tellico Plains soon. Bill- Glad to he
  13. Definitely the Stelvio. I do feel a little lame showing up to the SSR without a spine frame, but the V11 is overdue for some service and I don't really want to push it. I'm planning to get it all sorted out over the winter, so maybe next year!
  14. Well this escalated quickly. I've taken Thursday-Tuesday off and reserved a room for Friday and Saturday. I'll be camping for a night or two each way way down and back. See you all in a week! Jerry- Thanks for the generous offer! As it turns out I'll have a king bed of my own to sprawl out on. Now for some route planning.... Dan
  15. Any space for a late addition? What if I show up on a Stelvio instead of the V11?! It looks like there is still at least 1 room available. I'm not certain I can make this work, but I'm going to try. It would be great to actually meet some of the forum in person!
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