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  2. Thanks for looking and for the comments. This bike is now sold.
  3. Thanks much Footgoose. I'll give it a try. By the way, asking price is $7500. /edit/ I don't know what your secret is, but I wasn't successful at the copy/paste attempt.
  4. Here are the details on the Centauro: 1998 Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro SP 7100 Miles One owner Excellent Condition (Show Room) Creedon's Chip Stucci Cross Over CRG Bar End Mirrors Billet Cylinder Head Guard by Guzzi Sports Extra New Seat All Original Parts Once again, I'm unable to upload the photos to this site, so I'm attaching the Craigslist ad: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/mcy/d/1998-moto-guzzi-v10-centauro/6523513972.html
  5. I do have some interest on the Scura at the asking price. I was primarily interested in feedback on Centauro pricing.
  6. Thanks Chuck, I appreciate your input. Actually, $7500 is the price he’s looking for on the Centauro.
  7. Hasn’t needed addressing. Neither has the common bubbling case paint issue. I think this is one of the “good ones”. This one is no. 603, so one of the later ones produced.
  8. What do you guys think the ballpark price should be for the Centauro? It has low mileage, some period correct extras (Stucci crossover, Creedon chip, et al., and truly may be the nicest one in the country. I know what he wants for it, but would be interested in hearing other perspectives as you don’t see many come up for sale - especially the Sport versions.
  9. Thanks, it is sweet, but I won’t miss her as I’m posting this for a friend who doesn’t do forums. I can, however, strongly vouch for the excellent condition of this bike, and would buy it myself if I had the room. He’s also going to be selling his equally excellent red 1998 Centauro Sport.
  10. Sorry, mistaken about the tires - they’re Bridgestone S21s with 600 miles on them.
  11. Excellent condition, located in Los Angeles, CA. $5000. Here are the details: 22,360 Miles Ferracci High Compression Pistons Mistral Titanium Exhaust System Stucci Crossover Power Commander Michelin Pilot power 2CT(Front & Rear) CRG Clutch & Blake Lever CRG Bar End Mirror(Right & Left) Billet Cylinder head guard(Right & Left) Carbon Rear Hugger Seat Cowl painted in Mat Black Factory Carrier Unable to attach photos, but you can find some on this link: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/mcy/d/2002-moto-guzzi-v11-scura/6522080069.html
  12. It may be the crush washer on the bottom of the fork. If so you'll need to remove the fork, drain the oil, remove the bolt holding the crush washer and replace the washer with a new one. I just had to do this on my California Vintage.
  13. Wow, a brand new Cafe Sport! Looks great (although, personally I would probably change out the red seat).
  14. While I don't have an answer to your question to add here, I just wanted to tell you that your LeMans I and R90S are two of my absolute favorite vintage bikes. You have good taste.
  15. Its been my experience that the bike provides more ground clearance when you put the sidestand up prior to riding.
  16. This is a very common problem with many Ducati's, especially the sport classics and monsters. I had a GT 1000 on which the tank expanded and had to be replaced under warranty. Soon after, it happened again. It's caused by the ethanol in our fuel. In order to fix the problem, many have coated their new tanks with Caswell before installing them. Another good idea is to use an additive, e.g. StarTron, as that seems to neutralize the ethanol effects. Not only are the tanks being damaged, but also the fuel lines are getting gummed up by the ethanol. Since using StarTron in my tanks I haven't
  17. I sold my Cafe Sport about a year ago. It was in very nice condition, not a ton of miles, and had some good aftermarket accessories. I was only able to get $6000 for it.
  18. I see my grail bike, the daytona orange R90S, is in the first batch of pics. Nice posting.
  19. Enzo, we all (well, many of us) buy a new bike and then try to make it our own by modifying it to small or great extents. In my opinion, you are absolutely right when you say that motorcycles coming from the manufacturers can be improved upon. Personally, for example, I've found that most new bikes have fueling issues that can certainly be made better by modifying airboxes and filters, o2 settings, using power commanders to adjust, flashing ecu's, changing exhausts, etc. This is your motorcycle and, while I might not want the exact same one in my garage, I admire your efforts and experiment
  20. I always hardwire my Escort radar detector to my bikes, and instead of going directly out from the battery I use a not hot fuse. That way if the bike's turned off, so is the connection.
  21. I may be mistaken, and if so please don't hesitate to correct me, but I think the cf tank pad came stock only on the Scura. I don't believe it was an aftermarket piece.
  22. Hey, I just saw that I'm now published on that website - check out the V7 Sport currently at the top of the page.
  23. I had a ducati sport classic that was plagued by this problem, and they gave me a couple of new tanks under warranty. Of course, these expanded also. I do keep in touch with many folks who had the same problem (Ducati.ms has several very large threads devoted to this subject) and many have reported that if you get the new tank coated with Caswell the problem will be cured. Also, many have reported that by hanging their tanks out to dry as mentioned earlier in this thread, the tanks do regain their original shape. Then they get coated. I would suggest this to be the method to try first, as
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