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  1. For anyone having iPhone I can recommend the free "Guzzi Tracker" app written by Paolo Rocca, a fan just like ourselves. It contains information, data and pics for virtually all Guzzi models all the way from the 1921 Normale. I hope it evolves and get updates for future models. Nice work! https://itunes.apple.com/se/app/guzzi-tracker/id1435726246?mt=8
  2. I'm pretty sure you will find some replacement for that tube docc, just breathe through your nose and consult ebay
  3. Made in China WTF!? Did they retroactively own your country?
  4. Dammit that's (again) a brilliant description from Pete. He should be paid full time from Moto Guzzi just for existing.
  5. I'm notorious for Excel-masturbating when weather or light isn't suitable for riding, it's a good thing others get some use of it
  6. The WHB's do have a list on some page but it's incomplete - many settings are not included but scattered around at specific sections (which is good too but they should be in the list as well ) I collected all I could find when I had the 1100 Sport (all or nearly all will apply to V11 as well) plus some generics, see this page: https://www.abc.se/~rasmus/1100Sport-torque.html
  7. Just cut off the peg that catches the spring, and it transforms into what you want. I didn't dare it without a switch though. https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=13072
  8. In the very short time I ran K&N pods, I could see a significantly worse air flow (up to 10% less fuel needed to reach same A/F) which should mean 10% less power. This is because the original filter box is tuned and the harmonics help the flow. I loved the sound and the looks though.
  9. Very sad news. See you later, Slavo!
  10. Here's a follow-up to that thread: http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15408&view=findpost&p=171867 raz
  11. I actually have no idea, I haven't even checked valve lash since but I will soon. I am mostly concerned about the rockers because I fixed them by hand. If they look worse now I'll just replace them with new ones but they were not cheap. Why would a properly renewed one only last a year?
  12. Just saw the sad news. I can't see how his helmet came off?
  13. Congratulations! I believe you should also visit http://www.centauro-...hpBB2/index.php - while the Centauro is a very different bike, it shares the V10 engine (and frame too btw). That forum is low volume but high quality.
  14. As far as I know they are interchangable, the older one is paper and the newer is metal. The metal one is not reusable AT ALL. If you use that and, after properly torquing the timing chest, realise the little chain lying on your garage floor should have been in there, you need to get a new gasket. The paper one can probably be reused lots of times but personally I'd change it anyway (except for that chain incident) because it's a PITA to replace it.
  15. Does the fuel pump prime for a second when you turn ignition on? The pump is on same fuse and same relay as the coils (and injectors). BTW check the fuses very carefully: I had a hairline crack in my ECU fuse, it REALLY looked OK but it was not. The giveaway was when I wiggled the fuse, the pump intermittently primed.
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