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  1. Come on knowing that Moto Guzzi would replace the cases with new ones back in the day under warranty must have given some indication that it would have been a bit of a pain lol. But hey you are having fun. I do not recall that that is what Moto Guzzi offered for that defect. I recall that they would have the dealer "refinish" the cases, or the owner could elect for some compensatory accessories (a jacket or otherwise?). I know one owner who went through the painful disassembly/ refinish process and heard of others who opted for the "accessory" option. Anyone with first-hand experience? couple years late, but I have some first hand knowledge. I bought a new '02 in '03 and at a dealer (now outa business), was given the choice of case replacement or MG's best riding gear, or tank and tail bag with tail rack. I shuddered at the idea of my incompetent dealer rebuilding my great performing motor for just paint. I chose the riding gear and waited.......waited......... then MG USA went temporarily ass over tit, and I forgot about it. Fixed now, but I could have lived with it. Moto Italiano of San Jose/Santa Cruz (now out of business) did the factory case swap for me, and that's when I had the cams, pistons, etc done.
  2. We probably need an FAQ for this one day, something like "stage 1" through "stage 3" with the associated list of part numbers, tested power output & benefit, and cost. The problem is that the population of V11 Sport and Le Mans owners is so small that have tried various options and measured them, and distilling the parts list appropriately, that it is hard to actually produce such a list... as we've discussed over the years. But it would be nice That being said, I feel like I just commented partially on this topic the other day, and I did https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20253&page=3&do=findComment&comment=236884 From the thread "Camshaft recommendation needed": https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20253 And this on dual/twin plugs: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=320&do=findComment&comment=2919 From the thread: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=320 Hope that helps
  3. I'm sure that is true, as winter isn't when most buyers have a new motorcycle on their minds (although they should if looking for a deal ) I'm sure someone will come forward though. The Le Mans looks great in all black.
  4. Those Stelvio's are nice, and yep some good deals to be had on the last year or so that are still on dealer floors.
  5. Ah yes that's right, I completely forgot about the Ventura system.... and I HAVE ONE! (I have never used it, in a box somewhere ) But when I did buy it, it seemed like a good tail bag option. https://www.ventura-bike.com/product/moto-guzzi/V-11-Sport https://www.ventura-bike.com/product/moto-guzzi/V11-Le-Mans I had the Tekno bags for a while, but just wasn't impressed with their overall build quality and was worried they'd fall off given their questionable bag mounting. I've never owned the Hepco Becker bags, but I'm sure they are high quality.
  6. Not familiar with that brand of luggage, and as you'll soon discover there wasn't and isn't much luggage or other touring parts that fit the V11 Sport and Le Mans.... the market was just too limited. That being said, there were at least two sets of side bags made to fit the V11 Sport/Le Mans: The "Tekno" bags, which weren't really all that great and are no longer available new. You can see a set here: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6547&do=findComment&comment=190869 Hepco Becker made some mounts that their standard hard bags fit, and I believe those are still available. http://www.harpermoto.com/hepco-and-becker-complete-rack-moto-guzzi-v-11-650.526-00-01.html http://www.harpermoto.com/hepco-becker-junior-30-hard-case-set.html As far as other touring modifications, I'd suggest checking the FAQ section that has lists of bar risers, peg modifications, etc. Although fair warning, some links are long dead as products have ceased to become available over the last decade.
  7. They are trying to remove the debris from the oil return before it gets back to the sump. Better than relying on the sump screen or having the rusty dust like particles go through the sump screen, scour the pump housing before being captured by the filter. Ciao ...I get that. I'm just wondering if we're over-thinking this. The sump is designed to be where dirty oil is collected, then sent through the pump to the filter. The pump isn't a precision assembly, like say a bearing, and that dirty sump oil is pumped to the filter to get cleaned. Would even significant amounts of debris in the oil harm the pump? I agree it would be better to have cleaner oil returned from the frame/breather if possible, but is it really a problem worth engineering another filter or catch can that could introduce unintended issues such as lack of flow as discussed above, leaks, other? Just posing the question... If one is really concerned about debris in the breather/frame, perhaps do we think the suggestions about cleaning it as well as possible might be the best and simplest approach. Then just use the stock configuration?
  8. The catch can sounds very cool (I fitted one to my Jaguar XJR for slightly different reasons), but doesn't the oil filter really do this for you anyway?
  9. ..... yep, sorry to hear about that, but at least you know why. That's a much better place to be in than wondering. It'll be a cool bike once back together
  10. Yep, I do, and that's what I typically do as well. But I was curious about these as it gets completely out of your way if working on many things at once. With the shop stand and platform, it's harder to work on some of the middle of the bike. So was just curious if anyone has tried one of the head stock stands. Seems clever.
  11. We've had tons of workshop stand threads over the years, and the general consensus is that the factory mid/rear stand works pretty well as general "center stand" solution for keeping the bike vertical and raising the rear wheel. And it actually keeps mostly out of the way. But lifting the front isn't handled very well, even with the factory "spool" that comes with the workshop stand. There are a lot of universal front fork lifts, but that doesn't allow one easy access to the wheel, forks and brakes. So I was wondering if anyone has found a front "headstock pin" or "triple tree" stand that works with the Le Mans, it's fits the head stock bolt, clears the fairing, etc? An example of what I'm referring to: https://www.amazon.com/Venom-Motorcycle-Triple-Headlift-Kawasaki/dp/B00CX7L1LA
  12. Only 300 miles total? Was it never hardly ridden, in a time capsule?
  13. To be clear, you're saying you like the m-Blaze pins, correct? i ask because we also took a sidestep talking about the Kellermann light units This looks like the modules you were referring to: https://nuut.ca/
  14. no, the PC map can not accurately be translated to the 15M fuel maps. The rpm breakpoints don't match and the translation of the %-TPS indices to the °TPS will not work either, due to insufficient granularity of the %-TPS breakpoints and the lower number of breakpoints. Cheers Meinolf That's what I was afraid of, so one can't just dispose of the PCIII if you have a custom PCIII tune to accommodate aftermarket modifications like exhaust, intake, crossover, etc. So that then raises the question of how one would tune a 15M with Guzzidiag alone (no PCIII) to accommodate those modifications if you don't have a dyno, lambda probe, etc. I'd love to look into that at some point to eliminate the additional complexity of the PCIII.
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