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  1. I'll be looking into K&N''s sister product, AEM dry flow "oil-less" washable filters to replace the foam filters on the velocity stacks. I used to have the big K&Ns like you ordered, which I liked a lot, but they won't fit with the velocity stacks fitted. K&N acquired AEM some years ago, but they don't seem to get quite the interest in the hot rod world, but are well regarded. I have a big cone AEM on the XJR now.
  2. I'm a "Mr Injector" fan. He cleans and rebuilds them for $17.50 each. I'll be sending my V11 injectors to him, as long as he supports cleaning the V11 injectors which I'd be surprised if he doesn't. http://www.mrinjector.us/
  3. Just as a related aside, what happened to the "anyone bore out a throttle body" thread? I can't find it. The forum "notifications" said my answer was set as "best answer of the topic" (which is kinda cool) but now I can't find the thread. When I click on that notification I get:
  4. Those look pretty cool. I could only use the rear nuts since I have the Ducati front hollow axle, but am curious what size and where you sourced the rear axle nuts. I agree that I don't think the point is saving weight, but instead replacing the corroding OEM fasteners... but not replacing them with something that introduces a more significant mechanical problem. So the Ti sound interesting.
  5. Great link, very fascinating. ....I love Fastenal stores. I can spend a long time browsing there.
  6. Any concerns about fastener strength or stainless steel galling when using these fasteners to replace the painted/zinc steel OEM fasteners?
  7. Just ordered a set from: https://www.onlinecomponents.com/omron-electronics/g8he1c7trdc12-42670683.html Mouser, Digikey, and Amazon still say unavailable.
  8. Corresponded with Fast Bike Industries, and seem like some knowledgable and nice guys. Their rear shock rebuild service is $160, which I think is a great deal.
  9. Thanks, will be interested to see which one. The one I find with a quick search is: https://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/consumer-brands/stops-rust/textured
  10. Thanks, I've dropped them a note. Stig via Facebook didn't respond. So he may be fully retired.
  11. Have to admit that satin finish looks great. Maybe I'll consider that over time.
  12. Thanks everyone, but remember that the 2002 OEM textured black finish is not wrinkle, but instead more of a grainy "fuzzy" finish even when new. I'm looking for something that will reasonably match the OEM "fuzzy" finish as the engine cases are like new. Wrinkle finishes will not match, and as mentioned generally take heat to properly wrinkle. Thanks again.
  13. Like many of us with the textured "fuzzy" black engine paint, I have a few places where the paint is coming off. I had the engine cases replaced under warranty many years ago, but the transmission, bevel, and other miscellaneous parts are also painted with the original factory textured finish. So I've been looking around at various paint products, and wondered if anyone has tried any that are a good match to the factory finish and durable. The first I've found is the Harley Davidson Black Texture Touch-Up Paint part number 98606BF https://www.harley-davidson.com/store/touch-up-paint-pa-15-98606bf--1 Has anyone tried this product? Also, are there any recommendations for any aluminum primer to use under the paint?
  14. That's a good price! Looks like prices for these are finally coming down enough for the average owner to consider. We'll be very interested to hear how the brightness and beam pattern seems to compare with the OEM headlight and reflector. I know it will be somewhat subjective unless you have another V11 to compare it with side-by-side, but hopefully you can recall enough to note the difference.
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