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  1. I'll see, but I have no idea where they are packed away at the moment... If I even have them. That being said, a bunch of folks here have installed them over the years, so they may have photos. But honestly it would be tough (impossible?) I think to reverse engineer them from photos without technical drawings and specs. Plus that isn't really fair to John and his intellectual property and the effort he's put into designing them. I'd really recommend your dropping a note to John or call him, since his contact info in the first post. You never know, he may have a set still hanging around or as you say give you a one-time use of the specs to have a machine shop make a set for you
  2. OK, so don't laugh... but with being stuck working from home for months, I've also had more spare time to go through my junk and have found all sorts of things I've forgotten about, and apparently one of those is a "VDST Standard" kit that I bought years ago before everyone really figured out GuzziDiag, etc. From the invoice, it looks like I bought it from Todd Eagan way back in 2008, and in 2015 he told me that TechnoResearch had already gone through two rebrandings since then. So the question is in the context of Guzzidiag; it is even worth keeping and trying to mess with VDST anymore or should I just make it available to someone with a Ducati, etc? Any thoughts by those that may have used VDST on if it has any advantages over GuzziDiag? I'd rather not put effort into mastering both if GuzziDiag gets you there. Thanks
  3. Here's some info on the Phillips bulb: https://www.philips.co.in/c-p/12953BWX2/x-tremeultinon-led-headlight-bulb#see-all-benefits It doesn't seem to mention the actual wattage though, whether less than the halogen or not. I've tried to steer clear of the no-name LED bulbs of various application as they just don't seem to hold up or perform well, and it's taken years for Sylvania and Philips to start making LEDs for many of the automobile, etc applications. But they've started to do more in recent years, so I may have to check them out. It would be great to have a cheaper bulb solution than an entire light assembly swap, especially if the bulb is just about as good. Here's one review I found, and one might wonder if the heat sink would fit in the LeMans bucket.
  4. I think there is still going to be a lot of air gulped into that central opening, and one can glimpse the exhaust port & header through that opening. But who knows, only the owner that rides with it will know if it overheats or not... As usual, I'm in the style minority, but I like that ...everyone else seems to hate the XJ40 Jaguar too, but that's why they are cheap is why I have a 94 XJ12
  5. Yeah, I'm almost certain I have a set of the Motratech foot controls in a box somewhere... always intending to put them on and give them a try, but never did get around to it yet. If I do have them, it's on my list of to-do as the old Buell drop peg experiment never really worked for me as it caused me to be too pigeon toed even when extending the shift and brake pegs.
  6. Possibly... one could drop him an email I suppose and see what happened to the business or specifically the foot control portion. I certainly can't speak for him, but if no one picked up the entire business, he may be interested in doing something with the foot control licensing & plans on their own. He was very active and helpful here for a long while, but hasn't logged in since March 2019. So along with retiring from the MC accessory business, it looks like he may not be that active with motorcycling and the V11 community at all anymore either? I too take long breaks over the last years, and it seems that every time I pop back in after a year or three break that several of the top contributors and old-timers have moved on and themselves not logged in for a year+ It seems like an ever shrinking audience, but then again these bikes are now at their youngest 15 year old models, and at their oldest over 20 years. Hard to believe that much time has passed so quickly. For nostalgia, here is a snapshot of what the old Motratech webpage for the MGC-SB10 controls used to look like, with a little info about them:
  7. Yeah, and the shape of the V11 Sport tank's hard slab sides tend to dig into the inside my knees over time and hurt, so something soft might be really comfortable. I'll probably look into these too.
  8. Not a lot of information in the CT ad, but from the photo is appears to have about 21k miles on the clock. Based on the various fading and corrosion one can see, it looks like it has been put away wet ... or maybe just lovingly ridden in all weather It's only 60 miles from me, so tempting, but I don't need another project.
  9. Well, like many things I'm sure this will fall into the "love it" and "hate it" camps of aesthetic taste .... but I love it. It looks very Mad Max. Is that available off the shelf from somewhere? I don't have a naked V11, nor a Magni fairing, so not applicable to me. But I'd consider it if I did just because it is so odd
  10. I bought the HD black textured paint as well, but also haven't given it a try yet. It is supposed to be the same texture used on all HD engines for the last decade or so to present, and looking at the current HD bikes at the dealership the other day... the texture looks very similar to the "fuzzy" MG paint. The HD part number that I bought is 98606BF "Texture Black" Again, I haven't tested it yet.
  11. Ha, well I dunno... I kinda like it Great and immensely helpful thread BTW. I've had my eye on a CalVin for a few years. Still not sure I'll pursue one, but they are a neat bike.
  12. Those look especially good coordinated on the earlier chin pad tanks. I don't need a lot of extra tank "grip", but one oddity with the V11 Sport/LeMans tank and my physique is that the flare of the tank on it's slab sides tends to put a lot of painful pressure on the bony prominence inside of my knees which hurts after a while. So I may have to look into these.
  13. I assume that the stainless exhaust have been polished versus chromed? ...if so that must have taken a lot of elbow grease
  14. Glad you found it. I had that once, just a few weeks into ownership... stopped at an intersection, oil leaking out pretty significantly., and was the infamous timing chain cover gasket leak that a number of the 2002 bikes suffered from.
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