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  1. For any 1100 Sport fans, you might want to check this out: https://raleigh.craigslist.org/mcy/d/raleigh-1997-moto-guzzi-1100-sport/7198235956.html I have no affiliation, although he's in my neck of the woods. I don't normally see a lot of MG activity around these parts as I don't think this area every really had a MG dealer. Looks like this fella has a bunch of 1100 Sports. I wonder if someone here knows him?
  2. I don't know either, but my 1989 air cooled FJ1200 always seemed to be cooler running than the V11...
  3. Yeah, we're a month past our Honda Pilot being totaled, and the insurance companies are still squabbling. I just got off the phone with them, again... And no matter what they offer, it will not replace the use of the paid off, well maintained vehicle we had at our disposal.
  4. Was it a hit and run, did he stay, or did the other guy even realize he hit you?
  5. Awesome I wonder if yours is the highest mileage V11 Sport in the world? I still have about 18 months to go for mine to reach 20 years old with the original owner.
  6. If the valve clearances were "in spec" for the US, they may be too tight as they were to meet US noise regulations as I recall. Once they get good and heated up, that gap is too small and they become too tight for the engine to idle well. I seem to remember this happening to mine when I first had it too. The better "Euro spec" valve adjustments should be in the FAQ section for tuneup.
  7. I don't think Moto Guzzi ever made any bar risers, and other than the logo those look exactly like MPH risers. Perhaps MPH changed their logo over the years, or someone copied their design? https://mphcycles.com/handle-bar-risers/ That being said, if the OP (Bridge) doesn't want them, let me know when you decide to pull them off as I may be interested in the set.
  8. Ah the "Seal Mate"... https://sealmate.net/ I watched a few videos. Interesting and simple little tool. Definitely a great inexpensive and simple first step to try before tearing down your forks, or sending them to a shop for new seals.
  9. As I recall, didn't the OZ wheels fail to incorporate a cush-drive? Will it bolt up to the V11 as-is?
  10. I think cost will be a key question, even if just an estimate. So that will be helpful to know. Since I changed out to a 2003 tank years ago, the "chin pad" isn't an option anymore. But I've often thought it would be neat to have the starter cover in CF. For me if I were interested... based mostly on cost of course, the more durable and sturdy weave would be preferable if there is a difference in durability between the 1x1 and 3x3. I have the CF front fender as above, but I doubt anyone would tell any difference in weave type between the fender and starter cover since they are so far removed.
  11. So I wonder if Greg was referring to this whole kit below or just the "upgraded" stator? The kit below looks like it may be physically larger, see what appears to be a spacer for the replacement rotor that itself looks thicker?? Is it? Maybe we should ask Todd at Guzzi Tech if curious. https://gtmotocycles.com/collections/electronics/products/eme-h-o-charging-system-upgrade
  12. Sounds like this needs to be documented somewhere here, with photos Is the process and recommendations the same for the stock Marz and also Ohlins forks?
  13. Here is a similar thread that appears to have the same info... And here's a nice summary post: And here's the thread where I learned to no longer take the fairing apart piece-meal
  14. Hrmm, I thought there was a FAQ for this, but doesn't seem to be. I'm sure there was a thread eons ago, but it may have been lost with the upgrade from the original forum soooo long ago. Who knows All true as reported above.... comes off in one big piece as described once the hard mounting locations and turn signal wiring are disconnected. Be careful as the fairing is a little "floppy" once you pull it off, and you have to expand it a bit to get it past the valve cover mounting brackets to pull it forward and off. But once done, you'll see it's not a big deal But as an alternative, if you ONLY want to get to the headlight wiring for example, you also can just remove the small piece of the fairing up under the headlight. I think it is held on with four bolts.
  15. The P-38 was my favorite WWII plane when I was a kid. You are probably already aware of these stories, but I thought they were great. I spoke with the guys that pulled the first one out many years ago, curious if they'd go back for more. At that time it wasn't financially feasible. http://p38assn.org/glaciergirl/recovery.htm But.... https://www.flyingmag.com/another-wii-p-38-lightning-found-beneath-ice-in-greenland/ https://www.popularmechanics.com/flight/a22575917/wwii-p-38-discovered-under-300-feet-of-ice-in-greenland/
  16. Nice looking seat. I've had good experience with TLM
  17. That looks familiar ...I think they did a great job with as I recall this one year color combination. This was within just a few months of buying mine back in San Jose, California circa 2002.... approaching 20 years ago. Wow.
  18. That looks interesting, so I guess you'll need two. Let us know how well it works out, and perhaps some "how to" photos of the removal of the old plastic elbows and install of the new metal ones.
  19. Yeah I had to Google the headlight (SEV MARCHAL H1 +H3 Amplilux Headlight) yesterday when you mentioned it in the list above to see what it was. That's an interesting history and a sharp looking light. Now it makes me wonder if it would fit in a Lemans bucket
  20. Yeah, it's a shame the OEM unit is just barely good enough regarding durability and output. Not a terrible price... Does the new stator have any increased output? https://www.electrosport.com/collections/street-motorcycles-moto-guzzi-2000-v11-sport/products/esg814-stator-ducati-external-type-2-wire-012-2a These are interesting, but more expensive, options as well especially if one is concerned about power consumption/reserve: https://gtmotocycles.com/collections/electronics/products/eme-stator https://gtmotocycles.com/collections/electronics/products/eme-h-o-charging-system-upgrade
  21. No idea without someone testing, but here is the description from MG Cycle, which suggests it is designed to fit:
  22. Well, actually this would still allow your boot to be right up against the porkchop, so I'd say "no" it doesn't cause the same pigeon toe issue as something like the Buell pegs. ...although it may feel a little odd with more than half your boot on top of the pivot and bolt instead of the peg, where in the stock location it's a bit less. Another minor consideration is that it increases the distance between the pegs and the brake & shifter, but depending on shoe size this may not be an issue. It would be curious to see more detailed photos and specs on how the bolt on the right side was handled. So this might be a good modification for some and require minimal modification, and I think I now remember this being brought up as an option in the past as well that I just forgot about.
  23. If you do get photos of the bag, please start a new brief thread of the tail rack mounted, and the bag unmounted & mounted for posterity if someone asks again and searches. I have some photos of the rack unmounted and its hardware I can then upload to the same thread.
  24. Looks good, but with our short front fenders I wonder how well and long it will hold up to road spray and debris... I repainted my alloy one after the first year of being "blasted"
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