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  1. Firstly it turns out to be the perfect mix of mechanical beauty and, what I personally consider, a somewhat ‘functional oddness’, for a fellow like me. Also it was part of a slow attitude shift. I’d like to think I was leaning into some much needed wisdom, but realistically I was tired of the constant risk exposure of fast street riding. The worn out knee puck style of street riding. I remember seeing a 1000S in the parking lot at a racetrack in 1993 and falling in love. I still have the photo of it stashed away somewhere. Then in the pits there was a Guzzi racebike. Square barrel as well, and it was tiny, red and the motor looked huge. Dominating. I have several pics of that too. The engines just look fantastic, especially the square barrels. But, I was still too into repli racers to commit to buying one. Fast forward to 2002. At a closed dealership in North Carolina, on a Sunday, I look in the window and see a blackframe V11 Sport. I knew I’d have one. It was just way too cool looking! It took a few years, but I found a slightly tired 2000 Silver V11 Sport. I loved it. In 4 years of riding and wrenching it never disappointed me. For me, riding it at an 80% or less pace was magical, especially if I got it right, carrying some good corner speed and using that upper midrange torque coming off the turns. Dive-bombing into the turns, hard on the brakes, and flicking it in just doesn’t suit the bike (to me). Even with the correct springs for my weight, and Ohlins shock. Too be honest, when I tried to ride it over about 90% it just progressively scared the shit out of me! Plenty of warning. Could be the nature of the red frames, but I think I would like it less if it was utterly confidence inspiring at 90 mph through a slightly bumpy sweeper with my knee on the ground. For the record, I never tried to get my knee down on my Guzzi. You folks that have deserve some sort of award. Or you need to be locked up for your own safety! Thankfully I have lived long enough to finally be too old to try it. What makes me happiest to report is that my black 2000 speaks to me in the same ways. It’s already well sorted, thanks to the previous owners.
  2. I’m in for one. PM sent!
  3. I replaced the crankcase vent tube. It was disintegrating on each end and leaking bad enough to let me watch the hot oil run down the right side of the crankcase and onto the hot exhaust. Smoky. I had done it on my silver bike and recalled that it was a bit of a struggle, but this time, oddly, I enjoyed the struggle.
  4. Sadly, the oak floor is just an illusion. What you see is vinyl plank flooring……over concrete! It’s actually pretty nice and durable. We all know that the possession of a spine frame is the best indicator of being a true gentleman! My wife would never let me park on a real oak floor………
  5. Check the Gallery for FuelCooler……. Best I can do for tonight!
  6. FuelCooler


  7. Ha! The entire V11 Sport. Sorry, I’m still in a state of shock.
  8. I just brought home a beautiful, near perfect, red frame 2000 V11 in black.
  9. Wow guys, wow…. Luke, your bike is stunning! I sat on a brand new red 2004 naked at FBF right before I found my Silver 2000 red frame. Love the color. I believe it’s worth all of the asking price, especially considering the pistons, cam, cans and map. It’s just more than I can swing now. I wish I could, but I’d have two unload 2 hard to sell bikes first.
  10. I wish it was closer to the east coast. Not wise for me to buy sight unseen, and in my experience, the 2 bikes I have shipped across country were damaged at the destination. Otherwise I’d love a Scura!
  11. Very nice bike, and Michael is a good honest guy as well, but I had to pass. With shipping costs to NJ it makes more sense for me to buy local when/if another silver one comes for sale in the spring. Thanks again Michael for your help in showing it to me and my brother-in-law!
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  13. Hmmm, after a long absence, I very well may be interested in getting back in the game! This is about what I sold my silver 2000 for. I will be in LA in 3 weeks......
  14. Complete V11 Scura screen with mounting hard ware. Excellent condition. Matt Black (factory finish). $220 with shipping (continental US only)
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