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  1. Price reduction $7K without spares, Will include the rare rear rack
  2. I have decided not put my Rosso on Ebay, I will just leave it here or keep it
  3. I am leaving this up until the weekend and then I will either place on EBay or just keep it, she is very beautiful
  4. I am offering my Rosso Mandello for sale on this forum before considering putting it on Ebay This bike was in storage for a while so I completely went through it and replaced anything that was required, it has new fuel system, all fresh fluids, new Pirelli Angel tires, new battery, this bike runs like new and sounds amazing with Mistral pipes and crossover system. I have boxes of spares and manuals, plus a framed limited edition #266 Rosso Mandello certificate. I am asking $8000 or best offer, I am located near Franklin TN, pm me for further information or high definition photos
  5. I will go this year, definitely maybe
  6. Check that your starter button is not stuck in, thus engaging the starter although the engine is running, this will make the screech noise, this happened to my 2001, a quick dap of WD40 and the starter button and some adjustment on the cluster and it was fixed,
  7. another Guzzi is coming home with me this weekend, Italian bikes are dominating my shop
  8. Hey I forgot all about this and rode the weekend before, in glorious weather, total miles 550
  9. I will be making an appearance on the Rosso Mandello
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