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  1. another Guzzi is coming home with me this weekend, Italian bikes are dominating my shop
  2. Hey I forgot all about this and rode the weekend before, in glorious weather, total miles 550
  3. I will be making an appearance on the Rosso Mandello
  4. My Rosso Mandello, after its shake down ride, all good and ready for the riding season
  5. Hi Gio, can I purchase the bar end weights?
  6. So I received the new hose today and proceeded to remove the perished item from the bike, with the gas tank in place. It was awkward but after a while I was able to remove the hose clamps and pull the rubber hose out of the engine area. Time for a beer and then to fit the new hose, I struggled for a while and then decided I need a small handed gynecologist to complete the task without removing the gas tank, I just can’t get enough leverage to push the ends of the hose onto the fittings, oh bugger
  7. Just ordered one thanks, I guess it’s a tank off for installation ?
  8. So I took a short shake down ride in my recently revived Rosso Mandello and noticed a fine spray of oil coming from a hose that I think is an oil vent hose, see the diagram it looks to be coming from the area around 19. Is this a known failure point ?
  9. The bike is now running after a fuel injectors clean and new hoses, does anyone know if the fuel regulator on the RH side of the tank needs a vacuum hose on the nipple? My nipple was bare!!!
  10. I have a Rossi mandello color matched Magni fairing kit with bars and fitting instructions for sale, pm with offers
  11. What fuel pressure should I expect at the injectors ?
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