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  1. no, I gave it away to a guy who is rebuilding my old Guzzi
  2. Still available and for sale
  3. Great, thats OK. I'll PM you.
  4. V11 sport, nuda and le mans should be fit
  5. yes, it is. I ordeded together with rearset fott pegs/control which was mounted and great quality. Just forgot to mount this as it more cosmetic value
  6. Rossopuro's little beautiful reaction rod in red anodized aluminium. Never used. Found it in a package when cleaning out the storage. Bikes sold years ago. It seems to be out of production so I am unsure what to ask for it... can I get 150 euros?
  7. gthyni


  8. hmmm, if they upset the fuelmapping they do something to the airflow, which probably mean less restricted which if turn must mean more potenial top end power.
  9. at onme of those shows anyway, nice looking custom build:
  10. I found them with measurements ... and in a swedish e-shop http://www.mc-online.se/shop/default.aspx?...773&lng=SWE The size of the the pads are around 300x170 mm, should be more than enough I think, I will get the ruler out once I get home tonight.
  11. thanks for the reply, but since I am a track day junkie I am less concerned with protecting the paint job than getting a better grip with my knees while breaking and hanging of the side of the bike.
  12. I was thinking about stick som pads on my tank. There is no MG-specifics and the knee outtake on the tank of our bikes are quiet large. Google and me can't find any measurements of the differnt pads from stompgrip. Anyone fitted the universal sport bike pads or any other bike specific pads I would love your input (with a picture if possible)
  13. as a subscriber of a swedish bikebuilder magazine (MCN) I know about your highly rated friend, no wonder it looked good.
  14. the 2into1 collector look nice. Custom made?
  15. why all the whining? It is a new season and it is looking a lot more exciting than the last. tips for Jerez: 1. Rossi 2. Lorenzo 3. Pedrosa dark horse: Randy de Puniet.
  16. sorry but.. wherefrom is that fairing?
  17. Carlos Checa is riding Ten Kate Honda in World Superbikes next year, RdP is the sole rider of LCR Honda, I think Kawasaki tried to be too smart by holding out on him and then he was snapped up by his former team manager in 250 Lucio Cecchinello. Hope LCR gets a better bike from HRC next year that let Randy show his potential.
  18. Randy is going to LCR Honda for the 2008 season. Hopkins and Anthony West is the Kwak lineup for 2008. For me Hopkins is the most overrated man on the grid, 1 podium in 5 years and never even able to outrun his teammates over a whole season despite them being a over-the-hill-tired-guy and a rookie. He will have a hard time beating West next year.
  19. 4th is not going to happen, IMHO. The form of Melandri is going straight up after the injuries, another podium in Valencia is likely, while Hopkins har been more mediocre than normally in the last races. Just his luck that Vermeulen is just as bad right now.
  20. with 3 of the hottest contenders of the weekend (RdP, Pedrosa and Rossi) out after just a few laps it turned out as a usual 2007 race, quiet boring
  21. but only 5th on the warmup this morning... let's hope for a tight race
  22. Might be both if Yamaha puts Lorenzo in Tech Trois?? Guintoli is a rookie who has done all you could expect given the circumstances, Tamada is the veteran who should step into Checa's role as developer but has not delivered. Go figure.
  23. the problems are in the new tyres regulation, the teams has to pick a limited assortment of tyres on thursday to use for the whole weekend before they have even run one lap on the track. It is a gamble and does promote tight exciting races, scrap those Mickey Mouse rules now, it is hurting the sport badly.
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