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  1. Indeed - the Mistrals (purchased through dealer in 2001) did come with "off-road only" plates ... so I had some same size replacements made with "Moto Guzzi V11 Sport" and used original rivet holes to secure - so they still looked "factory" (sorry Phil ...) Docc - I dug out the flyer (also dated 2001 for North America) and the deal was "$1500 worth of accessories" with the purchase of a new 2000 V11 Sport ... which was the flyscreen (referred to as a "quarter fairing"), Tekno bags and Jacket at the time. The one I kept must have been for Canada as the application has Province / Postal code - refreshingly different, despite my fondness for southern neighbours such as yourself my friend ... The 2001 brochure also had flyscreen and Teknos fitted in the picture - but with stock LaFranconi cans. Gio
  2. PS ... (and +1 re Phil's clarification) here is a pic of the "dealer package" jacket (that came with flyscreen and teknos) ... like the bike - some patina, but still in great shape after almost 20 years and just under 100k(ms) ... only available in choice of yellow or red at the time (no green!) ... so I chose red and received yellow - which was probably a better choice anyway. As far as colour-matching goes - my understanding is that these early flyscreens used the same production line paint as other body parts - so perhaps Stucchi made some of those for MG also ..? All good history ... although still searching for a good second home for the bike ...
  3. Yes - the Stucchi flyscreen (as per Kane's pic) was offered together with Tekno bags AND a very nice (Italian) leather jacket when I purchased my greenie new from the dealer in 2001 (2000 MY) - I still have the promotional flyer in a file as part of the documented history ...
  4. There was a "factory" colour-matched fly-screen option with the original greenies (made by Stucci ??) but not available for many years now ... I sold the one that came with mine a few months ago to a fellow greenie owner in Toronto (as have the Magni fitted) ...
  5. Was wondering if you still have the factory green fairing and screen for sale?


    1. Gio


      Hi Dale - flyscreen sold a while ago now ...


  6. Price now $4000 CDN (approx. $2,900 US) ... (optional factory bars/mirrors sold)
  7. +1 re the factory LaFranconis Ken - I also installed Mistrals (and they do have a bark) ... but oem pipes a much deeper bass rumble from distant memory - I have these originals posted here now ... Edit - price for my LaFranconis just reduced to $250 CDN (approx. $175 US + shipping)
  8. Thanks for sharing Jaap - we observed 2 minutes of silence across Canada yesterday in memory of this anniversary, and all fallen soldiers ...
  9. Thank-you all for the kind words ... (Kelly - we are in Kings county just outside Wolfville so only an hour or so from where all this happened) ... Take care folks Gio
  10. Today - Canadians everywhere, and fellow Nova Scotians in particular, will be remembering the 22 victims of the recent shootings - sadly - the largest in our nations history. In what are already difficult times - spare a thought for innocent victims everywhere and do whatever you can to make this world a better / safer place for all of us. Gio PS - there will be an on-line vigil (fb and CBC radio / television) tonight beginning at 7pm eastern time.
  11. Offer on mirrors accepted - sale pending. Mirrors now sold - bars still available (offer on-hand is less than asking $ ...) Bars now sold
  12. Interesting - the BT45 is a popular choice for the old K75 ... although I prefer Pirelli (Sport Demons). Avon also just announced a Mk2 version of their AM-26 also. Thanks for this - and yes, excellent taste in classic bikes.
  13. Was recently asked what my bottom line might be - offered @ $4,250 CDN (approx. $2,975 US) ... any additional flexibility would be with optional items (Teknos, bars/mirrors, pit-stand or Twin-max) ... offers for some of these already in-hand, pending sale of bike.
  14. +1 re comment on buying filters based on price (perhaps applicable to FRAM - but have no personal experience of this brand on V11 per se) ... personally have always stayed with the oem Ufi - adding securing strap in later years to prevent un-seen spin-off (which could happen to any filter in theory?) - usually ordered from my original dealer and shipped in the mail - drop the pan (rather than using man-hole) ... takes a little longer but good to see whats happening inside methinks and clean out screen etc at the same time ... as far as I'm aware, the ufi filter specs are more than adequate.
  15. Not too shabby at all mate! Might even have looked good in other colours (?) ... but that green (had to say that!). I also think that lower belly pan really finishes off the look - tried to find one for mine a while back but no luck. So a beautiful ending to a nice story - looking forward to the road-test report already. Cheers!
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