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  1. Indeed Docc ... a proliferation of (mostly) frozen nuts this time of year - but nothing a portable hair-drier couldn't thaw (on my top-five of usefull things to carry on longer journeys ... not that I have much hair, or would care what it looked like even if I did) ... but most excellent boot-driers on those damper days should motel x not offer in-room microwave ..! I have ridden through snow in AB during June in the past (seriously) ... hardy bunch we Canadians are!
  2. Clock-end another story (and inner cable replaced once) - but as far as I can recall I still have the original (60 degree) lower angle drive on my '00 ... perhaps all angle-drives not created equal? Either way - as stress-free and non-interfering as possible ... and some occaisional greasing of cable / drives perhaps? Gio
  3. Further to on-going local (Canadian) discussions, and in the interest of a level playing field - have updated ad to reflect base as-is pricing (ie $4995 CDN or approx $3,750 US) plus listed optional extras (which may or may not be part of bike sale). Am adding to this latter list a white face Veglia odometer in miles (picked up a few years ago at a swap meet in the UK and looks to be in good condition) which I think I paid 10 or 15 pounds for at the time (not tested but could connect to cable drive next time I start the bike to check) ... it has 19576 miles on the clock and would offer here for US $30 plus shipping if working ok (likely not of much interest to folks in metric lands ...) Will add additional pics of all items shortly.
  4. No worries mate ... should you need any local support / place to ready the Stelvio for home run etc just let me know. Wife loves Nippers also - so you can buy in return! Gio PS - as you are in Langley, you probably know my old friends (Gord and Gord) in Chilliwack (where I purchased my V11 new) - if so, send regards next time you see them. Fine fellows both.
  5. Having mentioned the F&C , am now in fear I may have started another "oil" thread ..(!) @Phil - yes, big call perhaps ... but being from northern England originally feel somewhat qualified to make - having said that, footgoose is mostly correct with his mention of essential mushy peas (and optional Guinness) ... but sausage?? With gravy or curry sauce, perhaps. So I'll stand correction LangleyMalc - I don't recall there being any mushy peas in NL either ... Just recently, a couple (originally from northern England but then Australia) started a F&C van called "Nippers" in my part of NS - so in a shameless plug for any enthusiast wishing to sample not just good F&C (and sausage for that matter) - they also have mushy peas of the highest calibre. Just another reason to swing through NS on your journey LangleyMalc ..! Cheers! Gio
  6. I rode one-way from BC (Burnaby) to Halifax (via PEI and Cape Breton) on (my pre-V11) Zephyr 750 many years ago ... awesome journey! Took as many detours as time would allow (eg Highway 3 out of BC rather than trans-Can ... but you likely know that already) ... but to your second question - ferries to/from NL would have (will) add quite significant time / $ to the journey - although an awesome place to visit if you can - including perhaps the best fish and chips on the planet! And don't forget NS ... Best of luck with your purchase and journey - no matter which route you choose. Gio
  7. Further to multiple PM enquiries regarding the "extras", and with the intent of clarification - my primary objective is to find another good home for my Sport ... there are a few discussions now taking place (spring is just around the corner!) and this may require some of these items - so still not sure which of those might be available, but here is my thinking on pricing (in US$) should no longer be required : Flyscreen $125 (offers on-hand) Stock LaFranconis $250 Stock bars / mirrors $75 ea or $135 for both (ie both pairs) Twin Max $60 Pit-stand $60 Tekno bags $125 (bags only - offer on-hand) - little used and purchased couple years ago, but came with brackets so original mounting brackets +$25 My apologies for any confusion this may have caused. Gio
  8. Based on recent enquiries from some Canadian prospects - I may now be in a position to sell the following "extras" separately as follows : Flyscreen (green) - removed shortly after purchasing the bike (when Magni installed) Factory bars / mirrors - as above (Magni came with lower clip-ons and mirrors) Factory LaFranconi cans (again - replaced with Mistrals shortly after purchase) Twin-Max electronic synchroniser Anaconda Pit-stand (modified for rear) Tekno bags / mounting brackets ... have a second set of mounting brackets so would leave existing brackets mounted Removing any of these these items from whole package would adjust price accordingly. Please PM with interest / offers ... JB, RL and Woody - I note prior correspondence / offers and would respect order in which received.
  9. For what it's worth ... I have found Canada / US Postal service to be the best method in the past - just make sure that regular (ground) rate is specified (rather than express options) - slower but a lot less $$ ... Gio
  10. Hi RL - yes, I got your message (although this to my email rather than message folder - either works as avoids other members having to read details of any off-line discussion) so a belated welcome to our forum and will take your offer for the flyscreen into consideration - again depending upon how everything un-folds with the bike package as a whole. Cheers Gio Edit - your message just appeared in my forum mail also - all good.
  11. Hi Larry - thanks for the enquiry. I have received interest in several of the extra items currently offered with the bike (in particular the flyscreen, Lafranconis and even just the Magni) but am currently in discussion with interested parties here in Canada - my hope being to sell the entire package once better weather arrives in the spring. Should this not be the case (or a buyer for just the bike as configured now presents) I would consider selling extra items on a come-first basis ... feel free to PM with a provisional offer on the flyscreen, and yes - I have all the original fixtures / fittings in storage - even all the original emission canisters etc! (curious if those are required in California on a used bike?) Cheers, Gio
  12. For sale by original owner. Magni fairing, Hyper-Pro damper, Mistral cans, mapped PC3, Roper plate, Edge-Guard, Pro-Tek caps, tank-bag almost new tires (Angel GT) - as pictured below. Optional extra parts (Tekno bags / mounting brackets, factory Lafranconi cans, colour-matched flyscreen, stock mirrors / bars, Anaconda Pit-stand, Twin-Max synchroniser and Veglia in miles). Offers for some of these additional items already made, but sale of bike still pending. Also listed locally on kijiji - see link for additional pics / details : https://www.kijiji.ca/v-sport-touring/annapolis-valley/moto-guzzi-v11-sport/1441007654) Bike includes factory manual, set-up notes, full service history and a few miscellaneous parts. Around 98,500 km (61,500 mi). Asking $4,995 CDN (approx US$3,750) All original paperwork.
  13. Welcome aj and with seasonal greetings to fellow forum members. I can fully understand the additional consideration of distance - and recognising that the maritimes is no where near as big a market as the US - have given this further thought based on on-going discussion with two potential buyers in western Canada, so would consider further discount to offset transport costs for the right buyer - I really do want to find another good home for this bike. I did a one way trans-Canada ride a few years ago (on my old Zephyr 750) and one-way crated transport from Halifax back to Vancouver was surprisingly reasonable - although, of course there would be additional paperwork / considerations to cross from Canada to the US). I will be taking additional high-res pics at the request of one of these candidates on next decent weather day and can forward if interested - pm if so. Right now asking sits at $5950 CDN all-in (approx. US $4.5k at prevailing XR) including all the extras. I imported the colour-matched Magni direct from Italy - in fact this is where the handle "Gio" originates - from Giovanni Magni - thinking that was close to $2000 alone!) Factory cans, flyscreen, mirrors etc were all removed shortly after purchase and so like new. In addition to Pit-stand, Twin-Max and home-made sump support (for front-end work) I'll even throw in an odometer picked up at a swap meet in the UK (similar mileage - no exchange rate required, un-like gallons!). Bike is road-ready and runs well but can provide any additional information that may be required (eg comp tests, service history etc) and most definitely "un-molested" - although I was involved in some early diagnosis / rectification of "vapour-lock" here on the forum ... as a result of which fuel pump was re-located to top of spine and filter above headlight under the Magni (all of which is reversible if required) ... Apparently the turkey is now thawed enough to go into the oven - thanks also to Guinness for bridging that gap. Cheers! Gio
  14. Has already been an interesting story to follow - but now looks even better with the green bits Phil (but you knew that already ..!)
  15. Did you find a set? I have had some larger parts for the K75 shipped (from Motorworks in the UK) to Halifax and if in no rush cost is not too bad (comparable to shipping to/from the US in fact) ... depending on how sale of the 2000 Sport goes, I have a set of originals in near perfect condition (replaced with Mistrals when I first bought the bike) ..? Gio
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