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  1. Interesting - the BT45 is a popular choice for the old K75 ... although I prefer Pirelli (Sport Demons). Avon also just announced a Mk2 version of their AM-26 also. Thanks for this - and yes, excellent taste in classic bikes.
  2. Was recently asked what my bottom line might be - offered @ $4,250 CDN (approx. $2,975 US) ... any additional flexibility would be with optional items (Teknos, bars/mirrors, pit-stand or Twin-max) ... offers for some of these already in-hand, pending sale of bike.
  3. Pending sale of bike (listed in classifieds) I may have a set of bags / brackets in very good condition available shortly - would be asking $200 CDN (approx. $150 US) + shipping if so ... Gio
  4. +1 re comment on buying filters based on price (perhaps applicable to FRAM - but have no personal experience of this brand on V11 per se) ... personally have always stayed with the oem Ufi - adding securing strap in later years to prevent un-seen spin-off (which could happen to any filter in theory?) - usually ordered from my original dealer and shipped in the mail - drop the pan (rather than using man-hole) ... takes a little longer but good to see whats happening inside methinks and clean out screen etc at the same time ... as far as I'm aware, the ufi filter specs are more than adequate.
  5. Not too shabby at all mate! Might even have looked good in other colours (?) ... but that green (had to say that!). I also think that lower belly pan really finishes off the look - tried to find one for mine a while back but no luck. So a beautiful ending to a nice story - looking forward to the road-test report already. Cheers!
  6. Thanks guys - I have tried to be fair / flexible with asking price ... but yes - these are changing times for sure! I'll give it another few weeks but will soon be busy as growing season approaches and other projects come up - so will leave at this final pricing and see what un-folds.
  7. Based on recent offers for some of the optional items, in conjunction with changes in US/CDN exchange rate - have just reduced asking price of bike as-is (ie with Magni fairing, tank-bag, Mistrals, Power-Commander, spare parts - but excl Teknos, factory bars/mirrors and factory LaFranconis) to $4,300 CDN (approx. $3k US) and is likely final price adjustment before withdrawing if not sold ...
  8. Offer in-hand for bars - but availability still conditional upon sale of bike ...
  9. Hi Shaun - thanks for the offer (Kane had also asked) - but would prefer them to stay with original bars as - subject to sale of the bike - am offering the complete set (and also stock mirrors) in the classified section ... Gio
  10. Just edited to reflect recent changes in XR ... $4,600 CDN is now approximately $3,300 US
  11. I'll add to that sentiment and know exactly what you mean Phil - my late father was a master carpenter (also in the aircraft industry) - served his apprenticeship in the model shop where back in the day they would make scale models for testing in the wind-tunnel ... so I inherited his wood-working tool chest. Not as useful for mechanical stuff of course, but always brings back fond memories when using some of those old tools ... as I still do fairly regularly. Keep up the good work mate - a lot of us have been following this project with both admiration and yes, anticipation ..!
  12. Not sure about cones Phil (thought that's what ice-cream came in ..? ) but +1 what Rox said about build quality of the Mistrals - mine have held up really well over the years.
  13. Hi swooshdave ... just had an interesting (off-forum) discussion with a prospective buyer for my bike - which included questions regarding stock (alu LaFranconi's) vs the round ss Mistrals like yours (as currently fitted) amongst other things. I fitted the Mistrals a few years ago now (2002?) and so memory always factors in - but recall noticeable differences vs stock nevertheless. Stock cans certainly heavier - and with a much lower / deeper bass sound (which I actually liked) as I recall. I also think they suit the bike better visually than the smaller diameter Mistrals. Mistrals certainly elevated the dB factor / pitch - and in conjunction with an appropriate map in the PC3 resulted in (what felt like) better performance. I have no dyno evidence myself - but seem to recall reading somewhere of a few hp increase, but slight decrease in torque ..? Anyway - the main reason for adding to your thread (since I have all this stuff out) is with regard to the maps (not sure if you got an answer to that question?) : My current config then is drilled air-box / K&N filter with snorkels removed (music from the intake side also!) stock crossover and Mistral cans with a mapped PC3 ... Stock map was "706.001" which was then changed to "706.002" followed by "V11-TomH.map" installed in 2003 ... was using an (already) old lap-top at the time - so still have that on, yes - a floppy disc! Hope this helps, or at least adds to the discussion (not the floppy disc part) ..? Gio Edit - that would be one of the newer-fangled 3.5" (non-floppy) floppies btw ... as no, I'm not that old, yet ...
  14. Edit - price further reduced to allow for new battery (see PC545 thread) ... now asking $4,600 CDN (approx US $3,500) as is ...
  15. Following recent routine start-up (and pre-sale testing of veglia odometer) battery seemed weak (~12v at rest) - but in checking my notes, original was replaced 03/2008 (at around 65k) ... so after 12 years service is probably due. These batteries do last! Will be making an allowance for replacement as part of my sale of the bike btw ... and a recommendation for equivalent. Gio
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