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  1. Thinking (perhaps?) I may be asking too much based on my original ownership history / love of this bike ... so for an original Greenie with Magni fairing incl ALL the extras (flyscreen, stock cans, mirrors, bars, Tekno bags, Pit-stand, Twin-Max, spares etc) - perhaps $4k US all-in ??? Any and all thoughts / comments welcome ... Gio
  2. Has already been an interesting story to follow - but now looks even better with the green bits Phil (but you knew that already ..!)
  3. Had some recent enquiries on pricing - so to clarify am asking US$3,500 for the bike (approx. $5k CDN) plus $1,500 for all the extras (hence $5k total - see edit above) ... Update - am reducing asking price to US $3,250 (for bike as sits ie incl Magni etc) ...
  4. Did you find a set? I have had some larger parts for the K75 shipped (from Motorworks in the UK) to Halifax and if in no rush cost is not too bad (comparable to shipping to/from the US in fact) ... depending on how sale of the 2000 Sport goes, I have a set of originals in near perfect condition (replaced with Mistrals when I first bought the bike) ..? Gio
  5. Thanks - the former I would hope (!) ... another reason why I'm hoping to sell as a package. But if not would consider selling additional factory items (flyscreen, stock cans, mirrors, bars etc) separately - but did give Docc first refusal on the Tekno bags should this be the case and he is still interested in those. I'm also including a Twin-Max synchroniser as would have no need for that on the K75 (still have my trusty old mercury sticks) ... Cheers!
  6. Updated ... still available and open to reasonable offers.
  7. Gio


  8. For sale by original owner. Magni fairing, Tekno panniers, Mistral cans, mapped PC3, Roper plate, almost new tires (Angel GT) and all original parts (stock cans, flyscreen, mirrors, factory manual / service notes, miscellaneous items). Long history on this site. Recently re-listed locally with additional pics : https://www.kijiji.ca/v-sport-touring/annapolis-valley/moto-guzzi-v11-sport/1441007654) Approx 100k km. Break-down on asking price would be US$3,500 for bike (incl Magni, PC3, Mistrals, Roper plate, tank bag, factory manual/notes) and $1,500 for extras (stock cans, flyscreen, bars/mirrors, Tekno bags, Pit-stand, Twin-Max synchroniser plus misc spares) ...
  9. Indeed and correct. Have done a few more than a mere 60 miles in the last few years ... ! Edit / update : Have re-posted link to ad on kijiji - now asking $6,950 CDN (approx. $5k US) for everything - still preferring to sell as a package rather than separately as can be restored back to original factory if required (ie flyscreen, mirrors, orig cans etc) ... Open to reasonable offers
  10. Approx 100k (km) is correct ... no change required.
  11. Thanks guys ... a little tear in mine also ..! Raising my glass now! Cheers!
  12. Gio

    Fork oil change

    Glad to read that you got this sorted Ian ... seems that, barring any previous leaks or otherwise missing oil, patient measuring of removed oil volume is a reasonable place to start (with reference to spec volume - 400 in my case, 435 in yours) ... nothing wrong in perfection, if attainable ... methinks!
  13. Hey Docc - thanks man ... we never met (in person), but go back a long way, eh ? It's a tough situation to be honest and am still having some doubts ... but rest assured - I have nothing but good things to say about my fellow members and this site ... and will, of course, recommend to any new owner should this work out - and they not be aware. Either way I have no intention of not contributing further if I can? It has been, truly ... a privilege.
  14. Posted a couple of days ago, with some hesitation, to say the least : https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1441007654 Asking $6,9550 CDN (approx. $5k US) for everything listed in the ad. Apologies for additional background info / description - not needed here, I know. Much of my history with the bike is documented on this forum - from early vapour-lock (solved!) to the 2016 accident (low-speed left side down - offender left the scene) after which many fellow members helped greatly in obtaining the parts described. In fact my left knee took most of that impact and has never fully recovered - this being part of my reason for selling - the other being a desire to get my old(er),lighter(ish) and yes, a little slower, K75s back on the road. But I have a long history with that bike also - this will ease the pain I hope! Would prefer to sell everything as a package (ie incl original factory cans, fly-screen, mirrors etc - even the original emissions stuff if you want that!) as this way the bike could be returned to original spec if desired (adding to collectability I think?) ... but will consider selling separately if the situation arises and these extras not wanted. Cheers! Gio
  15. Gio

    Fork oil change

    Further to GuzziMotos suggestion - I checked my notes at last fork oil change - I have the smaller(?) Marzocchi fork - spec vol for which is 400ml / leg. After first overnight drain I recorded approx. 380ml from each leg and since I had to wait for other parts at the time, a further 10 ml from L (comp) and 30ml from R (rebound) over the next couple of days for totals of 390 and 410ml respectively ... close enough to spec volumes - with which I refilled. Didn't measure air gaps but forks work to my satisfaction. Hope this helps?
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